Pure Kratom Liquid Extract

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Try the purest kratom extract available, available solo, or as a 6-, 12-, or 24-pack. Kratom tincture is more potent than our powders and capsules. 10ml.

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Why Kratom Extract?

Both our kratom powder and kratom capsules are easy to use. However, some users would prefer a more potent option. Fortunately, The Kratom Company has a solution! If you’re looking for a simple, powerful alternative, consider our kratom extract.

Premium, All-Natural Products

The Kratom Company’s 10ml Kratom Liquid Extract production process uses food-grade solvents to create one of the purest products available. The extract process eliminates all excess plant matter to provide a concentrated and full blend of alkaloids in an easy to use liquid form. It is one of the few non-alcohol-based products on the market, giving it a uniquely desirable aroma and a clean, well-rounded, and lasting effect. The transparent packaging serves to assure our users that this is indeed an outstandingly pure product, free from adulterants. We’ve been hard-pressed to find a similar kratom extract that matches both purity and effectiveness.

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Ready to try our kratom tincture? When you shop with The Kratom Company, you unlock benefits like free, fast shipping, premium quality products, and superior customer service to help you with any questions you may have about the products in our store, making TKC your one-stop-shop for all of your kratom needs. Whether you’re looking to stock up on your favorites or try products, like our kratom extract, for the first time, discover kratom with us and learn more about this popular substance with TKC!

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Single Unit, 6 Pack, 12 Pack, 24 Pack

81 reviews for Pure Kratom Liquid Extract

  1. Hudson

    Wow. I’ll leave it at that

  2. Lila B

    Nice to see a brand sell these where you can actually see the liquid. Clean product and great effect.

  3. Jared W

    Don’t doubt this stuff deceivingly strong. love it!!!

  4. Mary Anne Phelps

    I love these. Wish I could get them from
    The store by my home

  5. Derrick blundy

    Love the see through glass!

  6. Terrance

    Needed this! 24 pack is on the way

  7. Alice Snyder

    Pretty average. Does the job though

  8. Daniel R

    Been buying from my local smoke shop everyday for the past year. This saves me at least 30 mins every morning. Cheers to buying in bulk!

  9. Sterling G

    What solution is this based in?

  10. Taryn G

    So fire. First I’ve seen of a non-alcohol based tincture. Was so helpful when I was first getting off the booze

  11. Tracy D

    Ehh not the best I’ve had

  12. Sarah

    Loveee that this is non alcohol based

  13. Gus

    This was too much for me. I took the whole shot and it felt like I had taken niacin

  14. Darrielle

    Awesome products

  15. Cody C

    Really good, really strong. Makes me want it way more

  16. Andre

    Frickin delciouso my dudes!

  17. Frankie

    Hahah this stuff is so strong

  18. Marisa

    It’s a beautiful thing to add to my daily diet!

  19. Sydnee A

    I really like that I can see what the shot looks like on the inside. Makes me feel safer for some reason lol

  20. Jamie

    Just realized I can get a 24 pack of this… that’s elite

  21. Nathan S

    Definitely strong shot but the taste was a bit bitter

  22. Terry

    Getting me through my day like magic today 🙌🏼

  23. Anna C

    Ohhh lord. This def hits different

  24. Matthew H

    I’ve been taking these wayy too frequently 😅

  25. Bruno T

    Yuck. Tasted horrible and I felt sick. Took way too much

  26. Michelle P

    Way stronger than I expected. Took the whole thing and had to lay down after.

