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Advantages of Kratom Extracts

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Reasons why kratom extracts are gaining in popularity

“I’ll have the usual.”

I see it all the time in movies and books. Yet whenever I go to Cracker Barrel, they don’t seem to understand what the usual is, even though I’ve been ordering the same thing or 27 years.

There’s comfort in the usual, sure. But failing to explore new options can lead to things like missing out on the fushion BBQ-Thai place that I discovered had been right next to Cracker Barrel for, like, 13 years. And so one day, my heart full of trepidation, I went. And the ‘usual’ became something very different.

The same can be said for my experience with kratom extracts. (Check here if you want to read up on the basics of extract)

Why take Kratom Extracts?

“The usual” in this instance would be the tried and true powder form of kratom, and bonus points for capsuled powder. Already such a boon for so much of the kratom community, I’ve noticed many of us are hesitant to even try new strains, let alone an entirely new mode of consumption of our favorite natural product.

Yet kratom extracts and concentrates are, in many ways, no different than ‘the usual’. It is still kratom. It will still hold within it the benefits that make kratom so enjoyable in the first place; still contain the potential relief to various symptoms.

One of the best aspects of kratom extract is the predictability. As extract creations use exact receipts and a standardized creation process, you’ll find that each use will bear similar results. Now, it’s no secret that sometimes, kratom powder – especially from questionable sources – can vary in between dosages. Sometimes, its as simple as what you had to eat that day; other times, its more complex, and dependent on the season that batch of kratom was harvested in.

But because extracts endeavor to reach a certain threshold for alkaloid contents, the variables are limited; more powder will be used if, for some reason, it is slightly less potent than usual; less powder used if that seasons harvest was particularly high grade. Thus, where powder can sometimes offer a by-case experience, extract will deliver a consistent, predictable experience.

Another excellent aspect of kratom concentrate – related to the above-mentioned – is that dosage is extremely easy to control. Because the potency of the concentrate is predictable and consistent, so too can the extract be easily measured. Often, when capsuling, you can reasonably expect to find some slight variation between capsules. And as the capsule count increased, you’ll find more and more variation (unless you go to the trouble of using a scale, etc…) It’s highly convenient to be able to measure a specific dose – as less is needed than with powder – of, say, 1ML of extract and know that this dose will have a consistent effect.

Others – and I have been in this group – will find extracts highly desirable for the fact that you needn’t eat anything, like with TKC’s liquid concentrate. Oftentimes, I’ll wake up in the morning and want some kratom to kickstart my day. However, for whatever reasons, I’m highly averse to morntide vittles; this can make it hard to get down some capsules. With extract, I needn’t worry about eating capsules, or filling my stomach with a buffer. I can simply take a few drops of extract and I’ve good to go.

And herein lies extracts most alluring quality – it’s simply convenient and easy. I use to tote around paper towel, a tuperware, my capsules, and a bag or two of kratom. Then, in some forlorn circumstance, I’d have to assemble some manufacturing line to get my kratom capsuled and ready for consumption, along with making sure I had a drink nearby. With extract, I’m simply able to keep a small tincture bottle in my pocket, and then I’m good to go.

Honestly, these are just some of the advantages I’ve come across. Each user may have their own proclivities satisfied by the ease and consistency of kratom extract; share in the comments below!

Peace and Love,


Anthony Dent is one of the founders of The Kratom Company who has had years of personal and professional experience in the industry. As a kratom user himself, he is an advocate for all the potential benefits kratom can offer users both new and experienced. As the industry and legal atmosphere change, Anthony stays up to date on the latest Kratom Consumer Protection Acts to keep readers up to date with reliable information.
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