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The Kratom Market – Who to Trust?

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An expanded look at buying and selling Kratom, the best Kratom vendors, strains, Kratom extracts, and more.

-An overview on the kratom market

Your degree is sparkling. Your tie is straight. Your resume is a thing of beauty. And so thence are deployed the job applications, reaching out like roots scouring for water. 

And so pass the days. No call, no letter, nary a messenger pigeon to share some tidings or assurances of your suitability as a worker. You long for the days of youth, when the scourge of responsibility was still a distant spectre like a storm on the horizon. However shall the college loans be paid…

Then you remember the long held adage, so true it hurts.

It’s not what you know, but who you know.

It is applicable for much more than applications.

The Kratom Marketplace

A Lady Picking the right Kratom
Picking the right Kratom vendor is important.

To some extent, kratom is kratom. There are myriad strains, an array of cultivation methods, different geographical hubs that are thought to impart differing qualities to the particular product. These factors all contribute to the differences users report feeling between strains.

But it all stems from the same tree; kratom comes from the kratom leaf. #AccidentalPoetryHour

However, significant differences in the quality of kratom have become clear as more vendors enter the market. As kratom testing is not exactly practical for the common consumer, and so far regulations are yet to be brought up to a standardized par, it is crucial that you choose a trustworthy vendor. Who you know will decide what you know, if I may. And what do you know, bad vendors have bad product.

Bad kratom is not only a waste of money and time, but it may also be dangerous. Reports exist of vendors of low repute adding adulterants to kratom that make it unsafe for consumption. Even worse, dangerous contaminants can be included from careless handlers or cultivators. 

There are some warning signs one should look out for when choosing kratom:

-A vendor marketing kratom as a ‘drug’ or ‘cure’.

-A vendor giving kratom names that associate with cannabis or other drugs. 

-A vendor marketing kratom as a way to get ‘high’.

-Any mentions of a ‘legal high’ or a way to beat drug tests or probation.

-A vendor who adds kratom as a novelty item and clearly does not have an expertise, passion, or focus on herbals, etc… This may include gas stations, headshops, etc…

-Poorly packaged products.

-Kratom product that has variable or strange coloration.

-Kratom product that has been altered into another product. This may have been done to conceal imperfections or adulterants.

-Product names that have no mention of their genetics or location. ‘Green Dank Scoop’, ‘Power Punch’, ‘Mind buzz’, and ‘Miracle Kure’ all examples of names that a terrible product would have.

-Product line up changes every week and seems to differ arbitrarily.

There are exceptions to these rules. For example, some kratom comes pre-brewed as a tea. If it comes from a trustworthy vendor, then rest easy that it was not brewed into tea to conceal something from the consumer. Additionally, I have seen high quality kratom brands sold from headshops. While many brands of kratom in head shops are generic, in-house, cash grabs, some more quality ‘glass shops’ will offer respectable kratom brands. You know the deal. If the headshop feels shady, then it will probably have shady products.

These are a lot of modifiers and unknowns. You may be wondering how you are supposed to tell, with all the maybe’s and could be’s. 

It is simple. 

Trust your gut.

Ten out of ten times an unprofessional kratom vendor will look the part. The easiest way to cull these out are the kratom vendors who market it as a drug, a way to get high. This kratom is always low quality and subject to dubious safety standards. I have never found an exception to this rule. Do not purchase kratom that is being marketed as a ‘legal high’ or a way to ‘beat probation’. This is not only damaging to the kratom community, but it supports nefarious business practices, could be a risk to your health, and will be a waste of your money as this product almost always tests out to be very low grade.

Poor packaging is another dead give away. It indicates that a kratom vendor just doesn’t care. If that is the case, you can be sure that they don’t care who the farmer is, or if the farmer takes measures to ensure a clean and safe, pesticide free product. You can be damn sure they aren’t interested in providing good value. Once again, the test results from kratom with unprofessional looking vendors almost always contains the lowest grade product on the market.

Different forms of Kratom
Various strains of Kratom strewn about.

The Good Guys

Thankfully, detecting the quality kratom vendors can be just as easy as spotting the bad ones. There are certain patterns and habits you will see that will indicate that the kratom vendor not only has quality product, but also takes steps to ensure it is safe and consistent. If these apply, then you also be sure that this vendor is an advocate for kratom use and is a good samaritan of the kratom community. Some signs that indicate a reputable kratom vendor who deserve your business include:

  • Vendor provides ample information from respectable sources.
  • Vendor does not make unproven claims, especially about kratom being a ‘cure’ for diseases.
  • Vendor does not trumpet product as a way to get ‘high’.
  • Vendor does not attempt to equivocate kratom as a drug.
  • Vendor has quality packaging with clear naming, contact information, labelling, dosage information, and other facts on the packaging.
  • Vendor is transparent and open minded regarding kratom, which can often be determined by examining their website or labelling.
  • Vendor is marked ‘Approved’ by the American Kratom Association. ‘Approval Pending’ likely clears the vendor as well, as it means they are in contact with the kratom community and have some stake in the kratom movement.
  • Vendor is an advocate of kratom use and has some clear connection or expertise in the area of kratom or other herbal alternatives.
  • Prices are fair and consistent.
  • Product is consistent.
  • Product line remains consistent.
  • The Vendor is willing to speak to you and answer any questions, and they are easy to reach.
  • The website or store ‘looks’ and ‘feels’ good.
  • Product titles always include the strain name and little else. ‘Red Bali’ or ‘White Indo’ would be examples of this.

Oftentimes, the subconscious picks up on these things before we consciously notice and analyze them and then provides us with that ‘gut’ feeling. While it may seem abstract to suggest following your instincts, the “I’ve got a feeling” is shockingly prescient in the kratom industry. 

The most important reason to adhere to these guidelines is for your own safety, and secondarily, so that you do not waste money. It is just like looking for a restaurant; if you go to a sketchy, dirty, poorly presented place, you may just wake up with a stomach ache the next morning. Kratom from suspect vendors could very well be made with a low standard of cleanliness, and may contain contaminants, or even worse, adulterants intended to modify the experience in a way they hope will get you to purchase more. Furthermore, these vendors are the biggest threat to kratom’s legality; they are what lawmakers fixate on when they attack kratom. Supporting these businesses expressly damages the future of kratom.

As with any product, a market genesis can be filled with confusion, uncertainty, even deception. But the kratom community is, by and large, composed of passionate, adept, and sensibile individuals who believe in good business. While a wide array of kratom products can be confusing to sift through, you can rest assured that, if coming from a trustworthy vendor, they will be safe and true to any claims. Feel free to reach out to us here at the TKC with any questions, or your prospective vendor; if they are deserving of your business, they will respond with a thoughtful, honest answer. 

And now?

And now you know who to know.

Anthony Dent is one of the founders of The Kratom Company who has had years of personal and professional experience in the industry. As a kratom user himself, he is an advocate for all the potential benefits kratom can offer users both new and experienced. As the industry and legal atmosphere change, Anthony stays up to date on the latest Kratom Consumer Protection Acts to keep readers up to date with reliable information.
Anthony DentFounding Member

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  1. Matt McKelvey

    This is one hell of a topic. Been around the block with sketchy kratom companies. Glad to see regulation on its way.

  2. Janice Donnellon

    This is my favorite blog because it’s becoming more of an issue every day in this industry. Eliminate the dishonest vendors who sell any kratom they can get their hands on. This is the last thing the kratom market needs in a time where it is under such scrutiny! Thankful for the consistent and transparent vendors out there.

  3. Rich

    Great for new members of the community! Nice blog man

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