Red Vein Bali Kratom Powder

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Want a more desirable kratom experience? One that you can count on to provide the benefits you’re looking for each and every time? For more experienced kratom users, we recommend trying out our premium Red Bali kratom powder!

Red Vein Bali Kratom Powder – 3oz
Red Vein Bali Kratom Powder – 8oz
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Red Vein Kratom Powder:

Out of the three kratom strains offered at TKC, Red Vein kratom has the most soothing aroma. Our customers say that our Red Bali kratom powder can be helpful in allowing them to achieve a greater sense of calm and boost their overall mood. For everything from relaxation to a reprieve from discomfort, our premium Red Bali powder may be able to help.

Red Bali Kratom:

Finding the right strain of kratom for your needs is the most important part of the process. But what can you expect from Bali kratom? Bali kratom is said to offer the most sedative properties out of the green, white, and red. This makes it the best choice for those looking to experience some of the potential benefits our customers have reported.

However, we here at The Kratom Company go above and beyond to ensure that you get the best experience possible. We hand-selected the best kratom we can find and offer exceptional customer service. Shop now for premium Red Bali powder and more high-quality products.

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3oz, 8oz

121 reviews for Red Vein Bali Kratom Powder

  1. Nel G

    My favorite Red Bali wish I could find it at more smoke shops

  2. Conner Heinicke

    No stems, no seeds

  3. John

    My go too

  4. everett dahlberg

    everett dahlberg (verified owner)

    Great quality! Very happy with this company.

  5. Stephanie Fredas

    The BEST red bali I have ever tried!!! Tasted better than usual kratom and almost surprisingly strong

  6. Thomas Reich

    Good shipping time

  7. Samantha

    Was sent here by a friend. My first order so excited to try it!!!(((::::

  8. billy

    To everyone considering kratom start here. This Red Bali is one of the better I have had and made it to my door quickly. thanks

  9. KratomFan

    Used it today and came to 5-star it

  10. Anderson Dalia


  11. Bradley

    Took 5 days to get my package ????

  12. Garrett D

    This is a timeless red Bali classic

  13. Zach Renopolis

    Balanced as they come

  14. Douglas Roel

    Serious quality here

  15. David Geller

    This strain is potent. You can tell by the smell how fresh it is. Helped me so much last night with my arthritis

  16. Terrance

    Is this the same kratom from the joe Rogan podcast?

  17. Lex

    This red Bali is premier ❤️????

  18. Hannah R

    Seriously a delicious product

  19. Jon Harmon

    Jon & Julia here. Love the product. Can’t wait for our next order. Thanks for the sweet deals!

  20. Stephan

    Can honestly say this product changed my life. Battling through is so much more DOable now.

  21. Sandra Pearson

    I work long days at a computer and my neck and back get severely messed up from it. Taking red kratom helps me significantly weather this pain

  22. Marcus Spean

    Super delightful

  23. Kalli

    Love ????????????????

  24. Momma Jo

    Love to the moon & back ❤️

  25. Sudar

    Glad I started with this over red md

  26. Dan

    This is that potent shit ????????????????

  27. Beau

    Strong like ox

  28. Katie Stevens

    Love the red ???????? packaging is very nice too

  29. Brittany F

    Actually pretty good. I hate switching from remarkable but I enjoyed this

  30. Leigh Mueller

    Better than anything else I’ve used for pain. Not my favorite kratom in the world, but 110% effective for pain relief.

  31. Jayden

    perfect way to end the day! love taking this red before I start watching Netflix ❤️????????????????

  32. Celia

    Very effective and a great color too. Looks just as good as it is!

  33. Pat


  34. casey v

    wonderful ????????

  35. Mara

    exactly what I look for in good quality powder. if you know you know <3

  36. Dillon P

    Yes SIR this is great great stuff

  37. Donna

    Smooth, relaxing, gave me great relief

  38. Alex King

    Kratom does the job. Since when did you start shipping from FL? All I hear on here is how fast the shipping is but mine took 7 days? If nothing else a notification would have been nice

  39. Quentin G

    Helps that I know this stuff is vetted by a veteran kratom user. Every product I’ve tried from here is noticeably great and I know there’s something to that!

  40. Matt Wittbrodt

    Most enjoyable red I’ve ever taken!

  41. Jenny

    Love, love, love ❤️????????

  42. Molly

    This one definitely grew on me. Was not sure if I liked it at first but I gave it more of a chance than I normally would (because of how much I love the white horn). Now I really enjoy it – still not as much as the white horn but it’s a nice change of pace for me later in the afternoon ????????????????

