Green Maeng Da Kratom Powder

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The Kratom Company is proud to present our premium green Maeng Da kratom powder — a wonderful option with effects falling between other strains of kratom you’ll find in our store. 3oz’s of kratom per bag.

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Green Vein Kratom Powder:

Green Maeng Da reportedly offers users the perfect balance of kratom strain effects, making it a great option if you’re new to the herb. What does this mean? Green strains may provide you with a boost of energy, offer mood support, and soothe day-to-day discomfort. Because this strain falls in between our white vein and red vein kratom, you may also find it easier to focus or, potentially, experience greater motivation. If you want to try kratom to see what it may have to offer you, our green vein Maeng Da kratom is a great option for your first time.

Maeng Da Kratom:

Our customers suggest Maeng Da helps their energy levels and stamina, so using Maeng Da in your daily life may help you feel enlivened in the morning or give you that pick-me-up that you need in the afternoon. If you’ve been looking for something besides coffee to give you a boost, The Kratom Company’s green Maeng Da may do the job!

Why Shop With The Kratom Company?

We have spent many years seeking ethical kratom farms to source the highest quality kratom for you. TKC takes the time to choose the best kratom for each vein, so you have the best options available to you.

Ready to make green vein Maeng Da kratom a part of your daily routine? Shopping with The Kratom Company gives you access to fast, free shipping, premium quality products, and friendly, knowledgeable customer service for any questions you may have. Discover kratom with TKC today!

59 reviews for Green Maeng Da Kratom Powder

  1. Asif

    Not quite as good as their other products but better than most GMD’s out there

  2. Sarah Johnston

    Great product great shipping time as always! I love TKC and the owners are some of the kindest people I have ever spoken with! (especially Adam)

  3. Sierra

    High Praise. 4/5 only cause I like concentrates

  4. TruthTeller54

    Better than most brand and I have tried A LOT of brands. Thank you!

  5. Danny


  6. Zackary

    Pretty good. Not typically a fan of maeng da but this was good

  7. Terry D

    This stuff is fire 🔥

  8. Polly

    Terrible taste but packs a wicked punch 🤛

  9. Stanley

    This is the best green I’ve ever had

  10. Martha

    This is a top of the line product

  11. Walter

    This stuff is srlsly delicious

  12. Danny D

    Top 3 strain forsure

  13. Jama

    Shipping took a full week

  14. Diane

    comparing to to remarkable herbs I would say it’s pretty equivalent in quality

  15. Bryn Bidey

    This honestly feels very good. Need to try the red as well

  16. Stanley

    Loveeee this brand and more importantly this strain!

  17. Alisha Tear

    Favorite strain 👌🏼👌🏼

  18. Billy

    I take this everyday and it helps me talk to my coworkers and not be a total sick. Very helpful when dealing with clowns 👌🏼👌🏼

  19. Brian Ulsted

    I’ve tried all of these strains and this is definitely my favorite!!

  20. Alberto

    Been taking this while I had the flu to minimize the amount of painkillers I am taking

  21. Ashley Jay

    I love ordering this and then the green indo and mixing them together a bit 😏

  22. Thomas

    My mom loved it. She said this is the first time she has had hope in a long timr

  23. Deonte G

    Fuego bromigos

  24. Sarah S

    Pretty good kratom. 8.5/10

  25. Audrey Heplander

    This maeng Da is very good

  26. Riley Falzon

    Cannot get enough of this GMD

  27. Theresa Raymond

    Emailed TKC about my package arriving late. They are sending a new one and promised to no longer use USPS But Jesus Christ! why was that’ a good idea in the first place? Whatever, the kratom is great but if shipping is going to be like that, I’ll go elsewhere

  28. Dylan schlaamp

    Prefer the green indo but still really good stuff

  29. ben brown

    good stuff

  30. Adam Wozniak

    I like this for winding down at night. Surprising because I usually get an energy boost from green. Whatever works right? Either way, feels great!!🔥🔥

  31. Samantha Salders

    pretty good, I mixed it with the white horn when I wasn’t really feeling it and that was the best kratom combo I’ve ever had

  32. Cindy H

    I love this stuff. The taste is not as bad as people say!!

  33. Megan G

    Mixed with the red MD this is truly extraordinary! Amazing feeling, cant even out it into words

  34. puff king

    Loving the new batch! Favorite strain

  35. katie

    10/10 quality… need a bigger bag!! 8 oz?

  36. Sean Avery

    You love to see it back in stock lets goooo

  37. Glenn Potter

    The kratom is good and the customer service really goes a long way with me. Thank you TKC🙏

  38. Doug Dillon

    New batch is spot on😎

  39. Peter Kim

    Sucks that it’s out of stock because I was very happy with this. Green Indo used to be my favorite but this is a little lighter which I like. My mom really likes it too and she normally thinks kratom is too potent. This is good example for strain that doesn’t give too much effect to user.

  40. Ian Ralien

    This has been out of stock much longer than I expected.. cmon man

  41. Cam

    I’ve been waiting to review this as I get through the bag. I’d really like to order another, but it’s been out of stock for 2 weeks. Really hoping to see it come back soon. I do enjoy the powder, do not enjoy seeing it out of stock.

  42. Nigel Endsen

    Took me a minute to try this stuff but very uplifting without too much energy. This is exactly what I’m looking for in my greens. If it’s going to be a long morning, I’ll simply mix in some White Horn.

    If it’s late in the day I can take as is and still get to bed on time. Really love that.

  43. Kris

    Happy hybrid 😎😎

  44. Campbell

    I can see why it’s out of stock lol.. the good stuff!

  45. William Benintende

    How I’m feelin😎😎😎

  46. nas

    Badass brand badass kratom

  47. Chad Dressel

    Stuff lasts me a while because I don’t need to take as much! Huge

  48. Elizabeth J

    We all love the kratom but reading your reviews on products and it looks like a lot of us would buy in larger quantities to save money if that’s something you would offer!🙏🏼💸

    At the same time, wonderful kratom! Cheers!😁

  49. Jason


  50. Jack Bollenson

    Does the job and then some. Really love the new bags

  51. Devin Hollister

    I like the green Indo better. Crazy part is this MD is still better than most of the competition, just not the strain for me

  52. Sal Pepper


  53. Mohawk Joe

    Perfectly mild kratom. Keeps me going but does not make me feel frantic, gives me relief without making me numb, this is how kratom should be

  54. Edith

    Great when I want to stay awake but not feel the energy of a white. Very latent feel-good strain

  55. Mahi Yemmen

    I’ve been trying out all the new online kratom brands. This is up there. Feels very good and no jitters – 10/10

  56. Heather Fallon

    My new go-to. I like this power best even though I still don’t know exactly what “Maeng-Da” means!

  57. Tai

    These Md’s are great for mixers as they say!

  58. Mary Rogers

    So happy to have found this brand : 10/10. Other brands, not so much..

  59. Dalton Murphy

    Give it up for the MD!! TKC always does it best

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