Red Bali Kratom Capsules

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Getting access to high-quality kratom has never been easier. If you’re looking for a soothing and relaxing experience, you’re going to love the Red Bali Kratom for sale at The Kratom Company.

Red Bali Kratom Capsules – 75 Capsules
Red Bali Kratom Capsules – 150 Capsules
Red Bali Kratom Capsules – 500 Capsules
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Red Bali Kratom Capsules

Red Bali kratom is perfect for those who are interested in seeing whether kratom may be able to help them unwind, get a reprieve from discomfort, or boost their mood. Our Red Bali kratom for sale may help you tap into your desired benefits.

Experience the Finest Red Bali Kratom for Sale

Red Bali kratom has a soothing aroma, making it the go-to kratom choice for those who want to ease day-to-day discomfort and quiet their busy mind. Of course, quality plays a role in your experience. TKC spent years sampling different Indonesian kratom farms to ensure we offer the best kratom available. We have taken the time to hand-select the best strain of kratom for each vein: Green, White, and Red. This ensures that when you use the Red Vein Bali kratom we have for sale, you’re getting the best product and experience possible!

Kratom capsules are a simple option for having kratom on hand when you’re on the go. Our capsules contain 500 mg of kratom in each. Shop now or take advantage of our superior customer service and contact us today!

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75 Capsules, 150 Capsules, 500 Capsules

131 reviews for Red Bali Kratom Capsules

  1. Thomas D

    4.5 out of 5

  2. Lezlie Wiestein

    Bedddd Timmeeeee thank you so much for your wonderful service and providing a great product!

  3. Diana Lembechi

    The Kratom Company has great/kind service and my products arrived safe and sound (:

  4. Mama J

    Very high quality. Thank you for supplying such a good product. So much better than prescription..

  5. KratomKate

    4.8/5 to be exact. Great products

  6. Venessa D

    These capsules have been so helpful for my mother in law! I was referred to The Kratom Company by a friend to help her with her back pain and she says it has been a life saver. Thank you for the great customer service as well!!! 5 Stars!!!!

  7. Thomas

    I used to take opiates for my back pain a ton and so thankful I found this. Thank yOU

  8. Marcus G

    500 counts?? Let’s gooooo

  9. Polly


  10. Armando

    This red Bali is the best I’ve ever come across. Super strong kratom

  11. Susan Dorothy

    Helps immensely with my fibromyalgia!

  12. John R

    Phewww. Talk about sediation ????

  13. Sunjay

    I have to drive 3 hours everyday and I take this and it helps me get through it with my lower back pain. Thank you TKC

  14. Destiny

    My energy is so much better on this!

  15. Shannon Gibson

    Pretty good, just expensive

  16. Thomas Lou

    This stuff is soo chill omg

  17. Denise

    Fav brand ever thank you guys so much for the lightning fast shipping and dealing with all my questions!!

  18. Ronald Zefner

    Man this stuff really helps me get through my day

  19. Dani

    Is it true kratom helps fight covid??

  20. Elliot Micheals

    Terrible response time. Took me 5 days to get my package

  21. Hank Mordy

    Can’t tell if this is just really good or super addicting…

  22. Austin

    The holy grail of red Bali!

  23. Hussein

    I really really enjoyed this strain. About to order more!

  24. Ryley Dooger

    Need bigger sizes!!! This shit is GAS

  25. Sinclair

    Couldn’t get the damn lid off! Smells super fresh once you get it off though

  26. Darien Dewyzer

    Good quality, have had better though! 4.5/5

  27. Jacob Li

    So much easier to take than powder

  28. Sofia D


  29. Hank W

    Love the quality but wen bigger size?? These prices are honestly disgusting

  30. Wayne

    Pretty good stuff here

  31. Jason debrandt

    Took my regular dose that I take from remarkable and this hit so much different. Definitely packs a better punch.

  32. Andrew

    Hmm wasn’t impressed. Quality kratom but the price was the biggest factor for me

  33. Dave Brandon

    Really good stuff here at the kratom co

  34. Alexander M

    Mmm not sure. Love the red Maeng Da. I think this is a close second. Wish you guys had more options

  35. Lucas

    Alright I guess… NOT. Very good

  36. Jack Randolph

    Honestly better than any red I’ve had from OPMS

  37. Aaron

    This stuff is very relaxing, been falling asleep and sleeping way deeper. Very nice to mix this kratom with magnesium

  38. Big man

    Such a smooth feeling, will be back when I get paid ????

  39. Jimmy

    Surprisingly strong. Good red

  40. Tony M

    Sunday football and Red Bali ????????

  41. danielle n

    cant get enough ????

  42. Bianca Farmer

    Great coloring, texture, and quality. They have some really quality stuff. ????????????????

  43. Gary D

    Feelin great off these!

  44. Crystal Nailos

    Better way to night cap. Can’t thank you guys enough. This really steered me away from some bad habits!

  45. Gene P

    Miracle for my back. I always refused to take the pain meds, but this is perfect and it is ALL NATURAL

  46. Dianne E

    I take it early every afternoon! Works well for me too.

