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CBD and Kratom

CBD and Kratom

-Understanding what CBD+Kratom products are, and why they don’t offer much of a benefit and probably aren’t worth the high price.

Kratom Flower

Kratom and Cannabis

-Understanding some of the legal and functional comparisons between kratom and cannabis, and if it is fair to compare the two plants with medicinal backgrounds.

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The Golden Vein

A breakdown of different Kratom strains and their claimed attributes.



I am often surprised at kratom’s obscurity. Nobody seems to have a clue what it is, let alone what is strain or vein does. While it has been gaining attention in recent years, many still are uncertain what it is, even if they have heard of it. We’ve detailed the basics of kratom here, but for those of you who may be interested in exploring its potential, this guide will help you understand how it is commonly used.

Veins, Strains, and Automobiles

If you’re like me, first exposure to kratom products can be overwhelming. A wide range of products and genetic profiles, sometimes more keen on marketing than informing, can give the impression that the more you see, the less you know. Fret not.

Kratom can broadly be classified into three different veins: White Vein, Red Vein, and Green Vein

Most Kratom products will have additional words in their description, and these generally refer to their location of origin, which does have an impact on its effects. For example, a ‘Red Vietnam’ indicates that the kratom was cultivated in Vietnam, and based on environmental differences, can differ from a ‘Red Malaysian.’ Generally speaking, its color designation is the primary indicator of its effects.


While the country of origin, cultivation method, and harvesting style can impact the final product, you can generally expect to find unique effects based on the kratom’s color designation. As always, bear in mind that the strain most effective for you is a highly personal choice. Thus, you will want to do some research and experimentation with the various strains to find which type best suits you.

As with anything, dosage, method of ingestion, body weight, and the desired effects are essential components of kratom use. Carefully consider the strains’ attributes to maximize utility.

Green Vein:

Green Vein kratom is often compared to coffee. It can be similar, with many users reporting enhanced focus and energy levels. This makes Green Vein kratom an excellent choice for morning users, as it can offer   stimulation without the downsides of a crash.



-Many users report elongated attention span-Known to increase productivity

Red Vein

Red Vein kratom is, for a variety of reasons, the most popular vein. It’s most commonly associated with relaxation which impart a sense of well-being. Many users also report that ‘Red Vein’ kratom has utility as a sleep aid.

-A good strain to take at the end of the day

-Relaxing effects

-Imparts a sense of well being

White Vein

White Vein kratom is most often considered a ‘hybrid’ of the dominant ‘red’ and ‘white strain types. Many users feel that White Vein kratom offers “The best of both” and is viable in different contexts. Differing sub-strains of White Vein kratom may feature some attributes more prominently; for example, a White Sumatran may contain proportionally more ‘Red Vein’ qualities than it does ‘Green Vein’. As always, the specific effects depend on the person, but for its versatility, Green Vein is rapidly ascending.

-The hybrid balance

-A middle ground that offers moderate effects of both

-Enhances mood

Natural Factors

The differences in these strains arise from a variety of natural factors. Red Vein kratom trees take longer to cultivate, for example. Some Green-Vein strains are cured for longer (Much as coffee beans are). It’s country of origin and environment also dictates some of these differences. An area with higher temperatures and more rainfall – Vietnam – may produce a Green Vein that has more prominent ‘Red Vein’ effects. While research on the genetic and chemical profiles on kratom still has a long way to go, anecdotal information is everywhere. It’s important to remember that the effects can be dependent on many personal factors.

While the wide variety of strains and subspecies can be confusing, it also means that there is a strain for everybody. Selecting from the color coda is a great place to start.


Many strains also have modifiers attached to the title, such as ‘Bali’ or ‘Indo’. These do have an impact on the effects, though generally less so than the color designation. These additions refer to its country of origin – and thus differing environment – and/or a specific cultivation technique, all of which serve as natural modifiers to the kratom. A few examples:

Bali kratom is most often paired with ‘Red Vein’, and can enhance the effects found in red kratom

Indo kratom is often associated with a ‘White Vein’, and can carry over some attributes from red vein, such as enhanced mood

These designations do further specify the strain, even if they are less important than the color coding. Do keep in mind that many of these indicators are marketing tools intended to confer a certain brand or enhance the products profile. While not outright deceptive, it can be misleading.

Disclaimer | Privacy Policy|

Do not take anything on this blog as medical advice. Always consult with your doctor before making any decisions about your health. Do not stop taking any doctor prescribed medications unless you have talked with your doctor. Kratom does not cure any diseases. Further research will continue to show that kratom does not cure any diseases. Thus, do not take kratom as a cure for any diseases. Some studies show that kratom may be able to lessen some symptoms. This is not proven. The content of this blog is based on reports, is speculation and conjecture, and should not in any way be regarded as proven or medical advice. Always conduct thorough research. Never take medical advice from the internet. Always think carefully about what you put into your body. Always consult your doctor before making any changes that may affect your health.


More Posts

CBD and Kratom

CBD and Kratom

-Understanding what CBD+Kratom products are, and why they don’t offer much of a benefit and probably aren’t worth the high price.

Kratom Flower

Kratom and Cannabis

-Understanding some of the legal and functional comparisons between kratom and cannabis, and if it is fair to compare the two plants with medicinal backgrounds.

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