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A Kratom Variety Pack

If you’re looking to purchase several different products in the same bundle, The Kratom Company is here to offer you a more affordable kratom deal. Check out our kratom variety pack that comes with five different options.

How It Works

With our kratom variety pack, you get to choose five products from our entire stock to create your own kit. You’re not limited by strain types or product forms. Anything in our inventory is an option for your custom kit.

Not sure whether you prefer concentrate, powder, or capsules? Choose a few of each to discover which works best for you. Love your regular order of 500 White Horn Capsules, but interested in trying something new, too? Get your original order in addition to a selection of our other strains! Whatever combination of products you prefer, we can make it happen.

Why Shop the Kratom Variety Pack

When you buy our kratom products individually, you’ll be paying full retail prices on each one. However, if you choose to buy our variety pack, you get 20% off your entire purchase! It’s the most affordable kratom deal available online! Save a ton and buy in bulk when you make our variety pack your number one choice.

Shop with the Best

At The Kratom Company, we strive to bring you the best quality kratom to ensure safety and effectiveness. Trust in our brand to be your regular supplier, and you won’t be disappointed in the quality of each strain and the range of products we offer. Start shopping now and elevate your everyday life with kratom!

54 reviews for Our Pick 5 Bundle Deals

  1. victoria

    Best deal on the website thank youuuuu

  2. Jonathon

    5 Green Indo Stat

  3. Brian Fernando

    Great kratom. Shipping time ended up being iffy but I received my products and everything was correct and great as promised. Actually one of the best deals

  4. Elaina Fisher

    So happy they came out with this deal. Used to switch between strains and now just go all in (:

  5. TRock

    Bomb deal cheapest price and better kratom!

  6. BlakeG

    Have been using TKC for 2 years now. So grateful for their kratom and tremendous customer service. I had my call picked up instantly. Pick 5 is one of the better & cheaper options to buy kratom compared to anywhere I’ve looked.

  7. Yori

    I used to buy the big bottle of the White Horn and now I do this option every time. Thank you for the bulk quantity! Great Kratom!!

  8. jd

    Only site with 500 capsules in a bottle and cheaper/better

  9. Darrelle

    Thank you guys for the fast response and insane shipping. Two days across the country ❤️

  10. Ryan Richards

    Only way to go!

  11. Zack T

    Makes the prices actually reasonable lol

  12. Donovan

    Quality ????????

  13. Armando

    Best deal on this site by far

  14. Andrew

    Ordered on Friday morning and it was here by Saturday! Thank you for the timely shipping

  15. Danielle

    Would love bigger options for the powder ????

  16. Diana T

    Best kratom on the market ????

  17. Lucas Peterson

    Oh my this is delightful

  18. Stan the man

    Can’t wait for the 500 count ????????????????

  19. Darren

    Still expensive but I like it too much ????????

  20. Justin Monty

    Sweet deals $$$

  21. Samuel T

    20% off kratom? ????????????????

  22. Daniel S


  23. Alan ameer

    Decent deals here!

  24. Terrance

    Deals or steals ????????

  25. Alisha

    Most definitely a deal!

  26. Jane Fresca

    Damn this stuff is a1. I got so much lmao

  27. Big Jana

    You guys amaze me. Thank you for this!!

  28. Jeremah

    Deals!!! Yessss

  29. Danny V

    How fast can you guys ship? I will pay extra!

  30. Carl

    How long have you had this for!! I can’t believe I just found it!

  31. Hamilton G

    Just the sale I was looking for! Is this just now or all the time?

  32. Drake Hoggard

    Do any of these help with pain? My neck is not in a good spot right now

  33. Alejandra

    So happy with my powders. Finally something fresh!

  34. Ray D

    Thank you guys for the excellent service. You just font see it nowadays, lightning fast response time and same day shipping. A sight to see

  35. Arnold G

    Bundle deal for days!

  36. Daniel

    20% off is nice. Love a deal

  37. Lana

    I adore this kratom ????

  38. Alex Jorgsberg

    Awesome deal I’m pumped!

  39. Artie

    Let’s go shopping!! Lol ????

  40. Esteban

    Red, red md, 2 extracts and a bottle of white Horn 🙂

  41. Arnie Grif

    Well… you convinced me ???? time to order 5 units everytime. I can’t turn down a deal

  42. Annalyse D

    Amazing customer service. Thank you Adam 🙂

  43. Blair

    Love the prices at this rate!!

  44. Steph

    A bit confused by this… how does this work

  45. Ali Cooper

    My dog just got into my kratom, will he be okay??

  46. Liona Manoori

    Went with all White Horn ????

  47. Aaron Walling

    Really nice to finally get a discount

  48. Riley Yorn

    Can I buy all the same product? Finally can get almost 1/2 a kilo of this product ????????????????

  49. Sarah Mcallister

    Love it! Finally bulk options

  50. Sheryl

    Awesome this is fun

  51. Marisa M

    Excited to try almost all of your strains with this 🙂

  52. Parker Mc

    This is dope. Grabbing the md and extracts baby

  53. Sarah Hiordano

    Took me a min but cool idea!

  54. Sarah Dominque

    Finally!!! Been waiting for something like this 🙂

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