Kratom Capsules Variety Pack

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Choosing a strain of kratom isn’t always easy, especially if you’re new to the herb and want to see what each strain holds for you. When you buy kratom capsules in our 3 Strain Package you can try three of our strains offered at TKC and save money on your purchase.

Kratom Capsules Variety Pack – 75ct Per Bottle
Kratom Capsules Variety Pack – 150ct Per Bottle
Kratom Capsules Variety Pack – 500ct Per Bottle
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Choosing a kratom strain isn’t always easy, especially if you’re new to the herb and want to see what each strain holds for you. When you buy our variety 3-pack of kratom capsules, you can try three of our strains and save money on your purchase.

Three Premium Strains in Capsule Form

Looking for premium kratom capsules online? Look no further than our bundled set of three of our best strains. This three strain package includes:

  • Green Indo kratom capsules: According to our testimonials, Green Indo kratom offers a mix of the benefits offered by the red and white strains. Customers have reported effects including boosting their mood, reduced feelings of tiredness, and less discomfort.
  • White Horn kratom capsules: Those who want to buy a kratom capsules variety pack with a kratom strain that fends off tiredness may enjoy our White Horn capsules. This is a great option if you have a challenging day ahead.
  • Red Bali kratom capsules: Our customers say Red Bali kratom capsules have a soothing aroma and may alleviate day-to-day discomfort.

Discover Premium Kratom

The Kratom Company has thoroughly vetted all our suppliers and hand-selected the best strain of kratom for each type: green, white, and red. This ensures that, when you go to try each of our strains, you get the best experience possible. When you buy kratom capsules from The Kratom Company, you can be confident that you will receive a premium product, quickly shipped to your door.

Shop our variety 3-pack kratom capsules now and take advantage of our superior customer service if you have any questions.

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75ct Per Bottle, 150ct Per Bottle, 500ct Per Bottle

72 reviews for Kratom Capsules Variety Pack

  1. Ray

    These three products all do their job and match the descriptions on the bottle. Very impressed great assortment of products

  2. Serena J

    Shoutout to TKC for selling capsules at a REASONABLE price. The 500ct’s are finally something I feel like is worth going for (::::

  3. Piush P

    I am new to kratom and this was a great way to see which one of the products I like most. Wish more companies offered packages like these. Will be ordering again soon! Thank you!

  4. DJ

    Very impressed

  5. Joyner G

    Thank you guys for the fast shipping!!

  6. Grace Danton

    I use each of these strains on the regular. I love mixing it up

  7. Elena

    All the strains were fantastic, will be back soon!

  8. Brian A

    Very quality just expensive

  9. George Comer

    3 pack or die !!

  10. Chantelle

    Variety is the spice of life ????????????????

  11. Tony

    Amazing quality

  12. Sandra Willard

    Diversity is key ????

  13. Commie Guy

    The variety ????????????????

  14. Debbie Reich

    Why isn’t the deal for the green indo part of this? ????

  15. Logan Firs

    Are you guys going to release bigger sizes soon??

  16. Chad W

    Incredible brand 🙂

  17. Jennifer

    Simply dank but shipping takes forever Bc I’m in California ????

  18. Henry

    This helped me get through my procedure! Thank you TKC

  19. David Guggenheim

    Wow!! 🙂 impressed

  20. Anastasia

    This is seriously quality kratom

  21. Harold Hotz

    Really enjoyed the red but didn’t feel the others that much

  22. Quadrey

    Damn this shit is good

  23. Jenny

    Was so happy to find out this company is Michigan based! Love supporting local businesses

  24. Jim Donahee

    Amazing packaging. Truly beautiful

  25. Cali

    Love ❤️ happy vday 🙂

  26. Alexa

    Tried doing the powder but the taste was just too much

  27. Big D

    Excited to try the red and green for the first time. Been in love with the white for a year now

  28. Shannon

    Lovely lovely

  29. Dennis

    Do you guys ship to Indiana?

