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Interested in trying kratom? Looking for a strain to introduce you to the kratom leaf while experiencing its potential first hand? If so, you’ll want to try the Green Indo kratom capsules offered here at The Kratom Company!

Green Indo Kratom Capsules – 75 Capsules
Green Indo Kratom Capsules – 150 Capsules
Green Indo Kratom Capsules – 500 Capsules
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Green Vein Kratom Capsules:

Green strains fall somewhere between the white and red strains, making our green kratom capsules an excellent choice for first-time users. What can you expect when you use a green strain? Our customers say Green Indo kratom can soothe tired muscles, boost their mood, and reduce feelings of discomfort. Many also note it helps them focus on their daily tasks.

Green Indo Strain Kratom:

If you’re looking to try kratom, our Green Indo kratom offers what you need to get started.

At TKC, we take great care to source only the very best kratom available, hand-selected from farms in Indonesia. This ensures that when you decide to try our Green Indo, you’re trying out a high-quality product!

Shop now or take advantage of our superior customer services and contact us today!

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75 Capsules, 150 Capsules, 500 Capsules

134 reviews for Green Indo Kratom Capsules

  1. Bart R

    Pretty good Green Indo capsules I actually like this more than the Maeng Da now but it is close!

  2. Drizzle D

    At first I was iffy on this kratom and by the third time taking it I absolute LOVED it

  3. FanBoy998

    Product was pretty good but wish I received my delivery over weekend.

  4. Sophieeee


  5. Nikki Bonello

    If your previous life circumstances lead you to the page it is meant to be. So glad my friend recommended this website!

  6. Elane

    I started buying your brand at a head shop in Michigan and it gets me through the day!!

  7. Anon


  8. Thomas

    Thank you so much for the great service (:

  9. Nick C (verified owner)

    I am somebody who goes into anything skeptical, wondering of it’s true origin and effects. I have been a pain patient all of my life due to multiple car accidents and different sports, that I did throughout my life. I’ve been on different types of medication for that pain and they’ve had various effects and side effects.

    Today was the first day that I actually took a few of these Green Indo capsules and after about 20 to 30 minutes I was truly amazed at the amount of relief and relaxation that I got from Just one capsule. I didn’t get an energy kick from it, more calming than anything else. Which was fine by me. This was absolutely shocking to me, after having been on prescription medication for so long. I just did not expect it to have any effect whatsoever… or I thought I would need a higher dose. Surprisingly, no.

    I did research into this through Google and multiple websites after a friend recommended it to me. Like, I’m sure so many people out there, who probably tried 1 million different herbs via Amazon that claim pain relief and anxiety relief from it… I can truly say, without a doubt, this actually works. No more snake oil.

    I have not been paid by this company, I have not been given any product other than what I ordered… but I definitely wanted to share my story, so others in my condition can know there’s something out there that can help, that’s as good or better than anything your doctor can prescribe for you. Of course, with anything, start out slow and see how it affects you personally. But the good thing is here, you can try it very cheap and see for yourself.

    I am still sitting here amazed that something works. Thank you TKC. Truly appreciated.

    • Adam Willett

      Adam Willett


      I know there are so many out there in similar situations so thank you for sharing your experience.


  10. Sterling K

    The greeeeenn baby

  11. Anna Sprangler

    A premium product that I luv ❤️

  12. Lucas G

    Rightfully amazing. Was surprised at the price but this is seriously quality stuff

  13. Savannah Koster

    Pretty good , 7.9/10

  14. Ryan Draper

    A wonderful feeling comes over me when I take these kratom capsules

  15. Sandy

    Tasted disgusting, won’t be buying kratom again ????????

  16. Sarah Allen

    Used to buy kilos from an Indonesian man who dm’ed me on IG. Was super cheap but always sketched me out. Buying from a US based kratom company makes me feel so much better knowing the product is tested

  17. Danika

    This is truly superior to what I have been buying for the past few years

  18. Haley

    I am the biggest fan of this green!

  19. Allen Sharpe

    Big for my Saturday of basketball!

  20. Anon

    Have to go to a family event this weekend. I will be loaded up on green indo to get through this. Can’t stand my aunt

  21. Alyson Schultz

    Yessss so good ????

  22. Danielle Hotzentoff

    Not the biggest fan of green kratom..

  23. Aaron D

    Can never decide between this and green Maeng Da! Just started using capsules so I guess I’ll go with this for now

  24. Alexa Gafrillo


  25. Aly S

    Didn’t really like it but I really liked if ya know what I mean. I think it was the taste

  26. Ariana Simplers

    Tell me when my package gets here?

