Kratom Powder Variety Pack

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Our customers find that different strains of kratom will lend well to different areas of their lives. This helps them get the most out of their kratom use. The Kratom Company proudly offers our three-strain package to help you buy kratom powder that meets your needs!

Kratom Powder Variety Pack – 3oz
Kratom Powder Variety Pack – 8oz
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Three Premium Strains:

Try out all three of our premium strains of kratom powder for sale at a discounted price!

This three strain package includes:

  • Green Indo kratom powder: Green Indo kratom’s benefits fall somewhere between the red and white strains we offer. It’s a great option if you need a little boost to get through your day and elevate your mood.
  • White Horn kratom powder: Customers who want to buy kratom powder to help them get that pick-me-up they’re looking for will enjoy our White Horn strain. We recommend White Horn kratom in the morning to kick-start a productive day. It may even replace your morning coffee!
  • Red Bali kratom powder: Our Red Bali kratom powder lies on the other end of the spectrum, great for those looking to relax. If you’re looking to unwind after a long day, our Red Bali kratom may be the right choice for you!

The Kratom Company carefully selects our kratom strains from farms in Indonesia. This ensures that you will always receive a premium quality product when you buy kratom powder from us!

Shop now and take advantage of our superior customer service if you have any questions!

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3oz, 8oz

62 reviews for Kratom Powder Variety Pack

  1. Ian Benson

    I truly truly enjoyed your Red Bali. Thank you for great service and quick delivery time, will be ordering again!

  2. Bobby Gerard

    White Horn (5/5), Green Indo (3.5/5), Red Bali (4.5/5)

  3. jerasahia

    Thank you (:::::

  4. Tiko

    Tried all of the strains this week and love them. All very strong, consistent, just took an extra minute to kick in. Going for the White Horn next order. Green was the odd one out.

  5. Ethan Ramsay

    Doesn’t get better than this

  6. Jared Wegner

    Super strong. Hits perfectly on an empty stomach

  7. Andrew Caters


  8. Alicia Kelly

    Marvelous. Truly makes my life better

  9. Tyler Smith

    This is high quality stuff we are talking!

  10. Mikey V

    Just listened to that joe Rogan podcast and made my first kratom purchase. Excited to give it a go

  11. Jasmine

    I’ve tried over 12 different brands and your powder was one of the highest qualities I’ve ever had

  12. Scott H

    Is this available in the Burndle deal? Could be even more savings!

  13. Larry

    Magnificent powder. I always vary up my kratom
    Order but this package just hits all the spots!

  14. Douglas David

    3 pack or die!! Variety is the spice of life

  15. Cassie

    Can’t wait till my order gets here 🙂 shipped the same day I ordered!!

  16. Harry

    This was delightful, I felt good all day 🙂

  17. Deandrei

    Wish there was a better discount but whatever

  18. Alex R

    Tasted icky, definitely going capsules next time but it felt really good

  19. Kim Johnson


  20. Harry Gurney

    Very nice! I like!

  21. Alex Dabbins

    Took about a week to get my package. Label was created and sent the same day but it still took a week.. not good enough

  22. Tessa Randolph

    This stuff is so good just wish it wasn’t so expensive

  23. Hunter

    Such a clean brand ????????????????

  24. Dan Balton


  25. Hamilton Yazmonov

    Had this and watched Harry Potter this weekend ❤️❤️

  26. Carly B

    Thank you guys!! Fast shipping

  27. Harriot M

    Love love and love

  28. Armani

    I mean… it just doesn’t get better than this stuff

  29. Cassie T

    Loved all three! The white is by far my favorite I must say!

  30. red

    Will be reordering the white in large quantities. amazing strain

  31. christina

    I love every single one of these

  32. Maya Krreiger

    Not my favorite green in the world, but I love the red. This white horn is probably the best kratom I’ve ever had in my life. Everyone shold give that a shot

  33. Max

    White, green, red in that order. Maybe that’s just because I don’t use red as much or as purposefully as I do the other two. Still a great lineup, and I love mixing the white with red for a little mixed feeling result

  34. Dave

    I’m new here but my friend whose been taking kratom for years say this is one of his absolute favorites!

