White Maeng Da Kratom Powder

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If you’re looking for something uplifting, you’ll want to learn more about our premium White Maeng Da Kratom Powder. Enjoy 3 oz. of premium kratom powder per bag.

White Maeng Da Kratom Powder – 3oz
White Maeng Da Kratom Powder – 8oz
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White Vein Kratom

Kratom tends to fall into three categories: offering a greater sense of ease and alleviating day-to-day discomfort, offering the previous qualities with stimulating properties, and offering more stimulation than relaxation. White vein kratom may provide you with a boost of energy, more so than green vein or red vein kratom. If you’re looking for a herb that may offer you a pick-me-up, our White Maeng Da Kratom Powder could be the right fit for you.

Maeng Da Kratom

The white vein Maeng Da strain may be especially beneficial for users who’re looking for a little invigoration in their day. Whether you’re looking to replace coffee completely or supplement your cup of joe with something different, consider our Maeng Da kratom options for your needs.

Discover Kratom with The Kratom Company

At TKC, we select only the finest kratom strains available, ensuring we offer the purest products sourced from ethical farms in Indonesia. With many years of research and sampling, we are confident we are offering you the best product on the market, including our White Maeng Da strain.

Ready to give our White Maeng Da Kratom Powder a try? You no longer need to head over to your local smoke shop to get your kratom needs filled — you can order kratom powder right to your door.

Shop now at The Kratom Company for fast, free shipping and knowledgeable industry experts that are happy to aid you with any questions you may have. Your next kratom purchase is just a click away.

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3oz, 8oz

84 reviews for White Maeng Da Kratom Powder

  1. Corey L

    Holy shit literally had some of the kratom and studied the entire day. The Kratom Company is a life saver! Much love to the kratom community

  2. RapKid14

    Jesus H that product is like an espresso shot. Which just happens to be what I was looking for!!! Thank You (:

  3. Dominic Sitell

    I really enjoyed this White Maeng Da and would encourage others to try it. Best if you take it first thing in the morning.

  4. TOMK

    Better than adderall. Only reason 4 stars is because I wish they had larger sizes

  5. Ron Jon

    All time. Best quality and I received it the next day



  7. Sallie


  8. Olivia


  9. Derrick B

    A superior strain ????

  10. Micheal

    I love this

  11. Boston Darling

    White maeng da is so frickin good

  12. Yasmine

    Really really good

  13. Terry Stewart

    Feels great ????

  14. Derrick Hamilton

    Couldn’t ask for more ????

  15. Dani

    This is some serious quality stuff ❤️????????????????

  16. Frankie

    This is the best product by far

  17. Blake Mcginnis

    White Maeng Da is a god send in the morning ????????

  18. Kevin R

    Similar to the white Horn but I think it’s a touch better

  19. Jimmy

    Wow ????????????????

  20. Jeff C

    Man, I really need this in the mornings to get my work done. Thank you for all the help, just got promoted!

  21. Sarah Martin

    Not a fan of the white, more of a red typa gal

  22. Laura Flanders

    Love starting my day with white md ????????

  23. Claire Calla

    Had some of this with green Maeng Da and woo woo I feel good!

  24. Junior

    This white powder is bomb ????

  25. Harrison Cozad

    Amazing. Great quality 🙂

  26. Reno

    White md > white Horn. And that’s saying a lot for me

  27. Robin

    Oooo mama, finally Maeng Da!!

  28. Nicole Pelanas

    7.9/10 I did like it!

  29. Aldo

    Very good stuff. Love the energy

  30. John F

    Packaging is so clean. Decent kratom

  31. Frequent kratom user

    Soo I tried this and I tried the same strain from opms kratom. It’s pretty close but I have to give it to the kratom company’s strain. It’s just longer lasting

  32. Brandon Sager

    Makes me hate going back to my local brands

  33. Brian

    This shit is VERY good

  34. Alan


  35. Jessica Davies

    I’ve been ordering for a while now. Consistency 10/10, taste – you can tell it’s quality, feeling 11/10, customer service – flawless! Thanks for the responses Dylan! That meant a lot to me 🙂

  36. David P

    99/100 because I wish you had bigger bags ????

  37. Megan

    A little high on price! This is my fave – really wish it would come down a little bit. 25 is a lot for 84 grams!!!????????

  38. Heather S

    Energy, focus, relief all in one!

  39. Jan L

    Used to buy my shots and powder from different companies. Nobody is nearly consistent across the board as TKC in product quality ???????? ????

  40. Mike Drenden

    Pretty damn solid. Nailed the energy/relief combo

  41. Carrie W

    Amazing. You have a recurring customer <3

  42. Kelly Singler

    Very good powder. Color and taste are on point! Feeling is superior ????

