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Green Strain Kratom

Explore the finest green strain kratom and discover why so many people love the unique and balanced profile of these rich strains. The Kratom Company carries a full selection of green vein kratom products, including Green Maeng Da Kratom Powder, Green Vein Indo Kratom Powder, and Green Indo Kratom Capsules. Buy green kratom from The Kratom Company, and enjoy free, same-day shipping.

What Makes Green Vein Kratom Unique? 

While white vein kratom is reported to have energizing effects and red vein kratom is noted for its relaxing effects, green strain kratom offers the best of both worlds. It falls in the middle of the spectrum, with a balanced profile that many users find to be both energizing and calming, both mood-enhancing and calming. It may relax tired muscles while also easing feelings of general discomfort. Since it doesn’t lean too heavily on the stimulating or relaxing end of the spectrum, it’s an ideal variety for beginners. 

Green Maeng Da and Green Indo are both excellent strains to choose from. Maeng Da is considered the gold standard of kratom, the culmination of centuries of careful selective breeding in an effort to develop the perfect strain. The effects are strong and pronounced, and the taste is rich and robust. Indo is another premium selection, sourced from the best kratom-growing climate on Earth—the lush rainforests of Indonesia. For more information about these and other strains, you can refer to our kratom blog.

Buy Green Kratom

The Kratom Company is your source for the best kratom products, responsibly sourced and hand-selected from farms in Indonesia. We offer friendly, expert-driven customer service, and we’re happy to help you find just what you’re looking for. Explore our full selection of green strain kratom, and try it today.


Should I choose green vein capsules or powder?

Our green strain kratom capsules and green vein powders both contain the same premium-grade kratom, so you can’t go wrong with either product. Our powders offer a bit more bang for your buck while our capsules offer slightly greater convenience and portability. So you have to consider which factors are most important to you.
What’s the best green kratom strain for beginners?

Green Indo and Green Maeng Da both make excellent beginner strains, as they offer a full range of effects without being too stimulating or relaxing. Green Indo is somewhat less intense than Maeng Da, which is why some beginners prefer it. However, for those who want to experience unwavering intensity right out of the gate, Green Maeng Da is just about the best strain you’ll find.
What’s the difference between green kratom and yellow kratom?

Yellow kratom is not a naturally occurring variety, although you’ll see it offered on many kratom websites. Most commonly, it’s made from a combination of red and green kratom—or from a combination of red, white, and green kratom. If you truly want to experience the full range of kratom benefits, it’s best to stick with pure green kratom.
Is green strain kratom suitable for experienced kratom users?

Yes. Although green kratom tends to be milder than its red and white alternatives, it offers a unique balance of effects that you just won’t get from other varieties. That’s why green kratom is popular among beginners and experienced users alike.