Red Maeng Da Kratom Powder

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Nothing is better than coming back from a long day at work and being able to relax and unwind. Looking for something that may help you accomplish this? Try our premium red Maeng Da kratom powder. 3oz’s per bag.

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Red Vein Kratom Powder:

Our green vein and white vein kratom strains may offer you an energy boost to help you get through days where you’re feeling drained. But what about when you need something that may help you unwind or ease discomfort? Our premium red vein Maeng Da powder is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a soothing effect.

Maeng Da Kratom:

Maeng Da is often known for boosting energy, but our customers say our red Maeng Da kratom powder may instead help you kick back and relax after a long day. If you want something natural to help you unwind when life gets a little overwhelming, this Maeng Da strain may be perfect for you.

Get High-Quality Red Maeng Da

Offering a premium quality product is deeply important to us here at TKC. We have spent years researching and sampling to find the best kratom sourced from Indonesian farms with ethical practices. Learn more about the kratom industry from our blog.

If red Maeng Da kratom sounds like the best choice for you, you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your couch. You can order our red vein Maeng Da right to your door! Shop now at The Kratom Company!

78 reviews for Red Maeng Da Kratom Powder

  1. Brian Wi.

    All praise to these guys absolutely fantastic!!!

  2. 5/5


  3. Henry Doering

    Oh boy! Delicious

  4. Moe


  5. Sarah Mitchell


  6. Julian R

    Jeez this is good but so pricey!!

  7. Tyler

    Dankest of the danks!

  8. Tony

    Oh me oh my this is great!

  9. Lukas P

    Everytime I have this, I get hungry for greasy food after 🤣 anyone else?

  10. Diane Lesbeth

    For anyone shopping:

    Red Bali 8.4/10
    Red Maeng Da 7.9/10

    Still like to mix it up between them

  11. Carey

    I’m a fan after my first two orders!

  12. Jenna

    Red is the best strain for my neck pain and it isn’t even close

  13. Tyler Pashimmi

    Sheeesh. this stuff is great

  14. Rocko

    Wtf how long have you guys had maeng Da for??

  15. Sally

    Ohhh boy do I love my red maeng Da 🙂

  16. Owen Pauser

    Great powder here

  17. Ginger Reed

    Most definitely some solid shit ✊🏼

  18. Adrian Craig


  19. Alexy Phillips

    This red helped me so much when I was going through back pain. I love this strain of kratom and the red Bali is good as well!

  20. John Paul

    Most definitely quality stuff

  21. Luke

    Decent decent

  22. Kit J

    Es deliciouso!

  23. Dale Simon

    Tasted super earthy, going to share this with some of my kratom friends. Thanks guys!!

  24. Steven Gerrison

    Really fresh pow

  25. Ryan Rieckski

    Very similar to the red Bali but a little less intense

  26. Daniel baldsher


  27. Napoleon Handretti

    Feels nice and light. Just the perfect touch

  28. Jennifer shepard

    Really really strong. Not sure if I like it more than the red Bali though 👌🏼👌🏼

  29. Logan

    So so good

  30. Tina

    Randomly came across this in Tampa on vacation. I am in love 😍

  31. Thomas Dane

    Hmm not sure between the red Bali and Maeng Da, anyone have a preference? Might just buy both

  32. Ben F

    Hits a little lighter than the red Bali but is smoother I would say. 9.1/10

  33. greg

    LOVE THIS! If I had to choose one strain for the rest of my life this is it. by FAR

  34. Ian J

    the perfect red. everything is on point with this strain! 👊🏼

  35. Alan Howard

    this stands up to the best brands around, I will say it’s far better than OPMS to begin with

  36. stephanie h


  37. kyle howard

    amazing relaxer strain, but mixed with the white horn is good any time as well

  38. bryan adams

    Better than the Bali imo!

  39. Blake B


  40. Theresa S

    These guys are really cool to deal with. I have not found that elsewhere.

  41. Darren Painter

    Very effective but not overwhelming.. pretty much a perfect balance!

  42. Nael

    Really enjoyed this. Package was a little late unfortunately but thats alright!

  43. Shaunna Tessler

    I get this from the MD line and White Horn from the white line. they’re both irreplaceable strains, have never had anything like them

  44. Hannah Smith

    This gives off a pretty different effect compared to the white, but I still love it. Would love to see these come out in capsules for on the go as well!

  45. Cody r

    This is my favorite strain on the website. the second favorite is white horn

  46. Taylor Ranier

  47. Megan Lynn

    White Christmas Re Meang Da>>>

  48. Naomi

    This strains very therapeutic. Calms my mind and my body at the same time. Most kratoms only do one or the other for me. Thanks Adam for responding to my email!!👍🏼

  49. Evan K

    The White Horn mix with this is no joke – absolute must try

  50. Mandy

    I take this strain at ANY time during the day and it always does the job!

  51. Robert Heffner

    I’m a BIG fan of this mixed with the White Horn. Really thought red wasn’t for me until I was able to try this. Wouldn’t have even found out if it wasn’t for the free samples, thanks

  52. Rob Hughes

    Great stuff!!

  53. Cammy Woods

    Love that this is the top-rated product on the site! Huge huuge fan.

  54. Rima

    This was great, an amazing red, the white sample is what this review is really for. That is the best (white) kratom I’ve ever had! If every batch is like that sample you have a customer for life!

  55. Brandee

    This is like the perfect OG kratom feeling: light energy rush, calming as it sinks in, then I get all the relief I’m looking for once it takes full effect. This is a full experience!

  56. chelsea

    would be amazing to see these in capsules please!!!

  57. Jenna Warren

    I hope the next batch is spot on because this is my new fave❤️

  58. phil

    This stuff is great. Just everything good you should find in a Red MD x 10

  59. isaac

    The best red in the game

  60. Rolando

    Peaceful and relaxing yet a light feeling. Not overwhelming

  61. Alyssa N

    Fave MD by far😍

  62. Eric

    Up there with the best

  63. D

    Thank you for being good customer service and thank you quality kratom

  64. Maddie Damian

    I love this! Mixed with the White Horn of course!!

  65. Michael Jones

    I like to take it late afternoon. Good relief without the red knock-out punch!

  66. jordan

    White Horn and Red MD>>>>

  67. Evan Koeler

    Best late afternoon strain I’ve tried yet

  68. Brad

    Been a while since I switched over to an MD but this certainly will not disappoint!

  69. Stacy Livingston

    Best RMD out there and I’ve darn near tried them all!

  70. Presto

    Will be back. Perfect kratom powder.

  71. Kasey V

    White Horn during the day and RMD @ night! All I need <3

  72. Henry S

    Best MD I’ve ever had by far

  73. Alex Banton

    Red MD all the way!

  74. Lisa Orval

    Quality taste, amazing coloration and smooth feel! 🙏🏼🙌🏻☺️

  75. Nic O

    Stuff hits different. In a good way!

  76. cam

    Been ordering here since they started the website. Never less than 100% quality

  77. Kayla Herr

    I don’t usually enjoy reds, but tried this from a 3 strain package and now this is all I will take! 5 stars!!

  78. Andrew

    @MaxB mix this with their green indo!!

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