  47. Amanda Stilton

    Amazing relief without the extra side effects

  48. Nick

    Ideal way to end the night. If you take it at the right time I feel good all night and then get a great nights rest. If I take it too late there’s a little trouble falling asleep, that’s all!

  49. Dennis

    these are great. can get great sleep and don’t feel a thing in my back

  50. Alan Willard

    Does a LOT for my back ????????????????????????

  51. Stella

    Perfect way to end the night????????

  52. nick dandenault


  53. nick vance

    loved it. absolutely hope you bring it int stores out here in the west. you would killl!!!!

  54. Kylie Modelo

    Thanks again for all the help getting through my order! Customer service 10/10!!!

  55. Jeremy Durand

    I never know what to say when people ask me exactly what feeling kratom gives me, but I can say that the reds tend to clear up any aches and pains in my legs (I have a long medical history) and this is EXACTLY what this stain in particular does for me.

  56. Stuart C

    Red’s always hit or miss for me. I love some brands and others I can only take white and green – their reds are just too strong and give a lingering effect. This is perfect for what I’m looking for. Thanks for shipping these fast as hell!

  57. Jane

    Very happy with it. 10/10

  58. Ali Goff

    I love how they give free samples for their other strains with each order and it helped me to find another wonderful strain!!

  59. Jenny M

    I really enjoy this Red Bali. Personally, all of the TKC strains are light, but also very effective. I mean that they’re lasting and satisfying for my symptoms, but they are not heavy and the feeling never lingers or goes bad which I have experienced with other brands. Starting to realize there’s a VERY WIDE variety of kratom out there. Be choosy and find the perfect strain for you!!

  60. red99

    Please get a higher count! I’d be more than happy to up my average order if I could just get a small price break ????????

  61. Z

    This really works for me when not much else has

  62. Angela Klasky

    Can’t be grateful enough for companies that provide GOOD kratom amidst so many others out there just putting out the cheapest product possible!

  63. Lisa Duvall

    Lesson learned: Online kratom has a slight advantage over most store brands 🙂

  64. Don Sellick

    Great experience. Thanks for the quick responses.

  65. Philo Liangis

    Fascinating red! I get a very different result depending on dose. I like that I can use it for energy while still feeling the anti-inflammatory effects. Will be back for sure????????

  66. Phil

    By far my most reliable evening strain!

  67. Eric Nulty

    Slept like a baby first time trying it! You need to dose pretty accurately to get that result in my experience but I really liked the kratom as well for the clean feeling and that red effect.

  68. Katherine N

    Nothing better than a little Sunday am Bali 😉

  69. Michelle Sanilac

    I love these. I take them late afternoon when my pain really starts coming back as morning meds wear off. I get a brief boost of energy which really allows me to get through the rest of my day and by the time I’m in bed it helps me get to sleep. Like a perfectly timed afternoon reliever.

  70. Sandy Chasm

    Very nice kratom. And thank you to the gentleman that handed me free samples in the store!!

  71. Michael Nottingham

    The effects of this kratom are very well-rounded. That’s a sign of a very alkaloid rich harvest and it’s very enjoyable. I trust this kratom now. Been ordering for a while and the customer service has been excellent many times. That last part especially is greatly appreciated ????????

  72. Johnny Doe

    Just a great overall feeling. I’ve heard people argue over taking it when you don’t really “need” it. I can say that I don’t really need it but it feels great and I take it in moderation. This way I enjoy it without developing any crazy habits. I think it’s great, especially as an alternative to pills. Almost anything is better to take than pills.

  73. MacKenzie Flair

    Not bad. Pricing seems a little high but I do like the kratom quite a bit.

  74. Charles


  75. Marge Holbrooke

    Thank you so much again Adam and TKC for the assistance with payment and shipping on my order.

  76. Evan Williamson

    Will be back

  77. Violet

    Very latent feeling but I always get a great night’s rest!

  78. Shelby Thomason

    Definitely growing on me, I’ve never taken kratom before so not sure how it compares to other brands

  79. Danielle

    Love the packaging, not a fan of the payment process. When I make an order and don’t see an invoice for hours it makes it a huge pain. Please fix this!!

  80. Josiah

    Very potent. Taking less than other brands for desired effect ????????

  81. Brad Mar

    This stuff works wonders on my back

  82. Marissa c

    Adding this to the personal Bali collection☺️

  83. Jarod

    Got delivered in 3 days!!! They even sent a sample pack! So excited, thank you guys so much . I will be ordering from you agian!!!

  84. Nelly

    Such a beautiful color to the powder! Amazing feeling❤️????????

  85. Felipe C

    Very good 🙂 will be back

  86. Craig Gainer

    I don’t get any fatigue or headaches taking this every day like my old brands. Makes me excited to know that I’m getting some better stuff now.

  87. Chelsea Dornan

    You can tell just from looking at the powder that it’s fresh and potent – great color and fresh organic taste – very bitter – these are all qualities of great kratom.

