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Traveling with Kratom

The best ways to travel with kratom, and where you can go with it.
Kratom Travel


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How to travel with Kratom

“Travel – it leaves us speechless, then turns us into storytellers.”

This poignant quote from some unknown source learned in an uncertain grade school class resonates with me, particularly now. During the COVID 19 lockdown, one of my greatest joys – travel – has been removed from my repetoire.

And so I sit, and I wait.

But I plan to embark on a series of travels when possible, and it had me thinking; per chance others have similar sentiments, and are uncertain about traveling with kratom. In fact, I had a friend ask me the other day about flying with kratom; and as an airline stewardess, I figured if she didn’t know, that a post could have some merit.

Where you can and cannot go

This is an exceptionally important point for any roadtrips – listed below are the states where possession of kratom is not legal:

  • Indiana
  • Rhode Island
  • Vermont
  • Wisconsin
  • Arkansas
  • Alabama

Surprise, surprise; the ever draconian Indiana, with its long fetish of persecuting the drug war, despises all forms of personal inebriation. This is a shame, because I love the dunes, and the state at large.

The deep south explains itself, and while a few of the Northeastern states are a surprise, they are to be noted nonetheless.

Now, this data is most important for roadtrips. Passing through these states with some powdered kratom stashed away in a bag may seem like a very low risk, but it is indeed a risk.

I certainly do not encourage breaking the law, but it is best the reader has the data. Putting it in capsules may allow it to pass off as another ‘herbal’, but with kratoms popularity rising, its getting harder to pass off. It does not really carry a smell, but powder can spread about wherever it is kept. I do not suppose to suggest anything one way or the other, but the official stance here will always be to follow the law, and for your own sake.

Tinctures are, by nature, just as cryptic as a bag of green powder. While it may seem plausible to fill a dark vial or even an old bottle with some tincture and pass it off as something else, remember that kratom concentrate has a rather distinct, non-drink smell. Absent any labelling, kratom would indeed be very difficult to detect; but remember, if you are a fan of cannabis, then a search for one substance could lead to the discovery as a another. Currently, these lovely states will hit you with a double felony for possessing both. Just remember; follow the law, for your own sake.

Flying with Kratom

My aforementioned friend was curious if the altitude had any effect on kratom, as she intended it to fly between states where it was legal and stow it in the bottom of the plane. It’s a fair question, as one must remember that kratom packed away could be subject to intense temperature and environmental differences.

However, if the kratom is stored properly – a bag, or sealed jar – then the short period of time it is exposed to intense temperatures is nothing to worry about. Bear in mind that sometimes, I’ve went to baggage claim and my bag has felt…IDK, humid? Slightly damp? Maybe it was rained on, or we flew through some humid areas? The point is, its best to keep kratom in your personal bag.

Now, while it is legal, you don’t really want TSA pulling out your kratom, poking it around, and having to explain what it is; its not timely, its not fun. So I’d recommend concealing it, not to try to smuggle it – because it is not illegal to fly with kratom between the 44 states where it is legal – but because its just better to make it through security smoothly. If any inquiry is made, explain that it is an herbal supplement that aids in your diet. That’s what kratom is!

One more note; keep in mind that there are still liquid bans when flying. I’ve found that its not always uniformly consistent, but even a relatively small amount of liquid can be considered problematic when flying, due to security concerns. Therefore, try to fly with less than 200 ML of any liquid concentrate you may want to take with you. Even better, check the regulations out of your airport, and go low by about 25%, just to be sure. The prior suggestions regarding sensibile discretion apply.

Final Checklist

A final note I should add:

While it is indeed possible, even quite plausible, that taking kratom overseas would go fine, I would strongly advise against it. Customs may get antsy. You may not totally understand the law of the country you are going to. Much like in America, a distinction between local and federal laws could be problematic. Even going to Canada, I would advise against ever traveling overseas with kratom. There’s simply too many unknowns, a language barriers, and laws that non-locals don’t quite grasp in full. It is not a risk worth taking.

So remember:

-Always seal and store kratom properly

-Be very careful to remember state laws on kratom, and follow them accordingly

-Keep kratom in your carry on luggage and watch out for liquid limits

-And don’t travel overseas with Kratom!

But the biggest benefit of the coming times, of course, will be that we can travel again. I hope you find your way back to your favorite place.

You may just see me there!

Peace and Love,



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How to Store Your Kratom Powder

Kratom, like anything else, only stays fresh for so long. For users who purchase kratom as they need it, you generally won’t see any issues

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    Flying out of Tampa into Denver tonight.. am I good to bring a bottle of capsules with me??

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    Damn those banned states! So stupid

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    This was super helpful thank you!

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