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Kratom & CBD

-Understanding what CBD+Kratom products are, and why they don't offer much of a benefit and probably aren't worth the high price.
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Can You Use CBD & Kratom Together?

When we first started The Kratom Company, we thought we had hit on a genius idea. The type of genius that comes around once in a lifetime. We thought we had peaked and would never need to think ever again! Well, as it turns out, our idea wasn’t so original and we weren’t the first ones to consider combining kratom and CBD.

Because both kratom and CBD have some overlap in their reported effects, there is still a lot of research that must be done before we can confidently attribute wellness effects to either product. If you’re curious about why we haven’t made a product that combines CBD and kratom together, read on here for some thoughts from our experts.

The Emergence of CBD

The use of CBD products has been incredibly popular over the last few years. Using the non-psychoactive components of hemp and cannabis, manufacturers have refined a product that is touted for a number of medicinal purposes. From pain relief to decreased anxiety, there are anecdotal stories of CBD helping thousands.

The effects of CBD on the body are a little unclear. Because it doesn’t cause a traditional high, many people don’t get any noticeable effect after taking it. That hasn’t stopped people from buying products containing CBD for themselves and their pets to remedy any number of ailments.

The Effects of CBD

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The second most prevalent compound in marijuana, CBD, has unique interactions with THC. It regulates the psychoactive effects of THC, without mitigating the medicinal effects of the substance. Thus, it is effective for reducing the “high” in individuals who consume marijuana purely for the medicinal effect, and is one of the reasons that those suffering with illnesses may seek high CBD-content products.

CBD on its own does seem to have some medicinal benefits, though recent marketing pushes by the cannabis industry may be exaggerating some of the claims. It’s also possible that CBD has additional benefits we haven’t learned of yet. Furthermore, some of the effects of CBD are systemic, meaning that one dose won’t be enough to implement the change. Some tout CBD as a wonder drug, and others make it out to be snake oil.

CBD & Marijuana

Before we get to the effects of kratom and CBD together, we need to discuss CBD and marijuana. There is a wider range of approved conditions that medical marijuana can be used to treat, including chronic pain, glaucoma, chronic nausea, and more. There are those that insist CBD is the primary healing factor in medical marijuana, but THC is a remarkable substance. It would even be fair to assess THC as an incredible healing medicinal compound with a side effect of causing inebriation. Additionally, marijuana has over 100 additional cannabinoids that have medicinal effects, like THCV, CBC, CBN and CBG.

While cannabinoids, like CBD, are one likely reason why cannabis is so popular as a treatment method for a variety of conditions, there are still other factors to consider. Other compounds in cannabis that could be the core of its healing effects are called terpenes. These are natural compounds that occur in almost all flora, including fruits, flowers, and vegetables. Cannabis terpenes interact with THC and other cannabinoids in a fascinating manner and can actually modulate their effects.

How THC, CBD, & Kratom Are Linked

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Of course, the biggest difference between kratom and marijuana is that kratom doesn’t get you high. This is one major characteristic that kratom and CBD have in common. Another difference between kratom and marijuana is their effect on your mental faculties. For the most part, marijuana slows you down and makes you want to sleep while kratom has been described as energizing, even “the biggest cup of coffee in the world!”

Because marijuana and kratom are so different, it’s useless to compare them. And, even though CBD and kratom do have some similarities, at the end of the day, they’re also very different from each other. For one, kratom has a very noticeable effect — even after just one use. For another, the FDA still doesn’t trust the research behind kratom. As research expands, we’re confident that kratom will gain just as much traction as CBD and cannabis in the medical world.

THC, CBD, & Kratom | Overcoming the Hurdles

Kratom has more than 40 compounds — known as alkaloids — that can impact the user and offer wellness support. We can view these alkaloids as similar to the cannabinoids that affect the body when you consume marijuana. While only a few kratom compounds have been extensively studied, the kratom scene is nearly identical to the situation with marijuana.

Around the world, people are already using marijuana, CBD, and kratom to great effect. Millions are reporting similar effects that governments and regulatory bodies are choosing to ignore. Unfortunately, until there are enough studies to back the anecdotal evidence, nothing will change their minds. We must urge continued scientific studies into the power of cannabis, CBD, and kratom to ensure it becomes mainstream and accessible enough for people to use it.

CBD & Kratom Together

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After discussing the possibilities of CBD and kratom on an individual level, it’s time to take a look at how they might be used together. Kratom has a long history that has only recently undergone clinical study, but CBD has had better research and marketing. You might be wondering if it’s even worth taking CBD if you can’t feel any measurable effects. You could even be thinking about whether kratom can bolster CBD and make it more powerful.

Is it worth taking products with both CBD and kratom together? Is this a revolutionary concept or simply a marriage of convenience for two co-occurring populations?

Our Opinion

There are a few factors that may determine whether it’s worth taking CBD and kratom together. First is the cost. Are you saving any money on these expensive products by combining them? We’ve found that there are no significant savings in bundled combo products.

The next thing you want to consider is quantity. CBD needs to be used consistently to establish a baseline and cause any significant changes, while kratom’s effects are apparent from the very first use. Furthermore, we do not recommend using kratom every single day, whereas CBD is great for everyday doses. The mismatched recommendations for kratom and CBD are the primary reason why you shouldn’t combine them.

What Should You Do?

While we’re not medical experts, we do our best to stay up to date on the newest developments in the world of kratom. We don’t recommend kratom to cure any ailment or disease and CBD has not yet been proven as a cure for anything either. If you’re taking CBD and you feel like it’s improving your health, by all means, keep taking it! You can even add kratom to your regimen where necessary.

As always, make sure you’re following state laws regarding all of these substances and do your research to ensure the safety of the products you use!


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Close up of kratom powder

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