  30. Gina


  31. Alex j

    Packs a nice punch . Favorite was the white

  32. Donna

    Found this in the store for the first time and this brought me here. excited to find this online because our local smoke shop can never stay stocked

  33. Aaron Quigley

    I love this company and strain! Thank you Dylan!!

  34. Johnny R

    Is good

  35. Jim Edwards

    I am an idiot for just realizing this but on the drop down you can select 150 counts too… been buying the 75 counts for a couple months now.

  36. Jeanie

    All so good

  37. Serena D

    Huge fan ???? ???? ????

  38. Carrie Dell

    Every strain is on point for me. 4th reorder on the way!

  39. Claire

    I still mix them all every once in a while for a full spectrum feel. Not an every day thing but it is pretty amazing <33

  40. ANON

    WE WANT 300 COUNTS! IF NOT 500 OR 1,000!

  41. Zachary Bellinger

    Should definitely get a 300 count set up for sale on here. Great stuff need better prices????????

  42. Anna B

    As a new user, I can’t recommend trying all three/mixing etc to find what’s best for you. Can’t get enough of a 50/50 white red combo????????

  43. Mo

    Best kratom there is all day very impressed

  44. Wendy Callahan

    Never have I ever ordered three strains from the same company! I’m just so picky with kratom, but I love all three of these. From what I hear these are all pretty hard not to like 😉

  45. malik p

    can’t get enough????

  46. Sherry Kilmer

    Love love love????

  47. Josh Rogan

    White in the morning and both green and red mixed with it throughout the day. They all have pretty great relief properties, I really like each of these individually

  48. Ashton Darnell

    Tried a bunch of other brands but these guys are still at the top for me. Proper color, taste, and effect. Really clean and unadulterated feeling stuff. 10/10 would recommend to kratom users no matter what your symptoms are.

  49. Thai

    Been wanting to try your brand for a while. Would have never done it due to PRICING but my girl hooked me up with the Black Friday deal. I gotta admit I’m definitely a fan. You guys need some extracts!

  50. Wanda F

    This company NEEDS some Black Friday deals ????????????

  51. Dara N

    Always a great go to. Love the mixing suggestions.

  52. Julian

    Really liked all 3 strains ????????????

    MD review is up next!

  53. Abel

    Pretty great blog. Same goes for the kratom????????✊????????????

  54. Shayla J

    soo right when they told me to mix the white into anything I’m taking<333

  55. Jojo

    New best way to start the day!

  56. Esther Hill

    Very good Kratom. Ordered 10+ times and it has never changed up

  57. 99probz


  58. G

    300 counts?

  59. Isaac

    I use every single one of these strains daily – never disappointed.

  60. Nick Forbes

    I met these guys stocking one of their first few stores. Always knew this would grow into a big brand and I hope they keep going bigger

  61. Chris

    Can’t be beat!!

  62. Cynthia T

    I agree with Marren, these strains were made for mixing!

  63. Callie Wylder

    Great blogs and great products. Love this company!

  64. Marren Turner

    Mixing these until I get the blend that is perfect for me>>>>>

  65. Axell

    These feel a lot more natural than those concentrated caps from OPMS. I see everybody else on here loves them too

  66. Madeline Lucena

    Great way to find out how colors work with kratom. White Horn is my all-time favorite but I still love mixing it with these other strains for different effect on different days. The feeling this brand of kratom gives me really stands out from the rest I’ve tried.

  67. Brett

    Mixing these strains around is pretty damn good.. very very quality kratom

  68. Morgan Hill

    Wish you had a gold strain but this white is top-notch! Very impressive

  69. Ron Kellinger

    Happy to leave a review for TKC. Excellent service, fast shipping, consistent product.

  70. Maddie Baumgartner

    Newer company with really great kratom! Very happy with it!!

  71. Cory Hull

    Personally think the white blows the other 2 out of the water but great stuff. Exciting to see some people who are truly passionate about kratom and the community enter the industry

  72. Sara

    wonderful kratom from a wonderful company!

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