Kratom Extract Capsules

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Get more from your botanicals—with our concentrated kratom extract capsules. This is some of the most potent kratom available, with higher concentrations of key alkaloids delivered with maximum convenience. Each capsule is packed with a full 100mg of kratom and you can choose either a 2-pack to try them out or a 24-pack to stock up. FREE SHIPPING offered on all orders.

Kratom Extract Capsules – Single Pack (2 capsules)
Kratom Extract Capsules – 12 Pack (24 capsules)
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The Purest Kratom Extract Capsules

We’re committed to ensuring uncompromising quality in all of the products we sell, and our extract capsules are no exception.

The kratom is sourced from sustainable Indonesian farms that adhere to time-honored growing and harvesting practices. The leaves are collected at the optimal stage of maturity, and the alkaloids are extracted using premium food-grade solvents to maintain the purity of the product and prevent contamination. The concentrated kratom is then transferred into easy-dissolving capsules. Finally, the finished product is packaged in waterproof, airtight containers and stored away from direct light to prevent the alkaloids from degrading. 

When you place your order at The Kratom Company, you receive a product that is fresh, high-quality, and free from adulterants, contaminants, and non-kratom ingredients. These kratom extract capsules are easy to travel with, discreet, and precisely measured to eliminate any guesswork or prep work. 

Perfect for Experienced Kratom Lovers 

If you already enjoy kratom extracts like our Pure Kratom Liquid Extract, these capsules will give you even more of what you love. Customer reviews tell us that the capsules may take a bit longer to kick in, but the effects last longer. 

Because this is a concentrated product, we recommend it for experienced buyers. If you’ve grown used to conventional kratom products, or if the effects of kratom aren’t as potent as you’d prefer, these extract capsules are an excellent choice. 

If you’re new to kratom, we recommend starting with our standard kratom capsules for sale. Once you understand how kratom affects you, you can gradually introduce more potent products into your routine. 

Shop The Kratom Company 

Buy kratom online from a trusted leader. In addition to stocking the finest kratom extract capsules for sale, we offer free, fast shipping and excellent customer experience that you can count on. Just reach out to our friendly customer support team at if you have any questions or need assistance with your order. 

Place your order today, and discover the best kratom extracts for yourself!

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Single Pack (2 capsules), 12 Pack (24 capsules)