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Looking for that natural pick-me-up to help you get through the day? Our White strain kratom may be just what you need to help you get that energy boost that you need!

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White Vein Kratom Capsules:

We recommend using our White Horn kratom capsules in the morning when you first wake up and prepare to tackle the day. Many kratom users have reported White Horn to help provide an energy boost or an increase in focus and motivation. This makes white kratom capsules perfect for preparing for your workday or helping you get through any other demanding tasks that lie ahead!

Horn Strain Kratom:

The White Horn strain is tremendously helpful with energy and focus, making it a potential alternative for those who are not fans of popular energy boosters like coffee. Whether you’re incorporating it into your morning routine or using it as a mid-day energy booster to keep you going during a never-ending day of work, white strain kratom may be the perfect thing to add to your morning rituals.

Offering premium quality products is exceptionally important to us. TKC has sought the best strain of kratom for each vein and we test each batch produced. This ensures that when you purchase our White Horn capsules, you’re getting the quality kratom that you expect from us.

Kratom capsules make getting the most out of your kratom a seamless experience. Rather than having to use a scale to weigh out kratom powder, we’ve loaded each white strain kratom capsule (size “00”) with 500mg of kratom to ensure you have the ideal amount on hand. Kratom capsules are typically recommended if the user needs an easy way of carrying their kratom on the go.

Discover kratom today and learn more about kratom today when you check out our blog.

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75 Capsules, 150 Capsules, 500 Capsules

153 reviews for White Horn Kratom Capsules

  1. Jillian M


  2. Lover Boy


  3. Jose

    Please start selling in Canada!!! Only reason for 4 stars spectacular kratom

  4. jennn

    Have been a loyal customer for 2 years and LOVE this White kratom!

  5. Debra R

    Thank you for the consistency and fast shipping time (:::

  6. Dona

    Impressively strong kratom

  7. DB


  8. Rebecca

    These white Horn capsules are the best capsules I’ve ever had after 7 years of taking kratom.

  9. Tracy Mcmahnon


  10. Calvin Standards

    When I get my paycheck I’m loading up the truck ❤️❤️

  11. Luthor

    Came to the comments before ordering and am back after buying. Seriously the best white I’ve ever had. Had never herd of white Horn before but damn. Fire

  12. David Sinclair

    Love this white Horn

  13. Fern

    This shit is serious quality

  14. Nancy S

    Found this at my local smoke shop and then bought them online. Delivered within two days (I’m in Michigan). Amazing service, amazing product

  15. Reese Calver

    Best strain this company has by far ❤️❤️

  16. Karyl

    Have been replacing my adderall w this and it actually does the job

  17. Jillian Michelle

    I would die for these capsules 🥺

  18. Alexandra Schultz

    Really quite good!

  19. Wesley Luongo

    Seriously the best white strain kratom I’ve ever had after 6 years

  20. Mike D

    I really enjoyed this strain!

  21. Zan the man

    The shite Horn from tkc has been so consistent. Wouldn’t think about changing strains

  22. Tony Allard


  23. Albert Johansson

    Really dank stuff from my guys at TKC

  24. Barry Alfonso

    My sister loves this, about to give it a try

  25. Marisa Mcaffrey

    I have now tried all of tkc’s products and this stands out above the rest. So freaking good

  26. Charlie

    Smooth and helps w my focus

  27. Erika Rosbinsky

    Very strong kratom

  28. Dominique

    Amazing product 🤌🏼

  29. Josh awendel

    Pretty good.. have had better

  30. Ian Poyer

    This shit is magical. I get so much done at work

  31. Alex P

    It’s every day I take these. I refuse to switch

  32. Mac

    Simply the best out there

  33. Alex Willard

    Usually a white Maeng Da guy but this stuff was pretty pretty good

  34. Molly P

    Helps me get through when I’m working and taking red can be a little too much. Definitely relieves my pain and keeps me moving all day at the same time!!

  35. Jack Learson

    Had to try it a few different times to get my body used to it, but this stuff really works! Gotta try it personally to know what I’m talking about. i find the feeling pretty hard to describe but this is extremely effective!

  36. Kathryn K

    Best energy booster I’ve had and I’ve tried EVERYTHING. You can feel that it’s natural and not full of chemicals just in trying it, which is a great feeling to have.

