Kratom Capsules Sample Pack

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Looking to try kratom but don’t know which strain is right for you? Why not try our kratom sample pack capsules to help you get started on your journey!

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With our kratom capsules variety pack, you can try out all three of our strains for a discounted price! The Kratom Company has taken the time to hand-select the best strains of kratom for each of our available options: Green, White, and Red. This combination will allow you to sample each of our strains so you can find the strain tailored perfectly for your needs. If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, our kratom sample pack is an excellent place to start.

Act quickly! Kratom sample pack capsules are only available for a limited amount of time!

Green Indo Kratom:

The perfect balance. Green strains are purported to boost energy, enhance mood, and offer relief from day-to-day discomfort. Users have often noted an increased level of motivation and focus when using green strains as well. Falling somewhere between the White and Red strains, Green Indo is a great choice for first-time users who want to experience the many benefits that kratom offers.

White Vein Kratom:

Looking for something to help you get that morning boost you’ve been looking for? White strains have been recommended for use during the early hours of the day. Many users have reported White Horn as providing them with an energy boost or an increase in focus and motivation that they needed to get through the day. Whether it’s a long day at work or another day packed with tasks, this strain found in our kratom sample pack capsules may be the right choice for you.

Red Vein Kratom:

Red strains are said to bring about the more relaxing qualities kratom users seek. Many users will turn to it for its purported relaxation and relief from day-to-day discomfort. Red Bali is an excellent choice in the late hours when you need to kick back and relax.

Sample Pack Includes:

20 capsules of each strain (White Horn, Green Indo, Red Bali)

Additional information

Weight 0.025 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 1 in

65 reviews for Kratom Capsules Sample Pack

  1. Izzy Schultz

    Great samples thank you for including this option on the website. Note to buyers – come in capsule form, received 12 total sample packs with 5 capsules in each.

  2. Anon

    I’ll save everyone the time. Buy the White Horn.

  3. KrATOM

    My Ranking: White is the best, Red is second, Green is third. All very good and effective thank you!!!

  4. Aubree Conner

    Was pleasantly surprised to receive these samples. It came with a bottle of green Indo, red Bali, & white Horn. Each has 20 capsules in them. They were all really high quality!

  5. Marin

    Wish you had samples of the extract ????

  6. Steven

    Just ordered and it shipped within like 10 mins…

  7. Danielle

    You guys should update this picture! The samples I received looked way better than this <33

  8. Terry Mcammen

    Love when a brand has samples for me to dip my toes in

  9. Alicia R

    Can you guys please send me free product my name is Alicia I live in Detroit I need it please I’m in pain

  10. Daniel Buroughs

    Thank you for providing this option. I always like to start small

  11. Lex

    These sample packs are so cute. Came in 20 count bottles! Will be loving on this for some time

  12. Remit G

    Excited to try but sheeesh. Expensive samples!

  13. Audrey

    Can you guys send free samples please??

  14. Joshua Pashimi

    Damn these samples are expensive ????

  15. Gus Edwards

    This speciosa is something special ????

  16. Riley Darm

    Super excited to try this for the first time 🙂

  17. Jeremy Livers

    Thanks for all of the back and forth Dylan! Can’t wait to try kratom for the first time 🙂

  18. Margaret

    Would prefer free samples ????

  19. Deanna Washington

    Tastes very strong and potent, feels great. Will be buying more!

  20. Terry Hauser

    I emailed Adam and he got back to one within 10 mins. He helped walk me through each strain and then the product was wonderful as well. Thank you so much guys

  21. Alexandri

    Very very good

  22. Jehovah witness

    Just a quality brand all around

  23. Claire Abandanna

    Shipping was fast! Didn’t love the green indo but the others were amazing

  24. Nissy

    Loved it. Will be reordering the green indo forsure

  25. Armando

    Each strain felt so different but I loved them all. When the md sample pack??

  26. Deanna

    How many capsules come in this?

