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The Kratom Company brings you our collection of premium Maeng Da kratom powders to try out all three, so you can see how each one works for you.

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Try Our Maeng Da Kratom Powder Variety Pack

Our premium three-strain package comes with green, red, and white Maeng Da kratom, either in 3oz or 8oz increments. Each vein color offers a different effect ranging from soothing to stimulating. Check out our red, green, and white pages for more information on each of these Maeng Da kratom strains.

Order Maeng Da Kratom Strains From The Kratom Company

Try out all three of our premium Maeng Da powders for a discounted price! The Kratom Company has spent years sampling different Indonesian farms to source the highest quality kratom, and we refuse to order kratom from any farm that has not been thoroughly vetted.

Ready to order your Maeng Da kratom powder variety pack? We offer free and fast shipping and have knowledgeable industry pros on hand to answer your questions. Shop kratom now at The Kratom Company to get the high-quality kratom products you deserve!

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What’s the difference between these Maeng Da kratom strains

The strains range from energizing to relaxing. White Maeng Da tends to be the most energizing, while Red Maeng Da is regarded for its more soothing qualities. Green Maeng Da is a balanced strain that offers the best of both worlds.

Where does Maeng Da kratom come from? 

Maeng Da originated in Thailand, where it was specially cultivated as a super-strong hybrid strain. Today, Maeng Da is commonly grown in Indonesia, although Thai cultivation is also increasing in light of recently loosened legal restrictions.

Is Maeng Da Kratom Powder Good for Beginners? 

Yes. We recommend starting with Green Maeng Da if you’re a beginner. It’s not as intense as the red or white varieties, but it allows you to experience the full range of effects. See for yourself why Maeng Da is one of the most popular strains on the planet.

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