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Effects of Kratom Concentrate

Apples and Kratom? What?
Kratom Concentrate


-Taking a look at how Kratom Extracts and Concentrates are different than powder

Some moments in life are so oddly unforgettable.

They have no reason to occupy such a significant portion of Memory Musuem, and yet they sit as some sentinel of constructed comportment, and perhaps ominously as a lesson yet unlearned. Do we remember some of these impossibly mundane moments because we’ve failed to learn what we needed to?

Or perhaps, like much else, the mind is a mystery, and we needn’t delve so deep.

In this vein, I will recount to you a anecdote which I often think of, in conjunction with my somewhat worrisome affection for apple juice. When I was a child, staying at a hotel, there was sign on the drink machine.

“Only Concentrate”

A helpful staffer informed my woefully inadequate 7 year old self that the juice would be extra strong. Unfettered by logic and sensible comportment, I was thrilled, and doled out an extra large serving. Upon sitting with my waffles, I took a swig, only to be shocked – she wasn’t lying. It was apple juice to the extreme.

How is Kratom Concentrate different than Powder?

The above story can give us a small lesson on understanding Kratom Concentrate. The Apple juice concentrate was an extremely sugary, potent form of regular apple juice – usually, such a concoction is made and then heavily watered down, and then sold as apple juice, so as to be pallatable.

In the same way, Kratom concentrates and extracts are like the apple juice. Theres no buffer or additional content – it is purely the essence of kratom. And yet, the apple juice concentrate still wouldn’t have been the same if I had just taken smaller sips. So how does kratom concentrate compare to regular kratom?

It is very important to keep in mind that kratom extracts and concentrates are not adulterated with any inebriating substances. In fact, if you have any reason to believe that they are, you should reach out to the American Kratom Association to report that substance. In very rare instances, some kratom vendors have made a concentrate so they could disguise the addition of adulterants, like alcohol or worse. This is a terrible thing to do, and entirely unneeded, as kratom already has a bevy of potential medicinal benefits that millions of Americans find useful.

In other words, kratom concentrate is kratom – but like the apple juice, it is distilled into a form that can give the full flavor and effect of kratom with much less. Much like water is added to apple juice concentrate – water being the organic material that is the powder buffer, in this comparison – no chemical reaction of strange modulation occurs when kratom is made into concentrate. It simply becomes a condensed form of kratom.

How are the effects of Kratom Concentrates and Extracts different than Powder?

Most noticeable is that liquid kratom concentrates take effect much faster than powdered kratom. This is because liquids are processed faster and the alkaloids in the kratom needn’t be separated from the organic mass inside the digestive system. Some feel that kratom concentrate takes effect almost instantly.

Additionally, kratom concentrates can contain a wide range of kratom products. Usually, those who use powder focus on the one or two strains that they are comfortable with. Those strains will have different chemical profiles based on their genealogy. Kratom concentrate, however, can provide a full spectrum experience.

It would be impractical to sit down and capsule up seven different kratom strains, as you may not even get enough of each strain to have a full spectrum experience. But because kratom is distilled into an extract that makes it concentrate, producers can combine a wide range of strains into the product, thus giving it the full array of kratoms benefits. This can greatly simplify the search for the ‘right’ strain of kratom that is sought out for certain effects. This is particularly helpful for some, as kratom vendors don’t always label their products well, and dependant on the farmer, strains may seem inconsistent.

Speaking of consistency, kratom concentrate has it in spades. See, dosing can be hard with capsules, Putting the exact amount in, and then balancing it with what you’ve eaten, how long ago you’ve eaten it, and other metrics of your digestive system can sometimes mean that identical doses of kratom have slightly different effects. Most users learn their way around how their body processes kratom, but this inconsistency can still be frustrating to some. Thus, kratom liquid concentrate bypasses these issues by reaching a potency threshold, and, by being a liquid, is not beholden to your day’s meal plan; this makes kratom concentrate a consistent experience.

What makes it Concentrate?

There’s a lot less of it, its consistent, and thus its more potent by volume, to answer the question above. Thus, the method of consumption is similarly altered, at least for liquid concentrate.

A very small amount of liquid can match a three of four capsule dose, for example. And the full spectrum of effects means that it isn’t limited to the impact of one single strain. It can provide the full range of kratoms effects, depending on if the product is full spectrum.

This is where we run into one of the fascinating elements of kratom:

Kratom’s effects are often dependant on its dose.

It’s a somewhat remarkable phenomena. Small doses seem to be energetic, while larger doses tend to help with relaxation and sleep. Thus, kratom concentrate and the desired effects can largely be controlled by dose. This makes it easier to control then parsing through a variety of strains, vendors, occasional janky labelling, and the like, to ensure that you can get the benefits you want from your kratom usage.

As for dosing, remember to start small. Dependent on this is the fact that most kratom extracts will initially provide a boost of energy. Depending on the make up of the product (which strains it used) further dosing may lead to a more relaxed state, after some time. Sometimes, within an hour or two, a larger dose can lead one to feel sleepy, if the product and dosage is intended to do so.

As you can see, kratom concentrate is still kratom. The effects of powdered kratom are all present in concentrate, just packaged differently. If your curious, rest assured that TKC provides kratom concentrate with no foreign additives, and contains the same quality kratom that you buy in powder or capsule form from us.

Our very own Kratom Concentrate Mixture

Oh, and it’s better than apple juice.

Peace and Love,



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