  43. Micah Silver

    I like to mix red with white, and your strains make the best mix I’ve had, hands down!

  44. John Randolph

    Perfect balance. Color, taste, and feeling are all perfectly on point.

  45. Allison DeMara

    Not bad! I actually like the red maeng da sample you gave me better but can’t complain now because I really love it and will be ordering that next! Thank you for all the free samples ????????????????

  46. Renee

    I truly believed kratom was “bad” after reading what’s on the internet. So very sad. Just yet another occasion of me realizing some government organization thought I’d be better off absorbing lies that serve to fill their pockets. I’m pretty disgusted by the controversy, but I think the kratom powder is great!! Hoping to try the MD next!!

  47. James Nelson

    Nothing like a little fresh red pow to calm the knees down. I snowboard and this helps with my long term pain big time

  48. Don E

    Definitely a great one for relaxing with the fam over xmas. Love it guys. -Don

  49. Ryan Bortell

    I love the info on the bags! Going to see if my local shop will carry this. Great red too

  50. Jordan Killenger

    I’ve had some rough kratom purchases lately. Really tough to figure out who’s reliable just reading online reviews. Landed on these guys and both the red and white so far are amazing! Great feeling????

  51. Kaylee DeMaris

    Love the color. Wish I could buy a larger bag ????

  52. Anne D

    This passed with flying colors. TKC = legit????????????????????????????????

  53. Rachel

    Shipping took a little longer than expected, but I love the Bali. The White Horn sample inside was killer too! Love the free samples!

  54. Maggie Boyer

    Just started trying this brand as it was recommended by a friend and I’m loving it more and more every day!!

  55. Dalton

    A little different from other Balis I’ve tried but in a refreshing way. Definitely a must try for new members of the community. Loved the 3 strain package personally. These strains are pretty great mixed together. Wondering if these guys have ever considered a trainwreck?

  56. Jackie Pavelka

    Stellar red bali ????????

  57. Dana M

    LOVE this powder and this is a truly unique Bali!

  58. simon wells

    Got this as a free sample and it is pretty amazing – will definitely be back!

  59. Sarah Fayven

    Very smooth onset after taking it. I like when my brain doesn’t feel overwhelmed but I prefer not to take capsules. Too much gelatin.

  60. Milo

    Well-played, TKC

  61. Eliza M

    ???????? ???????? ????????

  62. Joan G

    Just try any other brand – can’t beat these guys

  63. Randall

    Ended up sending me 2 packages – the second was sent as soon as UPS lost it – really appreciate it guys.

  64. Patty C

    Very happy with this ????

  65. Jan Ferrell

    By itself – 4/5 mixed with white horn is 10/5 PERFECT BLEND!

  66. Nelson

    So excited when I see stores start carrying these guys. Many new kratom brands > only a few with superior products

  67. Christina Wang

    Love TKC product! Very good and great fast shipping!!????

  68. Brandee W

    Great stuff. Hopefully we get a little price break action on Black Friday ????

  69. Marge I

    I think it’s very reliable as a Bali. Every time I know it is the same strain. Not a different red labeled Bali, which is what I’ve seen with competing brands. I definitely believe that this company was founded by kratom users. Subtle differences like this between TKC and other companies is where it really shows.

  70. Zach Myers

    It’s ok. Maybe just not my strain. Everyone else on here seems to love it.

  71. Bryce Seddenger

    Added to the collection????????

  72. Addison

    Beautiful red color and bitter taste – you can really tell these guys know what they’re doing when it comes to sourcing.

  73. Valen G

    thanks again for shipping so quickly! <3

  74. Drew Vance

    Such a classic strong Bali. Gotta love it!

  75. Molly not the drug

    Not bad man!!????????????????????????????

  76. Zen


  77. Allison V

    price is high but so is quality I must admit.

  78. Cam Walker

    beauty. takes away most of my pain and nothing else does that

  79. Bo

    Great color and nice bitter taste!

  80. KratomGirl

    Mixed with the white horn is the best late afternoon combos I’ve ever had!

  81. Noelle

    Really enjoying this!

  82. Emilio N

    Happy to leave a review for these guys. Kratom is A-1!

  83. Callie Mae

    Thank you so much for resolving the shipping issue. Price is more than worth it!! I will definitely be back!!????????????

  84. Bobby Hessler

    Thanks for the quick ship. Loving this Red Bali!!

