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The Ingredients of Kratom Extract

Exploring the basics of how Kratom Extracts and Concentrates are made


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Understanding how Kratom Extract is made

One of the most appealing factors of kratom is its status as a natural plant. The conscience is inclined to ease when the body consumes something of the earth, unadultered.

I’ve noticed some in the kratom community regard kratom extracts warily; and, because of a very limited number of bad actors – and blatantly obvious ones at that – are uncertain how kratom extract is made.

Thus, I want to detail the outline of the process and the ingredients here, that we may all better understand kratom extracts and concentrates, and see that the product remains a natural one.

The Ingredients

Any good chef will tell you that any victuals are only as strong as the ingredients that form its whole. This stands true for kratom extract.

The most important point here is that kratom is the only active ingredient in the formation of extract from quality and trusted vendors. The extract can be tailored to reflect the proclivities of a certain strain or effect based on the extracted materials. There are no additives like caffeine or kava. Other substances used in the extraction, like a lemon juice used to improve flavor, is known as an inert ingredient. That means that in this creation, it has no impact on the effect of the product.

The kratom leaves or powder are selected from the very same product that would be consumed were it not made into concentrate. Scruffly branch crumbs and the like are not chosen because they would not make good concentrate. Remember, the point of the product is to alter the method of consumption and reduce the dosage needed of the original product, not to change the recipe.

While alcohol is sometimes used as a solvent – a substance used to extract or isolate a desired part of a mixture (in this case, kratom) – the best extracts are finding more effective solvents. When alcohol is used, it is usually completely evaporated in the final product; thus, the mixture is not sullied with alcohol.

However, as many kratom users don’t want any hint of alcohol in their kratom concentrate, other solvents are being utilized. Vinegar and lemon juice are some examples of solvents. No active solvents – a product that would modulate the effect of the extracted kratom – or unnatural products are used in the creation of TKC extract, for example. In fact, kratom extracts that are made for consumption use even fewer ingredients that are used for other very simple kratom products, like kratom soap!

The Process

Many processes are used, with each extractor having a range of secrets that range from the time spent in what solvent, or the temperature the mix is boiled at, etc… However, it is important to note that while the processes will vary, they do not entail the addition of non-kratom products. They are simply not needed and kratom users are quick to call out extract that is not obviously kratom.

Many extractors boil their kratom leaf and collect a dry substance that collects at the bottom; depending on the temperature used, certain alkaloids – the compounds in the kratom that carry its many good attributes – collect in this waxy substance or liquid and are then collected.

It is important to understand that this process is merely concentrating compounds that already exist in the kratom. Nothing new is being created, and no active substances are being added to the mix.

A period of drying or further temperature manipulating follows; sometimes, things like lemon juice are added to further catalyze the release of the kratom. Various physical manipulations – like pressure or temperature changes – can be used at this point to alter the state of the kratom, making it a liquid or a solid.

And…that’s it.


Yes, really.

This is the singular fact of import regarding kratom extract; it is composed entirely of kratom, and perhaps a few cooking ingredients that you would find in your kitchen.

While the basic extract can be easy to approximate, specific instructions are used by experts to create a product that is both easy to consume, pleasing to the eye, and highly effective. It is, simply, a better and easier way to consume kratom for some users.

If you care to take a gander, check out our Concentrate, made with the same leaf you’d normally purchase from TKC. You won’t be dissapointed.

Peace and Love,



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Kratom, like anything else, only stays fresh for so long. For users who purchase kratom as they need it, you generally won’t see any issues

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