Maeng Da Kratom Variety Pack

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The Kratom Company brings you our collection of premium Maeng Da kratom powders to try out all three, so you can see how each one works for you. 3oz’s per bag.

Maeng Da Kratom Variety Pack – 3oz
Maeng Da Kratom Variety Pack – 8oz
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Try Our Maeng Da Kratom Powder Variety Pack

Our premium three-strain package comes with 3oz of green, 3oz of red, and 3oz of white maeng da powder. Each vein color offers a different effect ranging from soothing to stimulating. Check out our red, green, and white pages for more information on each.

Shop Now With The Kratom Company

Try out all three of our premium maeng da powders for a discounted price! The Kratom Company has spent years sampling different Indonesian farms to source the highest quality kratom, and we refuse to order kratom from any farm that has not been thoroughly vetted.

Ready to order your Maeng Da kratom powder variety pack? We offer free and fast shipping and have knowledgeable industry pros on hand to answer your questions. Shop now at The Kratom Company to get the high-quality kratom products you deserve!

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Weight 0.6 lbs
Dimensions 7.25 × 4.5 × 1.95 in

3oz, 8oz

69 reviews for Maeng Da Kratom Variety Pack

  1. FreestyleJ


  2. Donavan Z

    Products pretty good but GOD DAMN that packaging is HOT. Live in Ohio and received products next day.

  3. Beth Sexton

    I like the white bag strains a little bit more but these are similar and still very effective (: Love that this company is american and responded to my questions quickly via email (: Thanks guys!

  4. Hudson G

    This Kratom is fantastic!!! Thank you everyday from me to you!!

  5. Sam Tarnacky


  6. RJ


  7. Brandon Ryley

    Mmhmm yep that’s good

  8. Tracy


  9. Danny D

    Bro so good. Thanks boys!

  10. Laura & Ken

    My wife and I have been buying this for months now. Love being able to switch it up

  11. Dr. Riley

    Love this bundle of Maeng Da!

  12. Francis

    Truly a superior kratom

  13. Peterson Family

    Such amazing service, we will be back

  14. Haley Springfield

    This maeng da does the job. I’ve had better but this has been consistent every time I’ve ordered

  15. Theresa E


  16. Dianna

    Has anyone bought from this company before? I have some questions. Looks beautiful but how’s the quality???

  17. Jefferson

    My girlfriend got this from a smoke shop in Tampa and I’m seriously impressed. Normally can’t find kratom in stores and online!

  18. Dave T

    Honestly I haven’t found better service. Thank you guys for your superior efforts

  19. Donnie

    Dang.. this stuff is elite!

  20. Derrick Arnold

    So happy to have found this company, you guys are amazing

  21. Angel

    Any sales coming soon? This is so expensive!!

  22. Ralphie

    Best Maeng Da on the net!

  23. Haley S

    Have been getting these for months and they are SO consistent

  24. Darryl M

    A couple of these are good, didn’t love the white

  25. Tito Debrandebar


  26. Hunter Tomlinson

    Playing sports in my late twenties I need red Kratom to help me deal w soreness. This shit is awesome

  27. Russell

    Love this stuff. A god send!

  28. Julia P

    Best kratom powder available for sale or in stores!

  29. Samantha Anna

    Woo woo I love this brand

  30. Joey H

    Definitely going with capsules next time. Pretty frustrated you still don’t have MD in capsules

  31. Dillon Elgan

    High quality brand, high quality kratom. No complaints

  32. Austin

    $64.99 for 9 oz?? Haha yea right

  33. Sean Carson

    The powder has a romantic nature smell. Love love how natural it is

  34. Donna Jean

    Helping me so much w my neck pain!!

  35. Big Axe

    Best brand in appearance and quality I’ve found. And that’s saying a lot. I’ve been taking kratom for about 7 years. The past two I have strictly ordered online. This companies stuff is serious quality

  36. Daniel F Scott

    I slept on the md for awhile… now it’s time to try them all 🙂

  37. Sarah

    Been ordering all three strains separately. This is exciting

  38. Miley Dantonio

    Love these md strains

  39. Christopher long

    Might be better than the white 3 strain package. But probably nit

  40. Johnathan Randoozi

    The packaging on these is just beautiful. Some real artistry went into this. Seriously they aren’t kidding when they call this premium kratom. Haven’t had something like this in probably a year. All three were good and I typically don’t like whites.

  41. CharlieS

    Had a problem and they made it right.

  42. Gabby W

    Still gotta love the classic white strains, but these are damn good too! Feel a little softer but still long lasting. I don’t mean softer in a less potent way, just a lighter feel which people like me really appreciate <3

  43. Jackie Smith

    Would recommend!!!!

  44. Jennifer Sankey

    Pretty amazing. glad I could finally get some while it’s still in stock ; ) – Jenny

  45. Devin

    Stellar strains man. My buddies thought so too

  46. Alan

    Gnarly lineup here. TKC all the way☝????☝????

  47. Donny Day

    Great lineup. Mixing these is the best. Once you find the balance for you I promise you will not go back.

  48. Ricky Bobby

    The best there is.

  49. Milo Eisenstein

    All three of these are great!

  50. jake

    great stuff. get it back innnnnnn!

  51. Wendy Heubner

    Only complaint is you guys having this “out of stock”????????????

  52. jimmy fallon

    Can’t tell if this red is out or indoor dried but it almost feels like a little bit of both. I really like it! Green and white are solid as well – very well-rounded group of strains overall. Branding superiority noted!

  53. ryan atherton

    “the good stuff”

  54. Greg Robinson

    Happy with the experience. Very personal customer service.

  55. Jackie Atkinsen

    Will most definitely reorder! The feeling speaks for itself and I am very impressed!!

  56. Daniel Fallon

    Black packaging + new strains this brand is sick????

  57. Julia DeSines

    Wish prices were lower but also grateful to pay for real quality (usually the trade-off with kratom these days)

  58. Eunice

    Great kratom powder 5/5

  59. colin

    Ohohooooo yea

  60. Cindy Lasserton

    I didn’t think anything could measure up to the OG 3-Strain Package.. Wrong!!!

  61. Ken Graner

    Need to start putting these in stores. Too good for online only…

  62. Melissa A

    Hands down the best company to deal with online. Amazing quality powder too!!

  63. Samantha Goethals

    Great kratim powder but NEED these in capsules. All of my friends would start buying too

  64. Fred Jurce

    I knew the new line wouldn’t disappoint! I’m just like everyone else out here thinking it’s almost like these were made to be mixed with the original white strains 10/10

  65. Marion

    Love the new strains!!

  66. Annie Hortola

    Quality over quantity ALWAYS when it comes to kratom!!

  67. Fistful O’dolla

    A lot of pretenders getting into the kratom game now that it’s getting hot. Not The Kratom Co. This kratom has outsold ANY other brand at my store and the reviews speak for themselves.

  68. Jay

    Every one of my friends who tries this is switching over-amazing kratom powder here

  69. Laurie B

    I’ve had both 3-strain packages. Love them both and the trend of mixing them is so awesome!

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