  35. Madison Wrigley

    Absolute beauty. Lovin it!

  36. Hal McNulty

    Love the white and red. Green was okay. Think I just need to try it a few more times..

  37. nic

    Most well-rounded group of strains there is! TKC has one of the better suppliers in the game????????????

  38. Tina Simona

    I love the white! The red makes me feel a little foggy but maybe that’s what it is supposed to do? Green is a happy medium. Really can’t get over the white effects – barely noticeable in the moment but having consistent energy makes a big difference over the course of a day!!!

  39. tuscon

    TKC capsule people, definitely get on the powder, a lot more for your money and the taste is nowhere near as bad as other make it out to be. Extremely good kratom by the way: smooth onset, very long lasting relief

  40. Caden

    I used to change brands very often like every 2 months. been ordering these packs now since March. these are the way to go for sure

  41. Dave Wedelman

    I never blend strains but had to try it after reading reviews on this site. I will say these mix better than other brands’ strains. It’s almost like they work together.. good stuff????????????????

  42. Dylan M

    Every one of these strains is worth trying. Mix green or red with white if you don’t like them by themselves????????????

  43. Akers

    Every one of these strains is worth trying. Mix green or red with white if you don’t like them by themselves.

  44. Ramon Sellers

    Prices are high here but I always know exactly what I’m getting and it’s great. Can’t compalin

  45. Quentin Lowe

    White Horn is obviously a 5/5. Green Indo is up there too. I give red strain a 4 but I don’t like many reds very much anyway – overall much better than I expected – the White Horn is my go to daily powder.

  46. Nael

    good kratom, great effect, sells well

  47. J

    The original kratom veins! None of this bs yellow, gold, and pink I see from other brands. Came for the superior branding, stayed for the feeling I get from this powder: clean, natural, and potent.

  48. Zoe Malkowski

    Couldn’t be happier with the product! Very fast shipping and immediately responsive customer service – great to see from a kratom company!!

  49. Kelly L

    Always going above and beyond for loyal customers!! Thanks for making it a great experience!!

  50. Kerry Wright

    Awesome. Thanks for the additional info!

  51. Tina Ross

    Thank you for the extremely fast shipping and the amazing products! My husband is loving these as well! Looking forward to trying the Maeng Da!!

  52. Mark Jurce

    This stuff relieves my symptoms much better than what I was prescribed with ZERO SIDE EFFECTS. Seeing the effects of this product along with reading their blog will inspire anyone to get off the pills and get healthy again. Keep up the great work.

  53. Maureen Sulley

    Best kratom but not the best pricing.. wish they had bigger bulk deals ( hint hint: looking to stock up – maybe a black friday sale? 😉 )

  54. Sean T

    Gotta respect the strategy of putting out 3 amazing strains of the highest quality kratom instead of 17 different strains, blends and colors like all the other companies

  55. Jen

    Bought this knowing that I’m not big on red strains. My husband ended up trying it and next thing I know I’m ordering this package for the fourth time! Amazing white. We enjoy the green and red as well but nothing out there compares to TKC white horn❤️❤️

  56. Frankie

    SO happy to have this stuff amidst so many shitty kratom brands out there.. imagine a company actually putting out a consistent powder.. if you watch their IG they claim they actually use kratom too and after trying their stuff I believe it 100%

  57. caleb chebowski

    between these products and your blog i am very excited for the future of kratom #prayfornevada

  58. Marie Jacobs

    I love your kratom but could you guys ever consider selling in higher quantities???

  59. Donny V


  60. Andrew Walsh

    great kratom, would be sweet if we could mix and match strians on the package!

  61. Steph

    I mixed the white and green – pretty amazing

  62. Nic

    nice brand. great powder

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