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Kratom Extracts and Concentrates: Q&A

A Q&A regarding Kratom extracts and concentrates
Kratom Concentrate


-Answering some common questions about Kratom Concentrates and Extracts

As with any novelty, questions and curiosity abounds. I’ve collected some of the most common inquiries we’ve gotten here at TKC regarding our new Kratom Concentrate product; and seeing as the trend is catching on around the community, I figured it would be a good time to provide some of the basics. If there’s still a question you have that you don’t see answered, please don’t hesitate to contact our team!

Q: What is Kratom Concentrate?

A: Kratom Concentrate is a condensed form of kratom in which the desirable alkaloids in kratom are collected into a concentrated/extracted form. The result is either a liquid or a resin like substance. Kratom concentrate does not contain any additional active ingredients. The idea is that a much smaller dose can be taken more precisely, felt more quickly, and the product handled more easily.

Q: Why are so many in the Kratom community trying out concentrates?

A: Kratom concentrates offer a number of benefits. Chief among them are ease of use, accessibility, portability, and more precise dosing and consistent potency. Liquid extracts also take effect within minutes, as opposed to powder, which can vary significantly based on the strain, and what you’ve eaten that day. It’s much easier to keep a small tincture of liquid kratom concentrate on hand than it is to bring along your full kratom bag with capsules, a capsuling container, etc… Similarly, a kratom extract is going to be a more consistent experience, with dosing and potency. Is easier to measure a small amount of liquid in a precise dropper than it is to capsule 5 containers of loose powder, and as concentrates and extracts must reach a certain threshold to be completed and liquids mix more easily than solids, the potency is going to be precise every time.

Additionally, there’s not need to eat with a kratom concentrate. Some in the community have turned to kratom to deal with stomach/appetite/diet issues in the first place. It may not be ideal for them to have to consume solids, especially in the morning, a popular time to take kratom. Thus, taking a few drops of liquid, and not having to worry about what you ate or when you ate it, makes extracts highly desirable.

Q: How is the dosing different?

A: As mentioned, a primary benefit of kratom concentrate is the significant reduction of product you need to consume to get the effects you are looking for. Thus, a concentrate does is always going to be significantly less than a traditional powder dose.

Many concentrates will indicate a potency level by means of a number followed by an x, i.e 10x. This means that the liquid volume was created using 10 times its original potency by weight. Generally speaking, a liquid concentrate dose will be measured in the milliliters. Because its fast acting, you can take a small amount, see how you feel, and then continue to use more as needed.

As a reference, TKC’s kratom concentrate has a starting dose of 1/3rd of the tincture content. This may seem like a small amount of liquid – especially for those of you used to taking kratom tea – but remember, you can always add more. Start slow, and check the bottle or with the provider for dosing instructions. Each bit of liquid will have consistent dosing, as the liquids mix well so it’ll probably only take you one or two tries to understand your optimal dosing.

While solid kratom extracts – like kratom resin – aren’t as popular, the same rules apply. However, it can be harder to dose these, as solids don’t always mix as well, and many kratom resins don’t pin down exactly how much powder went into making it. Thus, I’d advise starting with a small bit placed inside a capsule. Try to ask the provider what the scaling ratio or potency is; start with less than you need, and work your way up.

Q: How are Kratom concentrates and extracts made?

A: Generally speaking, kratom extracts are made using temperature changes – like boiling kratom leaves to collect the extract – pressure, and/or a solvent, like vinegar. Be aware that some extracts use alcohol, as it is an effective solvent for capturing the desirable alkaloids within kratom; however, the final product should have most of the alcohol evaporated. As a note, TKC’s products are alcohol free!

No strange techniques or voodoo are employed; really, anyone in their kitchen could make a basic extract. While providers do have special methods learned from trial and error – the optimal temperature and time to boil powder at, for example – its important to remember that the only active ingredient in kratom extracts is kratom. If there are any other active additives? Call a trusted kratom provider so that the bad actor can be reported to the American Kratom Association; adulterated kratom products are increasingly rare, but are absolutely awful, and do not reflect the values of the true kratom community.

Q: What can I expect when I take kratom extracts?

A: Kratom extracts and concentrates are inherently more potent, by volume, but not by content. By this, I mean that the experience will still be what you expect from taking kratom powder, but slightly altered in the way your body processes it, and that you take much less to achieve the same effects.

Another advantage is that kratom concentrates can use multiple strains in their creation process, which can offer a fuller spectrum of kratom effects.

With liquid concentrate, the onset will be much quicker than with powder. Some have described it as more ‘concise’ and ‘energetic’, as well; but like many kinds of kratom, it can still give a feeling of relaxation and aid with sleep, depending on the strains used and amount taken.

In other words? If you like powder kratom, you’ll definitely like kratom concentrate, as they are one in the same! All the medicinal potential and beneficial attributes that made you love kratom in the first place are still in concentrate, just with the added bonus of simplicity, easier dosing, and consistency.

If anyone in the community has additional questions, please reach out to our social media team or with anyone here on the website! We’d be happy to answer any questions, and update the page!

Peace and Love,



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