  27. Ronald Zeitner

    Pretty good product, fast shipping, beautiful packaging

  28. Samuel

    Only way I can day trade is if I have my daily dose of kratom!

  29. Matthew Barnes

    Matt here. Love it. Thanks again guys!

  30. Matthew Wilbent

    Can’t decide between this and the gmd. Anyone have an opinion?

    • Adam Willett

      Adam Willett

      personally, I love the Green Indo. Can always try both 🙂


  31. Mac D

    Normally I toss and wash but this kratom went very good with green tea + turmeric

  32. Gator

    ???????? gives me that big brain feeling my guy

  33. Big Mikey

    There is good, then there is great. This is the latter

  34. miles


  35. Josh Sellers

    ???? Best green I’ve had. Perfect balance of effects

  36. dylan allen

    Ohh yeah. 5/5

  37. gavin p

    ????????????love to see it!

  38. Nancy L

    I love this! Not too little, not too much in regard to intensity, pretty much perfect!

  39. Carl Allen

    No going back after trying this company. Both the strains and the shots ????????

  40. dianne paulsen

    definitely up there. I keep a few brands around this one just joined the club

  41. Andrea W

    Ordered the red, ended up stuck on the green! Thanks to the free samples, of course. 😉 I love this company. ????

  42. Leigh

    Thanks so much for throwing in the white sample ???????? loved it so much I had to order a bottle!!

  43. Mary Yonko

    Definitely meets my standards. Need to keep taking before I’d ever agree that it’s “the best thing out there”

  44. A

    I’ll order more when the PRICES go DOWN

  45. Kadri

    I’ll write a 5 star review for anyone who takes care of shipping issues like TKC. They acted like I was the most important person in the world trying to get this to me on time!

  46. Randall Krill

    Shipped the same day and it’s great kratom too! Thanks TKC ????

  47. Ruth G

    I agree with the others I’ve read: we need a 300 count!!!

  48. Jill A

    I’m pretty biased toward my first choice of green vein kratom, but this has become my #1 fallback and I do like it better than any other for that purpose. I get pretty much every benefit kratom has to offer form this strain without ever feeling overwhelmed. ????????

  49. Karen James

    Love the kratom and the guys who run the company. Both very hard not to like 🙂

  50. Ben D

    Perfect medium. I’ve been enjoying adding a little white into the mix. Definitely a good workday boost.

  51. Nora W

    Thanks for getting back on all of my messages. So nice that you’re able to do that instead of having an automatic machine respond to customers. Will definitely be back!!

  52. Mary Rhines

    Lovely Indo. And very consistent!!????

  53. Ryan Theisen

    Solid solid kratom. I never give things 5 stars but this is gotta be in my top ten overall green strains, trying GMD next!!

  54. Dave Shivel

    Works for the back, doesn’t make me feel cloudy and insane to think there was nothing that could do that for me before.

  55. Jason D

    This stuff is just as described – a perfectly balanced beginner strain of kratom. This doesn’t mean for beginners only, but more a great aid in deciding what you’re looking for in kratom.

  56. Raylen J

    Really loved the amount of value these guys put on customer feedback and I will definitely be reordering as this green is great!!

  57. Kendall Jehnsen

    Loving the green! Helps with my ankle pain and does not put me to sleep. I never thought this kratom would be so helpful.

  58. Jackson Clemmens

    The green has a beautiful color to it. The effects are at a perfect level for me – not too strong but still a noticeable presence far beyond that of CBD. Excited to try the MD!!

  59. Dani

    Came back to try this again ever since Green MD has been out of stock and wow.. it’s really growing on me this time! Might be the new favorite!

  60. Dee

    If you actually know about kratom, this is one of the best old-school Indo strains. Very original – not like some of the Indos that are renamed for novelty purposes. I hope TKC never changes this one.

  61. rob


  62. kratom girl


  63. Damon K

    The guy that gives me the suggestions is the man. He knows each batch so well. This time he said to mix in a couple capsules of white and it totally changed how I feel about this green. Unreal!! These guys>>>>

  64. jon

    Good stuff. Needs 300ct bottle

  65. cody wolf

    I had writen a bad review earlier and these guys reached out and made it up to me. I’ve never seen anybody so quick to reach out. these guys really care about customer service and I see tht reading the rest of these reviews. thanks a lot – cody

  66. angelo


  67. Gene Wagner

    Love that these guys really value our reviews. The kratom was good, need to keep taking it to find out if it’s something I’ll follow up with. I do love the website and the blog is definitely the best I’ve seen in the kratom business.