  37. Evan Koeler

    This is my favorite strain of all time!

  38. Mike m

    Definitely does the job! Ships same day too

  39. Rachel F

    Extremely effective. Exactly what I need and more.

  40. Tracy

    Tried these from a friend, now they’re all I order!!

  41. August S


  42. Cheryl Mason

    It’s really inspiring how much these guys care about getting customer reviews. Especially when I absolutely love everything I try from here. Goooo TKC!!🤗

  43. Nora Jameson

    Very strong and very clean! 10

  44. Clay Walken

    They’re the best caps I’ve found. The perfect kratom. I never get any feeling that I don’t want or that makes me feel weird from this. It is literally perfect.

  45. mike s

    absolute beauty 💯

  46. Tony

    pretty strong! don’t have to take anywhere near as much of this stuff for what I need. this shits on other brands👌🏿👌🏿👌🏿

  47. big al

    just a convenient way to feel good without side effects. lovin it!

  48. cam

    Thanks for the quick ship, caps are great

  49. Jeremy David

    This is the best kratom I have ever taken.

    “I’ve got to tell somebody about this!!” LOL

  50. Bethany

    This is definitely my new thing. Much cleaner feeling energy, no crash, no side effects. The world is going to catch on to this! Thanks for all the help pre-order too🙌🏼

  51. Trisha Mayer

    Everything I’ve read is spot on! Ratings don’t lie!

  52. Kara Tillman

    In addition to being effective, I really enjoy how this product feels. Have not had that experience with brands I’ve used in the past.

  53. Ian Dennis

    This company really sets a new standard. You can tell from the minute you enter their site but Their kratom is INSANELY good. Will be ordering here from now on

  54. tyler

    Nothing beats it. Nothing. Try it before saying I’m wrong

  55. Maria L

    Works miracles even when hungover! Happy Holidays guys!!

  56. Sam


  57. Samantha Denzer

    Have not been able to find another white horn and this is unlike any other strain.. love it

  58. Noah

    Really solid stuff, quick shipping. Can’t ask for more.

  59. Paul S

    I’ve heard about these guys from a few different people. They’re making quite the mark and this strain is probably why. Just give it a shot and you will not be disappointed!

  60. shake n bake baby

    I’ll be back. These guys really value reorders form customers – just shows how much they care about each shopper which shows in product quality and especially consistency

  61. Kelly Novella

    Been using this for quite a while now, almost a year. Very pleasant onset and zero lingering effects. I don’t experience an after-effect either!

  62. Jerry Benedetto

    Impressed with these. Wow

  63. Bernard S

    Not an overly heavy effect but a lasting one. Definitely a stand-alone strain.

  64. Roxanne A

    Mix this with just about any other kratom strain for a perfect boost without taking away from symptom relief 😍

  65. Wayne Beverley

    For how much more I focus with this stuff at work I feel like I deserve a promotion

  66. Josh Miller

    I’ve never given a 5 star review in my entire life!

  67. Tess Lademan

    This is definitely my new thing; such a healthy go-to for clean energy!!

  68. Christina Fambro

    Thanks for getting the shipping delay figured out! This kratom is superb!!

  69. Daniel

    Man I’ve been using this for a while and finally had to leave a review. I don’t usually do these but this is a stellar strain and it hasn’t changed up since the beginning. Really have to hand it to TKC this strain and consistency is not common on the market

  70. Robert Heffner

    This strain is all-time. Much more beneficial than other whites I’ve taken in the past.

  71. Maggie B

    Amazing strian. Don’t even think about the Norco anymore 💗

  72. sean alfredsson


  73. Eileen D

    I get a lot of symptom relief from this white and I can’t say that for other white strains I’ve tried in the past. This is also amazing for keeping me going without giving me a lot of feeling or a rush. I prefer not to feel wired but still feeling active instead of drowsiness.

  74. Kate DeSana

    I like it a lot!

  75. Sam

    I agree with below review > please add some concentrates! That being said, this is the best non-concentrate kratom product I’ve ever had. For a plain-leaf this is top TOP shelf.

  76. Norm Wallard

    Happy to find this kratom does for me just what I need it to do. Interesting all the things I’ve heard about kratom being dangerous and harmful; I suppose it no longer surprises me to have two completely differently opinionated sources for information ona single topic.