  85. RJ

    Never really like red vein but I mix this with the White Horn on Sunday afternoons and it’s pretty great

  86. Wanda M

    Thank yall again for the shipping! Got to me the day before I had to leave! Amazing powder too!

  87. Kayla Pattinson

    Love this! The store I found it at recently said these guys are great and their customer service makes that very believable!

  88. Myra

    Loving it!

  89. Kyle


  90. Theresa Jones

    The best way to night-cap!

  91. Dana M

    Thanks for all the help with my order Dylan! Customer service like that is a true blessing.

  92. Diane G

    Got this at a store up north and now it’s all I take. Guy said it was a newer brand but this is one of the best quality powders I have tried.

  93. Serena Rogers

    Bali baby! Love the blog and other social media accounts as well..

  94. Sam

    Very verrrry good

  95. Hannah BS


  96. Des

    Some of the bettter stuff I’ve had. Mixed with white is my all-time favorite

  97. Erin

    Best kratom company I’ve dealt with so far

  98. Sara Henshaw

    I mix this with the white horn in the morning and the combo is just amazing. They both give me energy but the white keeps me going throughout the day and the red really helps me not to feel my “usual symptoms”. Can’t thank the kratom community enough and really appreciate that I can always trust this brand to be consistent.

  99. Redman

    You have a customer for life man – awesome website too

  100. Bernard Vance

    Bought from these guys as they were selling to a new store in OH. Genuine kratom users, no wonder they’re able to put out this kind of quality. Thumbs up!

  101. Samantha Elizabeth

    Classic OG Red Bali baby. I know more and more people are trying this – mixed with the White Horn is unreal. So good!

  102. Isaac Newton

    Up there – Red Bali is one of the most popular strains I’ve seen but I can easily tell if it’s a mislabeled strain. These guys have a real, solid, Red Bali.. respect

  103. Bri

    Almost as good as green and white. Shoutout to Luke ????

  104. Kratomgirl

    The best

  105. Nathan Perelli

    Great for a night cap! Very solid stuff

  106. Chrissy Brown

    The Kratom Company is doing it right. Nice red hue to the powder and it really does address all of my symptoms. Very well-rounded Bali. Will definitely be back here before any of my previous vendors.

  107. Stephanie D

    Really amazing Red Bali!

  108. Princess Ca

    Still fairly new to kratom but I love this company! Thanks guys!

  109. Luc Dennison

    Shipping delay but it was 100% USPS’s fault. TKC did more than they had to to make it right

    Kratom is top shelf

  110. Luc D

    Good site, good support team, good kratom. Hard to find these days!

  111. Nate McDonnell

    Fastest shipping I’ve seen from anyone so far. Really appreciate it guys

  112. Kyle T

    need better pricing or coupons. decent kratom

  113. ksjdkdfosdm

    Will be ordering again

  114. Arnye B

    Not just a website. These guys respond and will help you out when you need it.

  115. Samuel Godfrey

    This is a real review from a real customer. When I first started using kratom, The Kratom Company was the first place I bought from so I had no idea how their kratom compared to other vendors. Now that I have tried most of the popular vendors and tons of different strains, I can honestly say The Kratom Company is one of the best! Their bali is one of the best/ consistent strains out there and the customer service is amazing.

  116. Spencer Lewis

    Great customer service, fast shipping, and great products. They answer emails almost immediately if you have questions and are super professional always! 10/10

  117. Richard Levy

    my order came in in 2 days and I was very happy with the customer service. The red strain was great just ordered another

  118. Melissa

    Between getting me through the payment process and shipping within the same hour I placed an order my experience was a 10/10!

  119. Mac

    need to get this brand into stores. thumbs up

  120. Eli

    nice, balanced red

  121. Eddie

    Heard about kratom during quarantine and wanted to try it with my gf. She loved it and so do I. These guys messaged me directly to make sure I received my order and it came fast as hell! thanks guys

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Why is this strain called Red Bali?

Red strain kratom leaves are harvested when their veins are still red which is typically when the plants are young. This variety is called Red Bali, since it is actually grown in Bali!

What is Red Bali kratom used for?

Red vein Bali is best known for easing discomfort and calming the mind. It is one of the most well-known strains of kratom and also one of the first mainstream strains. It is a personal favorite of The Kratom Company and receives excellent reviews from many of our customers.

How much kratom should I use?

Many kratom users suggest using a small amount of kratom to help promote more of an energizing effect, while a larger amount is often more relaxing.