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How to Store Your Kratom Powder

Kratom, like anything else, only stays fresh for so long. For users who purchase kratom as they need it, you generally won’t see any issues

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Kratom Storage and Shelf Life

What is the shelf life of Kratom? How to best store your Kratom and what to avoid. An overview of Kratom storage and shelf life.


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-How long will that Kratom under your bed keep? Kratom Storage and Shelf Life Overview

I know I wasn’t the only one. Like a nervous squirrel, when the dreaded threat from the FDA came in 2016 to effectively ban kratom, my first thought was, “If I buy a few palette loads, will it keep?” 

I needn’t have been so nervous, for a couple of reasons. First, as we all know, the AKA led the kratom community to a rousing, if temporary, victory. (The Science is catching up to make the FDA’s crusade a pipe dream.) And as it turns out, kratom has an excellent shelf life.

Long Term Kratom Storage

In scouring the web, interviewing countless users, and contacting suppliers, distributors, and sellers, one common theme emerges; kratom has an extremely long shelf life. In fact, I’ve yet to find definitive proof of kratom ‘expiring’. This is not to say that kratom stays good for all time. It is also possible that it may lose some potency should enough time pass, and that other variables could impact its aging. But if kratom is stored properly, and if the time of consumption is planned to occur within a vaguely reasonable time frame, one needn’t worry about their product ‘going bad’. 

Now, there are a few rules to follow. First, and most importantly, is that no moisture be present in the kratom storage unit. There are a few good ways to ensure that the kratom remains dry:

  • Store kratom in glass mason jars, quality tupperware, or vacuum seal ziplock bags for long term storage. Double or triple bag the product. 
  • Keep in a dry, cool, dark place, where the kratom will not be exposed to any inadvertent moisture or sunlight.
  • Silica packs can be added for increased peace of mind (little packs that remove moisture. They are cheap and easy.)
  • Make sure you label and date your kratom, just to be safe.
  • Keep your “master stash” in separate containers, just in case you spill or there is an accident – that way, you don’t lose everything all at once.

A number of unverified, casual experiments have been conducted by the kratom community regarding kratom storage and shelf life. Covering a period of up to one year, these projects found no fungal contaminants or significant degradation of quality. Furthermore, most users – including myself – have found misplaced kratom stashes from months-to-years ago; stored properly, upon use, these users report no reduction in quality and no adverse effects.

Kratom Storage Problems

If you are going to use a bag, make sure it seals well.

While the freezer is often a good place to store things long term, this isn’t the case for kratom. Due to condensation and the potential introduction of moisture, it presents risks that simply aren’t worth taking. This is especially true as the shelf life of kratom is exceptional as is, and so any benefits that would generally be derived from freezer storage simply aren’t worth the risks as they confer little to no benefit.

Ensure that your kratom is not being put somewhere where moisture could be introduced. Under the kitchen sink may not be ideal, for example, as the faucet could leak. While this isn’t exactly the most compelling example I’ve come up with in my life, I hope the point remains; things like humidity, random water droplets, etc… could be introduced whenever you decide to break into the stash, or passively as it sits in storage. Consider these things carefully to ensure you don’t have your coffers depleted by a force majeure. 

Sunlight is generally harmful to organic products. While the alkaloids present in kratom appear quite stable in normal circumstances, sunlight is able to degrade most anything over enough time. High and low temperatures can also present variables that may or may not damage kratom, especially over extended periods of time. It’s better just to remove the potential risk. 

Also be aware that capsuled kratom could possibly degrade over time: that is, the capsules in which the stored kratom is contained is more vulnerable to degradation than powdered kratom. While gelatin capsules are generally stable, I’ve heard that vegetable glycerin capsules can be somewhat vulnerable over long periods of time, if not in entirely airtight storage. Be aware of this if your stored kratom is capsuled, and make sure it is in a bag or container that can catch any kratom that would escape a degrading capsule. (As this rate, it would be better to just remove the kratom from the capsules, if you are planning on storing in for over a year.)

Here are some examples of storage Do’s and Don’ts:

Store Kratom here:

  • Under the Bed
  • Bedroom closet
  • Clothes Drawer
  • Treasure Chest
  • Cabinet
Stay dry, stay fly.

DO NOT store kratom here:

  • Anywhere in a bathroom
  • In the car
  • Buried in the backyard
  • In the kitchen
  • In the freezer or fridge

This is just another aspect of kratom that makes it so agreeable. It is regrettable that we even must consider such things; the scare of 2016 sent many of us scurrying to create “kratacombs” of sorts that we could use to escape the dreaded doom of banishment. Luckily, each passing day sees a strengthening of the kratom community and its argument for remaining legal, though it is bizarre that such a movement even be needed for such a widely praised and benign substance. For example, the Kratom Consumer Protection Act is spreading across the country and addressing consumer protection laws on a by-state basis. With any luck, this will ensure that any long term storage is more a reflection of personal choice, and not necessity.

Rest easy knowing that your kratom stash is safe from the ravages of time.


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Jars of beans and seeds

How to Store Your Kratom Powder

Kratom, like anything else, only stays fresh for so long. For users who purchase kratom as they need it, you generally won’t see any issues

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