  43. sean alfredsson

    Damn!! Only better product I’ve had is white horn

  44. Rima

    I started selling this in my stores and my people love it! Thanks so much Luke for all your help!! ????

  45. Candace O

    My bag got punctured in transit and they sent me a new one! I didn’t even ask them to. Just notified them that their shipper had clearly mishandled the item and next thing I know there’s an unharmed replacement package on my porch. I was speechless!

  46. Anna B

    Great Maeng Da! Reminds me of their white horn with a little softer feeling. Hard to describe, but I really like it

  47. Matt McKelvey

    I don’t use kratom for much other than clean energy and the occasional back ache. Between this and the white horn I am covered and it even works on my back! (some say that only red kratom relieves pain – WRONG)

  48. Hannah Smith

    Very clean and very effective. No crash and zero side effects. Must be some kind of miracle ????????????????

  49. sarah


  50. James Addison

    Both this and the White Horn get 5 stars from me. I switch off pretty frequently.

  51. Todd Peters

    Exceeded my expectations. Have only tried a few other kinds, but I can tell you now that this is the one for me.

  52. Kaya

    Superb kratom????????

  53. Rebecca Johnston

    Took me a while to get used to this strain. It’s one of the most reliable I’ve had since I started using kratom 6 months ago.

    The blog for this website is amazing! Hope everyone has a chance to go check it out!!

  54. Stephanie Volk

    Hard to switch when you’ve had this❤️

  55. Wyatt Dunn

    Did the job better than the others!

  56. Ellen Draega

    Turns out this is an amazing substitute for Green MD while it is out of stock????

  57. Q

    ???????? boom awesome

  58. Desiree

    New fave strain????

  59. Rachel Mcnamara

    Pretty great with coffee in the am. Love the blogs!

  60. Amalia D

    Gets me through work and NO CRASH. Must be a miracle.

  61. Chad R

    BIG fan of the customer service here????????

  62. Tracy L

    Feel the same way as Carrie, this replaced Diet Coke for me!!!

  63. Carrie Duprey

    Really love this and saves my life at work!!

  64. Darren Picard

    This shit is gas????????????

  65. Gillian Janda

    Had to give it a few tries for my body to get used to it, but now I really enjoy it!

  66. Jamie K

    I’m a big fan of the interpersonal customer service here. Means a lot!

  67. Darlene H

    Love it love it love it!

  68. Jacqueline Sanderson

    Love this new line and especially the recommendation to mix with the og strains!????

  69. Jasmine Adams

    Good stuff, just not as good as the White Horn

  70. Hal


  71. Monica Malkowski

    First strain I’ve ever had where I truly feel I do not need to switch to another strain due to tolerance! Don’t know exactly what that means for the kratom, but anyway, really do love this strain!

  72. Devin

    Decent still loving the Horn tho

  73. Callie

    More mild than the original 3 but they are perfect to switch up with!

  74. Mary Kinsey

    Excellent kratom. Can’t decide if I like this or the white horn better.

  75. Mac

    This is great MD. and I mean great. Feel like I’ve tried em all but this is differnet .. in a good way

  76. Allison Ghenda


  77. Mary Powell

    I love this! Energy and relief – exactly what I need it for!

  78. Jan D

    Quick shipping and amazing powder ftw!!

  79. Devin Powell

    exactly what I think of when looking for good kratom – the markets been a little inconsistent lately – not here

  80. Micayla Sines

    I really like it!

  81. Finny

    I mix this with the white horn and it is far beyond any other combo I’ve tried

  82. Sandra Gablesson

    This is some STRONG and POTENT kratom powder. Definitely a good thing, but dose with caution..

  83. Walt Sr.

    Top shelf kratom. Top shelf people. Thank you very much.

  84. Max B

    Mix this with their white horn it is unreal

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What is the difference between White Maeng Da and Green Maeng da?

These two strains are the most similar to one another out of all our products. White Maeng Da is reported to have a more subtle taste and greater energizing effects. Green Maeng Da users, on the other hand, note that this variety is better for focus.

Is Maeng Da the best type of kratom?

This is a common theory, but not everyone agrees. Most kratom suppliers label their strongest strains “Maeng Da,” as it stands for “Pimp Grade.” At TKC, our Maeng Da strains are just a few of the effective strains that we offer. To learn more about Maeng Da, check out our blog.

Would you recommend White Maeng Da for a first-time user?

White Maeng Da would be a great place to start if you are looking for something to help with energy or focus. You could also try out our variety packs or some samples if you want to try a range of strains!