  77. Becca R

    This would also be crazy as a concentrate powder! I heard there are extract products on the way..

  78. Nick Farraday

    These things replaced a daily energy drink for me and I’m very happy with the results (no more 80g sugar every morning, longer lasting, better feeling). I think everyone should at least try this. Until March, I didn’t even know what kratom was!

  79. Ryan O’Sullivan

    Need a higher count or lower prices and I’d be buying this daily!!!

  80. Chris Patel

    I try sample pack and I really like this one. this one better than other brand of kratom

  81. Patty

    Sounds like I’m not the only one who got a special delivery!

  82. Mary LaBelle

    Was having a little issue with UPS and the guy I spoke to from TKC made it go away very quickly. Thanks so much Adam.

  83. Julia Sanderson

    Took a vacation and had to go a couple weeks with a store brand. NEVER AGAIN! TKC>>>

  84. nina

    good stuff guys. love the blog as well!

  85. Kenzie


  86. Drea Clarksen

    Still my favorite in the game!

  87. Amanda

    I have been considering Kratom for a few years now. I have been nervous due to all the information as well as all of the misinformation that I find down the internet rabbit hole. I have fractures in my lower vertebrae that never properly healed, some fairly gnarly arthritis due to two ankle reconstructions, and some general fatigue from an autoimmune disease. I have three kids, my own business, and a very active lifestyle. I recently tried a sampler pack after someone I trust strongly recommended TKC. The information they provide on their blog, the consistency preached by other reviews, and trying the product myself sold me. Not even a week later, I purchased more so that I wouldn’t run out and to allow some friends to try. I received the invoice within moments of placing the order, and my first order arrived the very next day! I have more energy, less pain, and I can’t say enough great things about my experience so far with the company. Prompt, upfront and direct. Thank you guys!

  88. Daniel

    I only took two or three when I used Earth. People told me that was not a lot. Well, I now take a single capsule of White Horn and it is comparable if not more powerful.

  89. Stephani

    This strain is incredible for energy and focus, which I really struggle with. The powder is ultra smooth and not very bitter at all! Definitely reccomend this strain for those who need a clear head and natural energy!

  90. Tony R

    Make sure you take it before eating 😉

  91. Kenny Meyer

    I’ve tried everything in Michigan. best brand, hands down, post another consistent brand that beats this if you disagree

  92. Annie S

    It is amazingly good and you just need to try it because it can’t be put into words.!!<33

  93. Michael Vhorres

    Very motivational feeling I get from this kratom and it is prefect for work, especially the longer days🙌

  94. Trina

    Wonderful kratom powder from a trustworthy company 10/10

  95. Shelby Thomason

    Love this! Never had such a clean feeling without a crash😇

  96. Drew

    Couldn’t get my payment link until 2 hours after I ordered.. come on now

  97. Jenna Wilson

    LOVE this company! Everything about it.. ❤️

  98. Bella B Money

    Solid stuff. In the top 3 of my all-time picks🔥🔥🔥

  99. Jake Sellers

    yes sir! need larger count bottles tho

  100. Sienna M

    Very likable white – I love the Red Bali but this does just as much for my pain, also keeps me moving all day.

  101. David t

    First place💯

  102. Ian Cobain

    Pretty darn good😎🥳🤑

  103. Shayla J

    best kratom I’ve had by far

  104. Joe Malone

    This kratom is amazing! Thanks so much for the quick ship

  105. Abram Donaldson

    I take 10-12 caps when using other brands. This brand I only need 6-8 – very nice feeling too

  106. Rob

    Really appreciate it guys

  107. Jackie C

    Thanks for taking the time to talk with me! The kratom is beyond expectations!

  108. Daniel

    This is just well grown and taken care of kratom.

  109. Danielle

    Perfectly balanced strain

  110. Jon Boskovich

    I’ve also been ordering here since these guys started getting off the ground after meeting one of them in store. Very genuine, very professional, and they have the best white strain I’ve ever tried

  111. Cassie

    Excited to have a consistent vendor finally been ordering here for months and there are no surprise batches! NOTHING in kratom better than consistent products. Nothing!

  112. Dianne

    Great energy, great relief – 5/5

  113. Anon

    Really great kratom! Love the guys at this company too.

  114. Karen Sewell

    Cant beat it!