  68. Nancy Rogers

    Very unique Indo. It’s not the strongest for me but it is very alkaloid dense which I love. Keep in mind a high level of certain alkaloids does not guarantee the kratom will feel more strongly, but many users especially chronic can certainly feel the added benefit ????

  69. Leonard Myler

    Love the feeling. Very light but effective. I feel better mentally without feeling like I’m on something.

  70. Julian

    I’m with the other guy – just a little bit better then what you get elsewhere

  71. Steven K

    Can’t knock it till you try it. TKC is just a little bit better, but consistently and across the board with items such as shipping and response time. The product is great too but I want to recognize the little things that help them to stand apart as well. Hoping to see things take off for them as we continue to move toward regulation.

  72. Don D

    This is a solid pass but it sounds like I gotta try the white -> 3 strain pack review is up next!

  73. Dave Westerley

    Solid 9/10 overall

  74. Chris S

    Better than Krave! Got this as a free sample at a shop and now it’s all I take.

  75. Celeste

    Packaging, product, and shipping were all 10/10! TKC>>>

  76. ashley f

    not kidding when they said premium lol

  77. Jason H

    Been on this stuff for a while – I always wait to write these reviews until I’m very experienced with the product – quality is more than satisfactory and quality never changes – the best you can get from a kratom co.

  78. John Langlowe

    I’ve tried a stronger and a lighter batch of this strain from these guys. The strain itself is unreal – I love it! The less potent batches, I take a couple White Horn capsules to kick it up a notch and it’s quite the treat.

  79. Jenna Haslett

    Kratom affects everyone differently, but I just have to say that personally I can tell this is so much better for my body than caffeine or CBD or anything else people use for calm and steady energy. Thank God for Luke handing me some free samples that day in the shop!

  80. Rose

    I’d really like a 300 count. These 75s are too much money for so little quantity

  81. Jane Waldenwood

    The batch I just ordered might be a little less potent than usual. However, it is still the classic TKC Green Indo that we’ve all come to love. Been adding 2 capsules of White Horn to my morning dose lately and it has been a miracle worker! By adding just 2 capsules of White Horn I no longer need a dose in the afternoon – I love how these strains seem to work together.

  82. Greg Schneider

    Really nice! Your products and website have been helpful to me teach many family members why it is important to keep fighting for this cause????????✊????

  83. Chicca Maria

    Been a returning customer for a while now so gla I found this company!!!

  84. Big J

    I am not kratom user, but all my guys love this brand. Very good guys also running this company

  85. Natalie S

    new fave 🙂

  86. Maggie

    This is great kratom. I don’t know quite how to put it but it’s the most natural and effective Indo!

  87. Will Handsen

    All their strains have a pretty damn good color but this is the go to for true balance.

  88. Maggie Mae

    Makes working a double 100% more bearable ????????????

  89. Samuel D

    Perfect for me

  90. Dawn Pendleton

    I thought all kratom was mostly the same but it is certainly not! I like the energy I get from this strain without feeling like my heart is racing – I keep coming back for it!

  91. Shannon Jeffries

    these are pretty great compared to what I was taking before.. can’t thank TKC enough

  92. Roger Sherman

    This is one unique green.

  93. Juan Duranda

    Love this company, very unique Indo

  94. Ryan Drescoll

    This company is an easy choice compared to what’s out there

  95. Michelle Whalen

    More than happy with service and especially the help informing me on kratom and suggesting a good strain for me. Thanks again guys

  96. Marty Longston

    Best kratom around!????????????????

  97. Mitch McGuire

    Wonderful strain – thanks so much for all the additional kratom info as well. PS: Love the blog!

  98. Natalie

    Mix this with the white horn – the store owner told me. He was right!

  99. Tom Jeffries

    Great Indo. I could live on this strain forever

  100. Hal

    Need larger quantities but 5 stars because the kratom is superb!

  101. Christian

    B. E. A. Utiful

  102. Casey Veg

    I take this in both powder and capsule form. Beautiful color, taste is very strong, and the alkaloids are definitely there. Top-shelf kratom.

  103. Darren Lettingale

    Love my Indo’s. This one is up there with some of the best I’ve had. Vibrant green color and a bitter taste – these guys know how to source some serious powder.

