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Untapped Potential- Kratom Potentiates

What is a Kratom potentiate, and what do they mean for Kratom users? A look at the effects, benefits, and questions of Kratom potentiates.
Grape Fruit


-What is a potentiate, and how does it relate to kratom?

The bottom of the cereal box; a mysterious, yet enticing place. Shrouded in darkness, this abyss is only revealed whence the sugared wheats have been dispensed under the sleepy gaze of the freshly woke. But a little surprise often awaits to quell the disappointment of having your breakfast bowl cut in half. 

That pile of sweet, sweet sugar, the little clumps of cereal essence, loosely tucked into the corner of the plastic, like a reward for remembering to eat breakfast. It’s a nice bit of flavoring for the ceremonial last supper (breakfast?) signaling that boxes demise. One could say, a potentiate for that last bit of cereal.

What is this man talking about?

A potentiate is a substance which modulates the effects of another substance. In the same way that the scruffles of sugar at the bottom of the cereal bag enhance the flavoring of your breakfast, a potentiate can also be considered an enhancer. Potentiates have a crucial role in everything from cuisine to chemistry. For today’s contemplations, let’s take a look at the latter.

Kratom has a number of potentiates. That is, there are a number of ‘household’ consumables which can enhance the effects of kratom. This can help maintain tolerance, increase the effects of a certain strain, and save money. Potentiates generally do not run the risk of pushing your chosen dosage to a point where you feel that you have taken ‘too much’. Instead, in the same way that an extra bit of sugar sprinkled atop your cereal does not necessarily equivocate eating a bigger breakfast, potentiates merely maximize the value of what you already have. But bear in mind that in enhancing those effects, it can sometimes feel like a larger dose. Thus, when using a potentiate, it is best to start with a reduced dose, and work your way up until you are comfortable with the modulation offered by the potentiate.

Scientific chemical symbols
Remember, it’s a chemical reaction that makes it a potentiate, for our purposes.

Bear in mind that a potentiate is not necessarily the same as taking a substance with similar effects of kratom and thus ‘stacking’ the effects of the product. For example, taking an energy boosting strain of kratom along with coffee may ‘stack’ the energy boosting effects of both. I do not consider this a potentiate, as a kratom potentiate only works in conjunction with kratom, not in addition to kratom. Taking additional substances that ‘stack’ the effects of kratom is generally not advisable; for example, looking to capitalize on the sedative effects of alcohol along with a sedative strain of kratom is not a good idea, as this can have uncertain effects (I would specifically advise against drinking and taking kratom.) While kratom is not explicitly toxic in combination with other substances – as kratom itself is not toxic and does not have any lethal properties – it is never a good idea to mix substances that can inebriate. 

In summary; a kratom potentiate is a substance that is dependent on kratom to increase effects, and on its own, would not cause any effects similar to kratom.

We’re all squirrels* adults here, so let’s discuss a common mix; cannabis and kratom users often co-occur, as a predilection for the ‘All Natural’ can often lead somebody to conclude both as beneficial. Kratom and cannabis are not dangerous to take together; there are no toxic or caustic chemical interactions, as both substances have a sparkling record for safety. However, be aware that cannabis and kratom have increased in potency over the years, and when taken together, can cause significant inebriation to a user. Be aware of this, and if you are determined to mix the two, start small. As always, follow the law in your state as it pertains to cannabis use.

Most potentiates need to be established in your system in order to work most effectively, so a good rule of thumb is to take your chosen potentiate about 45 minutes before you take your kratom dose. Bear in mind that potentiates – like any substance, including kratom – affect everybody differently. Take your time, and as always, be mindful of what is going into your body.

*Journal Entry 53: I had a close call today when writing for the TKC blog, but I don’t think anyone noticed. So far, so good.

Kratom Potentiates


Sold as a supplement, magnesium is best recognized as a mitigation of accrued tolerance. Use magnesium to reduce the amount of kratom you must take, if you feel that your tolerance has increased and the effects have been reduced.


-It is thought that the acidic enzymes in grapefruit catalyze the body’s breakdown and processing of the alkaloids in kratom, resulting in a more complete absorption from the user.


Turmeric root and turmeric powder on a wooden spoon
Tumeric Root

Turmeric can be used in conjunction with kratom to enhance the effects of a particular strain. It is thought to be more effective with ‘Red Vein’ kratom strains, but seems to have an impact on all types. A somewhat common cooking ingredient, turmeric should be easy to track down.

-Cayenne Pepper

Similar to grapefruit, cayenne is thought to catalyze the breakdown and release of the compounds in kratom, thus imparting a more ‘full’ experience to the user.


Watercress is somewhat uncommon in traditional western kitchens, but has established usage in the cuisine of the Orient. That may be how early kratom users deduced that watercress appears to prolong the effects of kratom, but it does not appear to have an impact on potency. Most markets and stores should have watercress, but it would be easiest to find in ‘Asian Markets’. 

-Valerian Root

Valerian Root laying on table with Kratom
Valerian Root is said to pair well with Kratom.

This almost crosses over into a substance that ‘stacks’, but valerian root is very mild as is, and does have a chemical interaction with kratom that seems to impact its duration and potency. A common herbal supplement, Valerian Root can be found in the ‘Supplements’ sections of most stores and online.


This is by no means an exhaustive list. Instead, it was my hope to include substances most familiar to the reader, or most easily accessible. Other potentiates can include the herb Cat’s Claw, or the Akuamma Seed, and still more are sure to be discovered.

I must include a note of caution, however. A number of online resources of varying repute will claim medications or other, potentially dangerous substances – like the dangerous scourge phenibut – can be used to potentiate kratom. Remember: the substance must impart no effect by itself and must have a unique chemical reaction with kratom in order to be a true potentiate. If it already imparts an effect, then it is a separate substance used to ‘stack’ similar effects. I would strongly discourage this stacking effect, for a variety of reasons. While there is no evidence that kratom has any dangerous toxic interactions with, well, anything, there are a bevy of reasons not to mix inebriating substances. As with anything, from water to pills, be mindful of what you are putting in your body.

Potentiates can be an excellent modulate for the kratom experience. Do you think you’ve discovered a potentiate that isn’t listed here? We’d love to hear about it. It seems like new benefits and interesting factoids about kratom are discovered regularly. 

Young kratom shoots in the ground.
What will come of this little Kratom shoot?

One could say that there’s all sorts of potential with kratom.

Do not take anything on this blog as medical advice. Always consult with your doctor before making any decisions about your health. Do not stop taking any doctor prescribed medications unless you have talked with your doctor. Kratom does not cure any diseases. Further research will continue to show that kratom does not cure any diseases. Thus, do not take kratom as a cure for any diseases. Some studies show that kratom may be able to lessen some symptoms. This is not proven. The content of this blog is based on reports, is speculation and conjecture, and should not in any way be regarded as proven or medical advice. Always conduct thorough research. Never take medical advice from the internet. Always think carefully about what you put into your body. Always consult your doctor before making any changes that may affect your health.


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Bottle of kratom extract next to other botanicals

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Liquid kratom has become extremely popular. It’s more potent and alkaloid-rich than conventional kratom capsules and powders, and it offers a completely unique experience. There

Governor’s palace in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia

Is Kratom Legal in Virginia?

Is kratom legal in Virginia? Whether you’re planning a trip to Colonial Williamsburg, touring the halls of Mount Vernon, or renting an apartment in scenic

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