Pure Kratom Liquid Extract

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Buy kratom extract from The Kratom Company to experience one of the purest kratom products available. You can buy a single unit or in a pack of 6, 12, or 24. Our kratom liquid extract is more potent than our powders and capsules, and it’s made from tested, high-quality kratom extract powder.

Pure Kratom Liquid Extract – Single Unit
Pure Kratom Liquid Extract – 6 Pack
Pure Kratom Liquid Extract – 12 Pack
Pure Kratom Liquid Extract – 24 Pack
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Why Buy Kratom Extract?

Both our kratom powder and kratom capsules are easy to use and beloved by our customers but, some kratom users would prefer a more potent product. Fortunately, The Kratom Company has the perfect solution! If you’re looking for a simple, powerful alternative, buy our liquid kratom and discover the difference.

Premium, All-Natural Products

The Kratom Company’s 10ml Kratom Liquid Extract production process uses food-grade solvents to create one of the purest kratom products available. The extract process eliminates all excess plant matter to provide a concentrated and full blend of alkaloids in an easy-to-use liquid form. This extract is one of the few non-alcohol-based products on the market, giving it a uniquely desirable clean look, as well as a well-rounded lasting effect. The transparent packaging serves to assure our users that this is indeed an outstandingly pure product, free from adulterants. We’ve been hard-pressed to find a similar kratom liquid extract that matches both purity and effectiveness.

Buy Liquid Kratom Today!

Ready to buy the ultimate kratom extract? When you shop with The Kratom Company, you unlock benefits like free, fast shipping, premium quality products, and superior customer service to help you answer any questions you may have about the products in our store. Whether you’re looking to stock up on your favorites or just give our products a try, order kratom from us and learn more about this popular botanical from industry experts!

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Single Unit, 6 Pack, 12 Pack, 24 Pack

Are Kratom Liquid Extracts Suitable for Beginners?

Since the alkaloids of kratom extracts are highly concentrated, we only recommend that you buy a kratom extract if you already have some experience with kratom. While extracts are generally safe for beginners, we suggest starting with a kratom powder or kratom capsule for lower tolerance users.

Who Are Kratom Extracts Recommended For?

Kratom extracts are typically ideal for experienced users and for users seeking a more potent experience than powders and capsules commonly provide.

Are Kratom Extracts Safe?

As with all types of kratom products, it’s important to buy kratom extracts from reputable brands that stress all-natural kratom with no adulterants. When you shop The Kratom Company, you can buy with confidence as all of our products—including our extracts—are all-natural, filler-free, adulterant-free, and contaminant-free.

How much of the extract should I use?

This question depends primarily on your size and previous experience with kratom. In simple terms, one extract is equivalent to 10 grams of kratom powder (or 20 capsules). If you usually use non-concentrated kratom, this may be a good reference for how much to use!

Why does The Kratom Company’s liquid extract taste better than other kratom shots I’ve tried?

Our ultra-filtration process takes the maximum amount of plant matter out of our extract liquid, whereas other brands tend to sell extract liquids in which leftover kratom powder can be seen from the outside of the bottle. We also use a solvent that contains citric acid, giving our shots a hint of a pineapple or lime flavor that customers find very refreshing.

Are all kratom extracts the same?

Absolutely not! In fact, the effects of different extracts can vary widely. The Kratom Company’s liquid extract offers a more energizing kratom blend, and users report it to have a less intense aroma and a stronger effect, which may be able to support concentration and boost your mood. Plus, when you buy our kratom extract it comes in a clear bottle so you can see the pure concentrate and know how much you’re getting! For more information on extracts, check out our kratom blog.