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Tired of being tired and sluggish through the day? Conquer the day and get more out of your mornings with our White Horn kratom powder!

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White Vein Kratom

White vein kratom is purported to be an excellent source of energy, making it an excellent choice for those who struggle to rise and take on the day ahead. Many have reported White Horn as providing them with an energy boost or an increase in focus and motivation, lending itself to those who have a lot of items on their to-do list or are repeatedly tackling mentally demanding tasks. No matter what you may need the energy for, our white kratom powder may offer you the successful start you need.

Horned Varieties of Kratom

Horned varieties of kratom are said to be a big help in boosting energy and focus. If you’re looking for the perfect strain of white kratom to help you get more out of your day-to-day, you’ll want to try our White Horn powder.

Years of sampling kratom from different Indonesian kratom farms has allowed us to source the highest quality kratom from thoroughly vetted farms for our loyal customers. TKC has taken the time to hand-select the best strain of kratom for each vein, ensuring that when you decide to purchase our White Horn kratom powder, you’re getting the quality kratom that you’ve been searching for!

Our white kratom powder is fast-acting, making it effective in a shorter amount of time. Buy kratom online today and learn more with The Kratom Company by checking out our kratom blog!

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How does White Horn kratom get its name? 

White Horn kratom gets its name from the shape of the leaf, which has a unique curvature that gives the appearance of horns or spikes. This is due to a beneficial genetic mutation. Not only is the shape of the leaf affected by the mutation, but so is the alkaloid profile. White Horn is an especially invigorating strain.

Does The Kratom Company offer any other horned kratom varieties? 

Yes. In addition to our horned white kratom powder, we also offer White Horn Kratom Capsules. You get the same invigorating formula, but the powder is contained inside of fast-dissolving gel capsules. The capsules are an especially convenient and portable option for people who like to enjoy their kratom outside the home.

Is White Horn kratom a good beginner strain? 

White horned kratom can be quite strong, and some beginners might feel overwhelmed by the rush of energy. If you’re just starting out with kratom and are looking for an energizing strain, it might be better to start off with a strain like White Maeng Da or its less intense cousin, Green Maeng Da.

What is the shelf life of kratom?

It depends on how the kratom is stored and the quality of the kratom. At The Kratom Company, our products usually have a shelf life of at least 4 months if stored reasonably.

Should I buy capsules or powder?

It totally depends on what you’re looking for! While capsules are easier to measure out, many customers prefer to use the powder. The effects of powder happen quicker, and some users enjoy the ritual of using it. When you buy kratom powder, you’ll typically receive a bit more kratom for your dollar.

What is The Kratom Company’s best-selling product?

You’ve found it! Our White Horn is our best-selling strain, but our kratom extract is also incredibly popular.

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The Kratom Company White Horn Kratom Powder product

Tired of being tired and sluggish through the day? Conquer the day and get more out of your mornings with our White Horn kratom powder!

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