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How to Make Kratom Soap

Understanding what Kratom Soap is, its potential benefits, and how to make you own!


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I’m not sure what was more terrifying.

The toilet paper, or the hand sanitizer.

Oh yes, I was there. I was there for the great shortage of Spring 2020, when all reason left consumerist America and crucial supplies were hoarded as squirrels would fight over the worlds last nut.

But our goal wasn’t to stash away victuals – we wanted to stay clean. The Hand sanitizer disappeared. A black market even appeared locally. And those who had managed to get some prior to the shortage were royalty. 

Oh, bless you, 2020.

What is Kratom Soap?

Herbal soaps have been making a resurgence. Perhaps after the shortage of cleaning products that arose in Spring of 2020, it would be prudent that we know how to make soaps and cleaning materials out of natural materials that remain available even when more common items are not.

The idea, of course, is that staying clean has found renewed importance after some of the lessons of 2020. And even better, finding environmentally sustainable ways to keep our cleanliness gives an added incentive to go natural.

Enter Kratom Soap.

Kratom has been used as a topical in South East Asia for as long as it has been consumed, whether it be for ancient religious ceremonies, or taken as a traditional home remedy for a number of symptoms. 

Regrettably, Kratom Soap didn’t become famous because of its aromatic or flowery scent. But this can be addressed by the way you make the soap. And Kratom Soap can do many things that are inherent only to the benefits of the remarkable Kratom tree

The Benefits of Kratom Soap

Kratom Soap has, of course, antibacterial properties, thus fulfilling a basic premise of any soap. But the benefits expand beyond simply cleaning. Kratom, like when it is consumed in other ways, has been reported to have beneficial medicinal effects. In line with its long usage as a topical by Pacific cultures, Kratom Soap is reported to treat psoriasis, eczema, and red skin syndrome. Simply applying the Soap to the affected regions is reported to aid in both the reduction of symptoms and the relief from them, though it will not cure any of the aforementioned dermatological issues. Remember, Kratom does not cure any diseases.

It is further reported to generally aid in the cleaning and gentle scouring of abnormal skin patches, helping to give skin a more uniform look, whatever the cause of the stress to the dermis. While this benefit is unique because of its topical application, Kratom Soap retains some of the benefits that one would expect if it were consumed in a more traditional manner, like Kratom Tea. 

Kratom Soap is reported to help relieve muscle aches, lessen tension, and generally provide relief for bodily aches, much as kratom strains like Red Bali are reported to be an analgesic. This certainly provides Kratom Soap with a unique quality that can not only serve a traditional purpose in showering and cleaning off, but also in managing symptoms of conditions like arthritis.

Another benefit Kratom can offer as a topical is its flexibility. It can also be made into lotions and salves. The benefits offered cover a wide range, and may be determined to how a certain body type reacts to topicals. Kratom topicals should:

-Help exfoliating

-Keep skin clear

-Help manage skin conditions


-Allows custom ingredients in making a soap tailor made for your needs

-No harmful additives often found in beauty products, but all the benefits

How to make Kratom Soap

Remember, you can include any additional additive that you enjoy, whether it be for scent or sensation. The only limit is your creativity; Kratom is the foundation, and you’re decorating the house.

Some nice additives could include:

-Colloidal Oatmeal

-Pumice Powder

-Old unused coffee grounds

-Herbal Extracts like Lavender, Chamomile, Peppermint, or Frankincense

And now let us all hope we don’t have another shortage of cleaning supplies. But if we do, the ability to convert some of the kratom stash into soap may just come in handy.

Let us know how it turns out!

Best of Luck!


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Jars of beans and seeds

How to Store Your Kratom Powder

Kratom, like anything else, only stays fresh for so long. For users who purchase kratom as they need it, you generally won’t see any issues

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    This is a great article. Kratom soap is highly underrated and I speak from experience!

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