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Ingredients of Kratom Concentrate

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Exploring the basics of how Kratom Extracts and Concentrates are made

How To Make Kratom Extract

One of the most appealing factors of kratom is its status as a natural plant. If you’re using something made by nature, unadulterated, you’re much more likely to feel confident about the effects. While most of the kratom community believes in the power and safety of powdered kratom, some are a little more wary of extracts and concentrates. To help everyone learn a bit more about the ingredients and methods of kratom extraction, and put your mind at ease about kratom extract safety, follow our overview of how to make kratom extract here.

The Ingredients of Pure Kratom Extract

Any good chef will tell you that any meal is only as strong as the ingredients that form its whole. This stands true for kratom extract as well. Pure kratom extract as the active ingredient is the only formulation in concentrates that vendors trust. While an extract can be tailored to reflect a certain strain, there shouldn’t be any additives like kava or caffeine. When detailing how to make kratom extract, some manufacturers use ingredients like lemon juice to improve the aroma, but these are inert ingredients and have no impact on kratom’s effects.

Where Extract Comes From

Manufacturers select kratom leaves or other plant matter from the very same product that is used to make powder and capsules. They avoid scruffy branch crumbs and the like because these parts of the plant result in lower quality kratom. How you make kratom extract is all about enhancing the strength of the product and reducing the amount you need to use.

Additional Ingredients

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We already mentioned lemon and other additives as inert ingredients, but there are a few more parts of the process that don’t make it onto the packaging. Sometimes, manufacturers use alcohol as a solvent to extract or isolate the desired part of a mixture. As the kratom matures, the solvent completely evaporates from the final product and there are no alcohol leftovers.

As they explore and experiment with how to make kratom extracts, some manufacturers are looking for more effective solvents than alcohol.

Alternative Solvents

Many consumers want their kratom extract as pure as possible, so they avoid any kratom concentrate made using alcohol. Some substitutes for the alcohol solvent method include vinegar and lemon juice. At The Kratom Company, we don’t allow the use of any active solvents that could impact the effects of our product.

The Process | How You Make Kratom Extract

Each manufacturer has their own method for refining their kratom extract. Some change the type of solvent, the temperature when boiling the mixture, and more. While the details of each process will vary, almost no manufacturer will taint their product with any additive that isn’t absolutely necessary.

The Steps of How You Make Kratom Extract

To begin the extract process, you must first have a large amount of kratom powder. Then, you add enough water to completely cover the powder and mix well. At this stage, some manufacturers add lemon or lime juice. Leave the kratom to steep overnight and harden. After several hours, the kratom is ready for boiling. It simmers until at least a quarter of the water has evaporated. The leftover kratom must be strained and filtered.

This entire process can be repeated two or three times to refine the extract as much as possible. When the endmost refinement is complete, you bake the extract at a very low temperature until all the water, solvent, and juices have evaporated and leave behind a thick resin.

Final Thoughts


While the kratom making process is time consuming and each manufacturer has minor variations in their method, kratom extraction is pretty simple. Making kratom extract is pretty much the same as making any type of concentrate. From cannabis to baking extracts and essential oils, concentrates all undergo a similar reduction technique.

Now that you understand how to make kratom extract, you might be thinking that you can make it yourself. Unfortunately, the specific details are a little more precise and require very large batches to make it worthwhile. Trust The Kratom Company to provide you pure, effective, powerful extracts for everyday use instead!

Anthony Dent is one of the founders of The Kratom Company who has had years of personal and professional experience in the industry. As a kratom user himself, he is an advocate for all the potential benefits kratom can offer users both new and experienced. As the industry and legal atmosphere change, Anthony stays up to date on the latest Kratom Consumer Protection Acts to keep readers up to date with reliable information.
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