  104. Mike Darringer

    Was given this as a free sample buying Krave at a smoke shop in Saginaw. Won’t be buying Krave again long story short

  105. Jordan Kellerman

    I’m not one to leave online reviews, but these guys 100% earned one.

  106. Anonymous


  107. Lucienne Pulst

    Fast response to questions, fast ship, very good kratom. Thank you for this experience!

  108. Tom

    Tried the infamous white and green mix. Amazing 10/10

  109. Sammie

    White = ???? Green = ????

  110. Rudy

    Took a break from this stuff for couple weeks. Coming back to it is unreal best energy source around with no comedown adn crash

  111. Jamie Cornelius

    Such friendly customer service! Thank you!

  112. Don Rewold

    My favorite strain. I can take this any time of day and it relieves my symptoms and makes me feel very well and motivated.

  113. Jay Patel

    Good website, good customer service, good kratom. Great blog too, lots of good content for kratom community

  114. Wendy Huebner

    Love this website and your blog is unreal! Using it to help show some loved ones how much kratom has helped me – everyone is learning a lot!!

  115. Denny M

    I had some questions about the payment process that no other company would answer. These guys did. Also, that is some superior Indo they have.

  116. Kayla A

    Better than some of my top brands. Keep killing it!

  117. Tori Nelson

    5/5 🙂

  118. Nancy R

    I like to switch off between these and the white. The nice thing about TKC is that these strains give me relief without the sedative effect of other brands! I feel a clean energy all day but still get what I really need for my condition. 10/10!

  119. Craig Thayer

    Sent to this site by a friend and not disappointed at all. Quality product

  120. Brad

    Ordered the wrong product but I was helped out immediately as if nothing had happened – thanks for making me feel like a valued customer

  121. John Brown

    This indo is close to the top – can’t get enough

  122. Rachel R

    If you’re into mixing kratom this is the best stuff you will find. Mixing this into any kratom I’ve ever tried makes it better. Love it

  123. Nate Lipari

    I can order green indo from this company at any given time and know I’m getting the same green indo that I got my last order. That doesn’t always happen with the big name companies. 10/10

  124. Desiree Simon

    I really like this company.
    Customer Service-Any time I’ve had questions about something they usually respond same day or next day.

    Best kratom for the price – some people have said these prices are high but I can’t find kratom I actually like anywhere else!

    Shipping – same day shipping, and again, message them with any concerns and they will repsond almost immediately.

  125. Stephanie J

    Love, love love TKC Kratom. They are number one for fast delivery. I am super satisfied with their products I’ve tried several. I very highly recommend.

  126. Jared Fromm

    Been ordering since this company rolled out and have yet to have a less than positive experience.

  127. Nikki Johnson

    My friends say I’m paying a lot but every other kratom brand I’ve tried has less quality powder. I pay for higher quality and that way I have to take less.

  128. Cody

    First timer. I know nothing of kratom but I received tracking info for my order less than an hour after placing it! Gotta love that!

  129. Hunter Krieder

    Legitimate business. Great customer service, quality product, if anything I get more than what I pay for

  130. Robert Combs

    I was upset when I made a mistake on my order and they quickly refunded my money that’s pretty good stand-up policy I just got an email saying that they processed my refund thank you TKC your help means a lot

  131. Mo

    shipping fast as hell!

  132. J

    good indo

  133. Alan Johnston

    Good customer service, strong kratom

  134. Justin Backer

    I run triathlons, and I use kratom as a part of my training regimen. These capsules really do the job for me. The energy is steady and manageable, exactly why I switched to this from pre-workout. This green gives me a calming effect in addition to the energy that I don’t get with other brands. It has no detrimental effect on the energy/focus, but it improves the overall kratom experience significantly. Thanks guys!

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What is the difference between green and red kratom?

Green kratom is said to be more energizing and less “sedative” than red kratom. As far as appearance, green kratom leaves are simply a lighter color. Red kratom tends to be the darkest of the kratom leaves.

Is Green Indo similar to Green Maeng Da?

The closest comparisons to Green Indo would be a Green Borneo or Green Malay strain. Green Maeng Da strains vary considerably between each supplier, but most Green Kratom strains are said to be similar in terms of effect. At the end of the day, the effects depend on the location and quality of the harvest.

What are kratom capsules made out of?

The Kratom Company uses gelatin capsules. We use gelatin because they are more shelf-stable than other alternatives. For example, vegetable glycerin capsules can be more prone to degradation if they are not stored in the appropriate conditions.

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