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Kratom for Energy

Kratom, or Coffee? Can Kratom replace the bean and help the Monday morning drag with a boost of energy?
Two green leaves and a pile of coffee beans.


I’ve never understood coffee, personally. Some tell me it’s an acquired taste; consider my palette that of a philistine, then. I’ve always been of the opinion that if energy is so depleted in the first place, one should address the root cause. In other words, I’m a shameless promoter of naps. In this blog we will look at the upside of using kratom for energy.

But so too do I understand that our greatest societal shortcoming is the absence of a built in ‘Siesta’ to our daily work schedule. And so, for those who may not like coffee, luckily, there is an alternative. And it’s a close relative.

Kratom and its Effects

Kratom is indeed closely related to coffee, and poring over anecdotal reports of kratom’s effects, one can see why. Kratom is an interesting substance in that its effects can be dictated not only by the strain and production methods, but by its dosage. In higher doses, kratom acts as a sedative. This makes larger doses of strains like Red Bali – a strain known for its calming, sleep promoting effects, an excellent choice for a late night dose. But in smaller doses, most kratom strains act more as stimulant, embodying kratom’s close relationship with coffee.

Generally speaking, kratom strains can vary widely in their effects. Furthermore, individuals have different responses to different strains. Sterling McBeaver can take Red Vietnam and be energized, while that same strain could leave Grinkus Hamstein headed for the couch. This is because different bodies and weights process kratom differently, where some compounds are processed more efficiently, and a small dose for one could be a larger dose for another. Additionally, even when purchasing a similar strain from the same vendor, kratom may not be homogenous. The time of year the kratom is harvested, and subtle differences in the growing conditions and post production curing methods can all impact the impact of the strain. For example, perhaps humid weather made the supplier dry the kratom for an extra few days. This led to additional time curing, which then altered the makeup up of the product. 

grounded up kratom powder
Finely Ground Kratom Powder

So we’re left wondering; how then can one enjoy the effects they pursue from kratom? And, for so many who run themselves ragged at work and find themselves struggling to sleep, how can kratom’s stimulating properties be best seized for increased productivity?

Kratom and Energy

Bearing in mind the impact of dosage, most users report that White and Green Vein kratom strains often have the most stimulating properties. White Vein Kratom generally has the most phenotypes best suited for morning use, or in any other application where a user wishes for effects similar to coffee; a boost in energy, increased focus, and a boon to productivity. Green Vein kratom, which is most often reported to feel like a mixture of Red and White Vein, often has the same impact. Due to its balanced effects, Green Vein is most often dependent on the dosage taken; a large dose will capitalize on its sedative effects, whereas a smaller dose will focus on its stimulating action. 

Of course, some users may find a small dose of Red Thai gives them more energy than some White Indo. Again, this could be due to a wide variety of factors; personal physiology, the potency of the strain, the season harvested, post harvest conditions, the quality of the vendor, etc… Generally speaking, however, White Vein, followed by Green, will most embody the energetic qualities that make kratoms’ close genetic relation to coffee so apparent. 

The rising popularity of kratom extracts is also something to keep an eye on. Some kratom extracts are marketed as being directly correlated with increases in energy, perhaps having used a Green or White Vein as a basis for their extraction. Something to consider, however, is that the increased potency from these extractions can skew results for the user. What may appear to be a ‘small’ dose – thus expected to increase energy – could in fact be a large dose of the compounds in kratom, due to the substance being an extract. Thus, it could have a sedative effect. Bear this in mind when experimenting with an concentrates or extracts. 

What else to expect from Green and White Vein Kratom

What distinguishes kratom from coffee, however, is the wide appeal of a number of other effects imparted from the remarkable plant. An significant community has reported anecdotally – and now science is catching up – that Green and White Vein kratom can also improve your mood, with Yale Medical researches suggesting that kratom can be used to combat depression and anxiety. While there may be some association with increased energy and mood – as with coffee – the effects seem to go beyond simply feeling ‘perked up’, as many users have reported kratom making a significant impact in their lives

kratom is being studied for its medicinal potential
Kratom is being studied for its medicinal potential.

Other reports continue to expound on the potential benefits of kratom; all strains of kratom are reported to be effective in forms of pain management. Many users have gone so far as to suggest that kratom is more effective than painkillers that they were previously prescribed. Furthermore, in that vein, Kratom is being suggested as a crucial salve in the fight against the opioid epidemic. Those who have become addicted to painkillers, or who live with so much chronic pain that they have no choice but to use them consistently, have turned to kratom and swear by the plant and its ability to not only fight pain, but the absence of the side effects which make opioids such a drag. 

So it’s Monday morning. The day, in and of itself, is not intrinsically evil; but what we have made of our Mondays is indeed disappointing. 

We’re tired. We’re disheartened that two days of a weekend could pass us by so quickly while the morning of one day can seem twice as long.

Coffee? Sure.


Yes, please. 


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Close up of kratom powder

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    energy is the only thing I really use kratom for and I’m pretty passionate about it because it’s so much less unhealthy than 99% of the other energy boosters out there!! I honestly think it works better too ????????

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