  88. Naomi M

    These are CONSISTENT! Same Red Bali since day 1 – perfect ratings here <3

  89. Roger

    great stuff, keep it up!

  90. Jason

    Always solid

  91. Ben Malone

    High quality customer service and kratom. Thank you TKC

  92. Evan Duvall

    Some real good people with a realll good kratom supplier>>>

  93. Gino

    Definitely lives up to the hype

  94. Nate Randall

    Thanks again guys!

  95. Daniel

    I went overboard my first time and got the spins. After trying again, it’s exactly what I need for my symptoms. I encourage everyone to try this twice if you think it’s not for you.

  96. Bela A

    I love these for my RA symptoms. Nothing else was helping at all

  97. Marty Longston

    #balibaby ????????????????????????

  98. Megan Lin

    Perfect for my RA symptoms and I can’t be grateful enough for the stellar cusomter service

  99. Karen

    The stories about kratom are all true! This helps so much more than my meds without the nasty side-effects! So glad to have found kratom – P.S. This company does it best!!

  100. Nicole Dryden

    Kratom is different for everyone, but this is Bali helps with every single one of my symptoms – just good quality kratom.

  101. Gavin Valentine

    Saturday night football and BALI!!!!

  102. Richard V

    My package got delayed in the mail but it wasn’t TKC’s fault. They had tracking sent to me within an hour of me placing my order! Instead of pointing the finger at UPS who was at fault they apologized and straightened the issue out immediately.

    And even then, they still sent me a little something to compensate for the wait time.

  103. Holly F

    Everyone who tries this wants to know where I got it from! Great customer service too. 🙂

  104. Margaret T

    This company is extremely loyal to their customers. That will take you very far.

  105. Riley

    Will be back!

  106. Ashley M

    This is the only brand I’ll take now I like their red and their white it i the best kratom

  107. Amanda Howell

    I wish they sold in bulk too but I can’t complain because it’s better than anything sold in bulk!!

  108. Lina Avera

    My friend put me on to this site. Only complaint is I wish they sold in bulk ),:

  109. Dan G

    Feeling very good about this.

  110. Desmond Arriyah

    The real deal right here. 5 stars

  111. Donnie Day

    good stuff guys

  112. Ronnie

    More than just great kratom. Check out their blog, check out their gram, check out their white horn if you have not yet. This red Bali is amazing too but their white stands apart from any I’ve ever tried. Loving this brand

  113. Nigel Accosta

    Quality > quantity every time! Thanks for the additional info. in the package!

  114. Laura Williamston

    Thank you for the fast shipping and nearly immediate responses to my questions! This is much more appreciated than the online chats you see on other websites! Will be back!!

  115. Dorothy Michaels

    Everything I needed. I just love this brand. 10/10 🙂

  116. Heather Kulkowski

    Glad someone finally steered me in the right direction! This is much higher quality than the other online brands I have tried! Fuller effect zero crash or comedown. I love it.

  117. Don Rewold

    Overall the 3 strains this company offers are better and more consistent with each other than any other brand I’ve had. As someone who’s been taking kratom for quite some time, this is a top-tier brand.

  118. Lauren Kitchener

    Couldn’t be more happy. First time trying kratom and was able to really read up on it on this website’s blog before ordering. Not to mention the kratom is great! Will be reordering.

  119. Maren

    First time ordering online. Easy and fast! Thank you TKC!!!

  120. John Doe

    Huge fan of your kratom and all of your social media efforts! Thanks for the outstanding customer service as well!

  121. Dave Forrester

    Really great Red Bali. Love the website and the gram too!

  122. Gerry E

    Prices may be high, but you see that everywhere online these days – at least the kratom is of amazing quality.

  123. r

    Damn these prices are high

  124. Dave Mazenger

    I emailed these guys and they responded within half an hour. Have never experienced that with another kratom company.

  125. danielle fasulo

    Amazing products, customer service, prices, shipping. All around a great reliable experience!

  126. Q

    fast shipping, good kratom

  127. summer

    everything I’ve ordered from another site in the past month has been delayed. not TKC products!!!

  128. Jay


  129. Han

    Love these guys, love the kratom – keep it up

  130. Nelly

    Dark red color, super calming effects without making me feel like I can’t stay awake

  131. Holly Whitehill

    I have not experienced better customer service with another kratom company. These guys helped me complete payment and shipped my order within an hour of me accessing their site! Not to mention their Red Bali is amazing!!

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What is Red Bali kratom used for?

Most of our customers report using Red Bali Kratom to ease occasional discomfort and support quality sleep, but like anything, uses vary by individual. See our attributes chart on the back of our bags or refer to this article on Red Kratom for more information!

Is Red Bali similar to Red Maeng da?

Yes. Red Bali is quite similar to Red Maeng Da. But most would say that Red Bali has stronger calming and relaxing attributes. It is also similar to a Red Malay strain.

Does Kratom ever go bad?

Kratom can have a relatively long shelf life if it is handled properly. As long as it stays sealed in the bag and is not exposed to the elements, high-quality kratom will last for months. For more details about the storage and shelf life of kratom, check out our article here.

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