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If you want to order kratom for your store, gas station, or distribution, The Kratom Company has some great news for you! You can now buy kratom in bulk easily. With specialty wholesale/bulk order pricing, you can get amazing discounts on all your favorite strains. When you choose to buy kratom wholesale from The Kratom Company, you’re also getting access to one of the most trusted kratom vendors in the industry. Fill out the contact form to start establishing a wholesale account, we will reach out to you to activate your wholesale account and pricing.

Get Variety

Our wholesale and bulk category is all about providing you convenient, easy access to the kratom strains and product types that are ideal for your needs. Whether you prefer to buy kratom in bulk powder form or you want to stock up with a three-month-or-more supply of capsules, we’re here for you. You can also buy kratom wholesale in tincture form. Explore our variety of red, white, and green strains to find all your favorites. Whether you’re shopping for White Horn powderGreen Maeng Da, or any other popular strain, the quality of our kratom is unmatched.

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Are you ready to buy kratom in bulk from the foremost experts on all things kratom? We’re ready for your order! If you don’t have a wholesale account with us, fill out the contact form above and we’ll be in touch with you soon. If you have any questions or concerns about your wholesale order, our team is always here to help. Reach out to us to speak with a knowledgeable associate. They can recommend strains, talk to you about quantities, and guide you through your purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best-selling kratom strains?

The Maeng Da strains—including White Maeng Da and Red Maeng Da—are extremely popular among discerning kratom lovers. Red Bali is one of the most popular strains for beginners seeking relaxing effects, and Green Indo is a best-seller among buyers who crave balanced effects and general mood enhancement.

Can I legally sell kratom to the public?

If you buy kratom wholesale for the purpose of selling it, you’ll need to research the laws where you conduct business. In addition to maintaining the appropriate business license and seller’s permit, you’ll need to ensure that there are no kratom restrictions in your area. Kratom is currently illegal in Washington DC as well as six states: Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Wisconsin. At the local level, it’s illegal to buy or sell in Sarasota County, FL; Union County, MS; Denver, CO; San Diego, CA; Oceanside, CA; and Jerseyville, IL. These laws are constantly changing, though, so make sure to do your research before selling.

Why should I buy kratom in bulk from The Kratom Company?

At The Kratom Company, we exclusively specialize in high-quality kratom. Many kratom wholesalers offer a diverse array of products sourced from different manufacturers, and they don’t have the same level of care, expertise, or quality control that you would get from The Kratom Company. We offer unrivaled product quality and customer service.