  27. Hannah H

    Substantially better than anything else I’ve had. Really happy with these. Moving up to 150 pack 🙂

  28. Tyler p

    Loved it!

  29. Donna

    Yum yum w my coffee

  30. Russell

    The 20 count capsules was a great intro for me. Will move up to the 75 count and if I still like it maybe even the 150 count

  31. Olivia

    A bit expensive but overall very good kratom

  32. June

    Does this help a back pain!?

  33. Steph G

    I need kratom here and there and the sample pack is what I always come to

  34. Stephanie Domingo

    Omg the bottles they send for this sample pack are actually so cute. Kratom is great too ????

  35. Phil

    Very good kratom, some of the best I’ve had – veteran kratom user

  36. Gillian A

    Handed these out to a few patients and they loved!! Know where to refer them now ????????❤️

  37. Kayla K

    Haven’t had anything like the white. It’s up there with the best ❤️

  38. Joanie K

    Love the mini bottles, what a nice surprise! ❤️

    Happy New Year TKC!

  39. A Satisfied Customer

    Very very good. Currently reordering.

  40. Jackie Meyer

    These were great. Gotta try every new company in small quantities as ya never know who doing what these days, but The Kratom Company is doing it right! I’m now a 3-strain pack regular ????

  41. Hugo Reyes

    Samples are great. Already have a 3-strain pack on the way. This company ships very fast compared to others.

  42. kyle s

    Kratom is good, don’t like how this package keeps, changing. Pick a sample product and pick a price, good lord

  43. Simon J

    beyond grateful that you guys offer a sample pack. I really can’t trust any new kratom brands these days until I test it out for myself. some of the competition don’t even offer a sample pack!!

  44. Drew G

    Been loving these. Will definitely be ordering the 3-strain pack next!

  45. Callie R

    Enjoyed these quite a bit ???? Reordering today. Thanks for the samples!!

  46. Tasso J

    sample idea is great. strong clean kratom too

  47. Kimberley Lee

    The information you send with new orders is extremely helpful to us as new users! Kratom is great, of course.

  48. Nolan Fizer

    Sample pack disclaimer – they brought the price up a few dollars but this now includes 60 capsules instead of 30. Personally got me hooked ????

  49. Nate Gregorson

    Would rather have the powder than caps but they definitely hooked me up.

  50. Vic

    @ Peter – maybe it is overpriced, but when you’re buying samples most people are doing so to gauge quality. These guys are in my top 5 of all time in that department.

  51. Pete


  52. Grant Evans

    Absolute beauty

  53. Lisa Sherwood

    Perfect for my symptoms and you’ve earned a long-time customer!!

  54. Dustin D

    Better than I thought and will reorder

  55. Alex Wietsell

    Liked this a lot. Not a big red guy, but my friend who is said it was great and I LOVE the white horn.

  56. Kyle Vanek

    Good kratom, sample packaging is a little underwhelming but then again they are samples..

  57. Mac

    Diverse range here! Onto the MD line can’t wait

  58. Jackson

    Weren’t kidding when they said premium

  59. Vic

    Quality confirmed – I love this option because I need to try new brands before I order a good amount – hard to find decent quality these days. Great great powder

  60. Antman_050


  61. Mikayla Juback

    Good quality kratom – wish you guys would offer a Maeng-da.

  62. Sampson Delaney

    I agree with Cameron. If you’re looking to find out if this kratom is right for you just read the reviews. Don’t waste your money on this package because it’s a little expensive for what you get. I received this package Monday and am already ordering more today. Guess I’m very happy with the kratom, just wish I bought more for a better price!!

  63. nate

    keep it up

  64. Cameron Chadwell

    Unique and effective kratom powder. Should have ordered the 3 oz. 3 strain package!

  65. Alex

    These are great to get an idea of what strains you prefer. The labeling is simple and effective- different strains have a slightly different effect on the body and IMO these samples describe it better than I could and Ive been a kratomite for years. If you want to dip your toes in the world of kratom without worrying about old/sketchy head shop kratom I would do it with these samples from TKC.

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