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Kratom Tea

Understanding the allure of kratom tea, and how to make it.
Tea in a light green cup with dried herbs on the saucer


-A look at the benefits of consuming kratom as tea, and how

Cats and dogs. Windows and OSx. Pigeons and Macaws. Coffee and Tea.

Welcome to the pantheon of polarity, where we the insatiable endure.

Notice the “and”, not “versus”. Since I recently voluntarily signed up to the indentured servitude of a cat, after growing up with dogs, I’ve seen the value of inclusiveness. So if you’re a coffee drinker, and harbor ill wall against tea, I’d encourage you to keep an open mind when it comes to kratom tea. Besides, kratom is already related to coffee. Time to give tea a try. 

Why Kratom Tea?

Kratom Tea enjoys a number of advantages over traditional powder consumption. Most noticeable, of course, is the increased ease of consumption. Kratom is very much an organic substance with little in the way of flavor. In fact, the argument would hold that kratom has a flavor which is more grass than sassafras; in other words, it doesn’t taste great. Even without added flavor to your kratom tea, it makes consumption much more palatable.

And then consider all the additional flavorings. You can include a traditional tea flavor, as well as other additives such as honey. Some teas, like green tea, can work synergistically with kratom to improve the effects of both. An energetic tea paired with a Green Vein kratom would make Monday morning even easier. So too would a nighttime tea with a Red Vein improve your prospects of a good night’s sleep. The natural substances pair well together to create a gentle collage of benefits, as reported by users and dictated by strain. 

But kratom can also be capsuled to mitigate concerns on flavoring. Why then has kratom tea been getting so popular?

Kratom tea poured into a cup
Kratom Tea

Consuming kratom as a tea actually increases the effectiveness of the product, according to many users. As long as one is careful not to bring the water to a boil, as the boiling temperatures can degrade the alkaloids which are responsible for the effects of kratom, many users report that they enjoy better effects from tea than from traditional powder consumption. This may be due to some interaction of the heat catalyzing the absorption of the alkaloids. 

Kratom Tea and Efficacy

However, some users report that kratom tea does not increase the efficacy of consumption. Instead, these users report that there is a misconception of increased potency due to activation time. As the body processes liquid faster than solids – and, for example, taking kratom in a capsule further increases activation time – that the quickened onset of effects with kratom tea can present a false impression of increased potency. But it may be a moot point. If a user feels that kratom tea is more potent for them, their perception dictates the truth, and therefore, we cannot say that it is not true. The placebo effect aside, it likely comes down to personal preference. Bear in mind that kratom tea, for the same reasons it has quick onset, may have a shorter duration, depending on a number of other factors.

Aside from the quicker activation time, which in some instances may be preferable for users – like those who wish to take a Green Vein and get an energy boost early in the morning – kratom tea also sits well for those who are averse to eating with their kratom. Some users kratom experience is more impacted by their stomachs food content than others; therefore, these users may prefer to enjoy the initial effects of their dose on an empty stomach. While another, smaller subset of kratom users have reported mild stomach discomfort when taking kratom powder on an empty stomach, kratom tea further simplifies their consumption. It allows a quick, caveat free kratom dose, and again speaking to the morning crowd, breakfast isn’t always in the cards. Thus kratom tea is an excellent option for a morning dose.

How to make Kratom Tea

Making kratom tea is simple. 

  • Bring water to a point before it boils
    • A microwave can also be used to heat water. Times may vary but expect anywhere from 20-40 seconds to get an idea of pre-boiling temperatures.
    • Measure your water according to the following consideration:
      • How much total liquid you want to drink
      • How much you want the taste diluted
  • Stir in your kratom powder
    • Kratom can also be enclosed in cheesecloth or a similar material and kneaded; this is a way to ‘steep’ the kratom. Do this step when the water is warm. This will further minimize taste concerns, if that is a sticking point. Kneading could take anywhere from 3-7 minutes.
    • When stirring, make sure no clumps remain
  • Add in flavoring
    • Another variant of tea, preferably a citrus flavor
      • Citrus is a kratom potentiate and thus enhances the breakdown and consumption, while also being a potent flavorant
      • For the same reason, adding in lemon/lime juice is a good idea
    • Honey works very well and is a staple additive in tea
    • A splash of juice or milk
    • Sugar
  • Mixture may be hot; it may need to cool for a few minutes.
A cup of kratom tea
Some frothing kratom tea ready for consumption. Notice the color. That means the kratom has dissolved properly.

For someone who has not yet done kratom, a good starting dose would be about 2-4 grams. Others can likely maintain a similar dose to what they have found works well for them prior.

Kratom Tea is, for a variety of reasons, an excellent mode of consumption. It can better suit the schedule and diet of the user, and has quicker onset for those who do not wish to wait. Some even claim it is more effective than a similar dose. So don’t fret about your allegiance to coffee.

Besides, after a few brews of some kratom tea, you may just switch sides.

*Do NOT take this article as medical advice. Always consult with your doctor before making choices about your health. Kratom does NOT cure any diseases. Do not stop taking any doctor prescribed medications before consulting with your healthcare provider. Do not use kratom as a replacement for any medicines. This article is the opinion of the author and is NOT to be used as medical advice. Always follow your local laws regarding kratom. This blog is intended for educational purposes and is speculative and based on unproven anecdotal reports from individuals who are not medical professionals. Always take caution when considering what to put in your body. Always conduct your own research and take care that what you read on the internet is viewed with a skeptical eye.


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Close up of kratom powder

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Nothing in this article is intended to be taken as medical advice. Always consult with your physician before making any choices about your health. Kratom does not cure any diseases. This blog does not suggest that any physician directed medical treatments or programs be replaced by kratom. Kratom should not be used as a replacement for any doctor prescribed medications. Consult with your doctor before you make any decisions regarding kratom. Do not mix kratom with any medications unless you have consulted your doctor first. This space encourages education, moderation, and caution when imbibing information, or any substance. This space does not encourage the consumption of any products as medical treatments, and does not suggest that kratom should be used in place of any doctor prescribed or suggested medicines. Always follow state, local, and federal laws regarding kratom, and all else. This space is intended as a place for educational discourse, contemplation, and conjecture regarding kratom.


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