  27. Laurie

    Picking up the biggest size today, can’t wait for these ❤️

  28. AB

    This lasted way longer than I expected. Was really surprised at the quality

  29. Mac

    Most definitely a quality shot. Go between these and MIT every other week

  30. Judith S

    Tastes so much better than the k shot I normally take

  31. Aaron Bingham

    Tasted absolutely terrible but I feel good

  32. Darrius

    Simply DANK

  33. John McAllister

    Just bought the 24 pack

  34. Karen

    Found this in my smoke shop and it was more expensive. Used to take opms all the time but I really like this

  35. AJ D

    I wish there was packs bigger than 24 🤭

  36. Micheal Guhlst

    🥴 on the taste but I feel great

  37. Andrew Hinny

    Quality stuff

  38. Hanna

    I’ve been flying through these 🤪

  39. Riley Dean

    Tasted icky but very strong. Only took about 1/2

  40. Maddie

    Lovely taste for a kratom shot!

  41. Andre

    My store sold out, how quick do you guys ship??

  42. Darla Spelling

    My husband loves these. 24 pack can’t come soon enough

  43. Stella

    I thought you guys would never have a shot! Just wish I wasn’t snowed in and could get it quicker :/

  44. Adaleine

    I liked being able to see the liquid through the glass. Very strong

  45. Dallas Dean

    Such a good taste for an extract!

  46. Kenny Tay


  47. Stephan H

    Hard to find a good tasting shot. Had to buy the bulk package to get the deal 👍🏼

  48. Terry

    These are flying off my store shelves. Thank you guys for always having the best!

  49. Tiffany

    The taste wasn’t very good 😝

  50. Zander

    Been using it everyday since my first order. Seriously good stuff

  51. Beau D

    Was able to turn the shot into 5 servings. It’s a delicacy forsure

  52. Anferny


  53. Alessandro

    Dont take on an empty stomach! But very powerful

  54. Brittany

    How is this made? Very decent tasting for a shot.

  55. Justin M

    Best tasting I’ve had

  56. Danny W

    What is the solution this shot uses? I’m trying to slowly stop drinking and this could be awesome if it’s not alcohol based

  57. Alyssa Dillon

    Loved it. Nice and powerful

  58. Jack Marenti

    Very strong. Dont take all at once

  59. Kayla Gilly

    Got this for my mom and she said she hasn’t felt like this in years

  60. Alex J

    Stronk but smooth love it

  61. Annie

    Amazing. Very smooth compared to Kshot

  62. Jeremy Molling

    This was so dank. Need to get the 24 pack next time. Prices get much better in bulk ✊🏼

  63. John Talia

    Smoothest extract I’ve had yet

  64. Bailey

    Love the color and filtration. This is the only type of shot I can trust.

  65. Brian Sullington

    This was great. Love how the taste isn’t nearly as bad as any other similar product I’ve tried so far.

  66. Cassie T

    Loved it and reordering today! Thanks for making it easy to get helkp when needed!

  67. dylan allen

    finally something I can actually see. everyone else and their shrink labels aka hide whats in the bottle smh

  68. Jason

    great shot, high price. I’d say overall it’s pretty good for the price

  69. Jamie D

    This is pretty great it sinks in almost immediately and doesn’t give any crash. I don’t even notice it wearing off..

  70. red


  71. Dennis

    These things will save you if you’re lacking sleep but need to be out and about. As a first-time customer I’m pretty impressed with what I’ve landed on here

  72. Nate Donelson

    All I take form this website is this shot and the white horn but I would never switch after going through it with other companies. This is truly in it’s own category

  73. Nick O

    Yeah there’s OPMS and then there’s this. Just give it a try.

  74. Jan L

    Definitely more than one serving in there for me, which actually makes the price pretty competitive!!

  75. Dave W

    Big fan. Love how I can see what I’m consuming. Clear bottle is a big deal for me.

  76. Ryan Atherton

    I too am also hard pressed to find a product that matches this. Decent price on a great product

  77. Addie

    Matches other products’ quality 10/10

  78. Darren Painter

    This is the first transparent bottle I’ve seen for kratom shots. I think that says it all right there.

  79. damien


  80. Daniel R

    WOW. Standalone product is right. Changing the game AGAIN TKC>>>>

  81. Robert Wells

    It’s actually clear! Man this thing feels good. I’ll be back!

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