  115. Layla H

    Much more friendly to my body than any other energy supplement

  116. Ulysses

    Sells very well here in Ohio.

  117. Hugo Villa

    99/100 only because I would love to see it in concentrated capsules. Insanely good kratom tho

  118. Denise S

    Everything your average white has to offer plus relief for my physical symptoms. Can’t thank you guys enough. WH truly does top other whites out there.

  119. Jen Morris

    Gives me the motivation I need to get through the work day!

  120. Mira

    White Horn>>>>>>>

  121. Gil


  122. J

    Best thing out there🤩😎😏🥳

  123. Alyssa99

    Never thought I could really like kratom before trying it. The feeling is so great!!

  124. Dana Somerville

    About time I was able to find another White Horn – this one happens to be the best white I’ve had in a very long time 🙂

  125. Sharron P

    Gets me through work every day and virtually no knee pain! For me, this works more effectively than pills.

  126. Amar

    Top-selling brand in every one of my stores. Great people, great white horn.

  127. Jessie

    This horn is about as consistent as it gets.. even when they have a new batch I’ve never been disappointed.. you can barely even tell. that’s what I’m looking for most when I buy online kratom

  128. Denise

    Shipped within the hour of placing my order. Always smooth and simple transactions!

  129. Denise

    Thank you for the great customer service and the recommendation!

  130. Carrie Wright

    Can’t thank TKC enough. Bringing a quality product into the market during times when kratom is so very under attack is huge. We need more people doing it right to eliminate all the criticism around kratom right now!

  131. Djfill


  132. Danny B

    still the best white in the game no cap

  133. J

    Bought this up in MI last week. Quality stuff. Please help us fighting kratom in Indiana!!

  134. Gina Wolf

    This is really wonderful kratom. Happy to have found this brand!!

  135. Sean Walters

    Great products – all of the strains

  136. Don Rewold

    Perfect for mornings. Very clean energy along with all the other great side-effects of kratom. Nice calming effect to it as well

  137. Pete O’Connell

    Have dealt with so many other vendors that eventually will put out a batch that is completely different kratom out of nowhere. These guys mention it in one of their blog posts – unfaithful companies experiencing “supplier issues” – and selling whatever kratom they can get their hands on – even if it’s not the same as what their customers are used to. Been buying from The Kratom Company now for over a year and they have never changed their kratom. They will even go out of stock and lose sales if they can’t get their exact strains before they sell their customers something else. That is the best and only thing I ask for from any kratom vendor – consistency. This white horn is the best!

  138. Josh Herr

    Yes. This white is fantastic. cannot stress it enough

  139. Kylie

    Extremely responsive customer service, some of the better kratom I’ve had. TKC>

  140. Stephen Wendzel

    They definitely put me first as the customer. Nuff said. Kratom is top-notch as well

  141. Drizzy

    I met one of you guys at the store and you hooked me up with a free bottle of this stuff! Thanks again! Back for more

  142. Nancy R

    Thank you so much for the professional and personal customer service! Really glad that this company is able to communicate with me they way they do.

  143. Ryan Conzelman

    Professional, business-minded, and providing great products. Even though I prefer to try different brands, this is my #1 fallback!

  144. Jesse O’Sullivan

    Love the consistency. I’ll be back here every time – this white horn is unbeatable

  145. Random

    I can say nothing but good things about the kratom, but if you guys could offer larger quantities, that’s something I would definitely take advantage of.

  146. Cowboy Karney

    I would like to take this moment to thank each and every employee of TKC!! Thanks for being patient with me.. I was at fault in an issue and you guys actually helped me out without making me feel dumb and actually took the blame for yourself….. I am 1000 percent satisfied!!!! I will buy from no one else again. Just you guys. I hope people that read this understand that this is what makes the difference right here!

  147. Conor Henshaw

    Good product they responded very quickly to my question. I’m glad I found them so I don’t need to keep searching and wasting money.

  148. Dave Mazenger

    Nelly said it. This is definitely the best white I have ever had.

  149. Mel

    Fast shipping, and I don’t need to take as many capsules as I do with other brands to feel great

  150. jon


  151. Ian

    these guys put customer satisfaction over everything! TKC>>

  152. Nelly

    Hands down best white I’ve tried

  153. Will

    Will be back for more

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