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Types of Kratom Concentrate

How the fearsome Pokemon Caterpie can teach us about the types of Kratom Concentrate.
Kratom Evolution


Kratom Extraction Methods

The fearsome Caterpie Pokemon can teach us a lot about the different types of kratom extraction methods and concentrate availabilities. As you look at the forms which kratom can take, you might realize that concentrated kratom extract has a lot to do with metamorphosis. Much like Weedle or Caterpie, kratom concentrates are very similar to the evolution these Pokemon experience. Learn more about how kratom evolves as it is extracted from the plant when you follow along with this overview from the experts at The Kratom Company today.

Understanding What Kratom Concentrate Is

Kratom concentrate can be considered very similar to a Caterpie — a caterpillar evolving into a butterfly, that is. While the core entity remains the same and the animal is the same species, it is now slightly more exotic. The same is true of kratom. The kratom concentrate extract is still very much kratom, but it has been distilled and concentrated to be much more powerful.

Kratom concentrate is an evolution of sorts of kratom. It was a natural progression as the kratom community began to better understand and realize the best kratom extraction methods, strains, and techniques of production. Kratom concentrates come from extracting the desirable compounds within the kratom and leaving out the less wanted aspects, such as the bulk plant matter. What remains is still kratom, but a more potent and greatly reduced physical volume, containing only the best parts of the plant.

What Form Does Kratom Concentrate Extract Take?

lab tech stirring concentrate

Much like the butterfly, kratom concentrate takes a very different form from the original kratom. — most of the time. Some producers ‘sift’ through the kratom powder and have specific techniques designed to get a very fine gradient of powder, which typically results in more powder and less plant matter. While this may technically be a concentrate, it doesn’t fit into the traditional category of this product.

Traditional kratom concentrates generally come in two forms: liquid and solid. As a liquid, kratom appears like any other tincture. As a solid, kratom is a dark-colored, hash/resin-like substance. While different kratom extraction techniques are used for each form, they are both the same base product. Kratom leaf is distilled into smaller physical content to make it more potent.

How You Use Kratom Extracts

The liquid form of a kratom concentrate is generally accompanied by a tincture bottle and dropper. The effects are much faster than with powdered or capsule kratom, and the quantity more consistent. The liquid form is becoming popular because of its portability, ease of use, and simplified measuring.

Kratom Extraction Into Resin

Brown glass dropper on a piece of driftwood

Even though liquid kratom is fairly popular, kratom resin still has a foothold on the market. The upside of choosing resin is that you use a much smaller amount each time than with powder or capsules.

A similarity between resin and powdered kratom is they still take longer than liquid extract to take effect. You also still get the full effect of raw kratom aroma, which tends to be bitter and earthy. In fact, kratom resin may actually be more aromatic than powdered kratom because of its concentrated nature.

Liquid Or Resin?

As you can see, both types of extracts/concentrates have their advantages. The kratom extraction method is the same and both are far more potent than just basic powder. Let us know your preference in the comments!


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Close up of kratom powder

How to Find the Best Kratom Online

Shopping for kratom online can be daunting. Because kratom still isn’t regulated at the federal level, it’s a bit like the Wild West. You don’t

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