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Understanding New York’s Kratom Laws

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New York has the third largest population of any U.S. state, and the kratom market is booming. From Manhattan to Buffalo, buyers are flocking to specialty shops and kratom websites to stock up on their favorite kratom essentials. 

But given the number of kratom-related bills that have made their way through the New York legislature in recent years, there’s still a lot of confusion about New York kratom laws. Is kratom legal in New York? Can anyone buy it regardless of age? Before you buy kratom in NYC, Albany, or anywhere else in the state, there are a few legal considerations you should be aware of.

Is Kratom Legal in New York?

As of 2023, kratom is fully legal in New York. There have been some efforts to restrict kratom in the past, but these efforts have been unsuccessful. In addition, it doesn’t seem likely that New York will move to ban kratom anytime in the near future. The focus among legislators has largely shifted toward regulation, as there have been multiple efforts to introduce safety and accountability measures just in the past two years. 

Kratom is currently illegal in just six states, two of which—Rhode Island and Vermont—are fairly close to New York. When traveling with kratom, always research the applicable laws in any cities, counties, or states you’ll be visiting or passing through.

Is Kratom Restricted Anywhere in New York?

While there are no restrictive New York kratom laws at the state level, you still have to be mindful of local laws. In Suffolk County (the easternmost county on Long Island), you have to be at least 21 years old to buy or possess kratom. Suffolk almost banned kratom in 2016, but the effort was ultimately unsuccessful. Instead, the county imposed a minimum age restriction.

There are no other restrictions on kratom in New York. You can buy kratom in NYC, Rochester, Syracuse, Albany, Buffalo, or just about anywhere else regardless of age. You can explore a full selection of white strain kratom, red strain kratom, and green strain kratom both in stores and online.

Has New York Tried to Ban Kratom in the Past?

Yes, there have been several legislative efforts to restrict and/or fully ban kratom in New York. In 2018, for example, Assembly member Aileen Gunther introduced a bill (New York Assembly Bill 231) that would fully prohibit the sale and distribution of kratom products. The bill was met with swift grassroots resistance in the form of protests and petitions, and it ultimately died in committee.

Between 2017 and 2018, two other New York bills sought to impose minimum age restrictions on kratom—similar to the types of restrictions that exist in Suffolk County. However, these bills were also unsuccessful.

Is New York Kratom Regulated?

Kratom is still unregulated throughout New York, but there have been multiple efforts to change all of that. Advocates have long been pushing for New York to enact the Kratom Consumer Protection Act (KCPA), a collection of safety guidelines that have been highly effective in states like Arizona and Utah.

The KCPA was initially developed by the American Kratom Association, an organization that lobbies for safe and sensible kratom laws nationwide. Different states have adapted the KCPA in different ways, but common stipulations include:

  • Keeping kratom out of the hands of minors 
  • Placing limits on kratom alkaloid concentrations 
  • Banning synthetic alkaloids and dangerous non-kratom ingredients 
  • Requiring accurate and honest product labeling 
  • Prohibiting labels or advertisements that would be appealing to children

In 2021, legislators considered a bill that would have brought the Kratom Consumer Protection Act to New York. This was the second such attempt to introduce wide-reaching kratom regulations in New York. Though it had a lot of momentum and was referred to the Senate Agriculture Committee for review, it ultimately died in committee.

Advocates are still pushing for New York kratom regulations, and representatives from the American Kratom Association are predicting that we’ll see more kratom legislation in New York in the near future. Bringing the KCPA to New York would mean greater product confidence and would help to remove poor-quality manufacturers from the market.

Is It Safe to Buy Kratom in New York?

Although there are currently no New York kratom regulations, you can still find safe, high-quality kratom. Heed the following tips when shopping:

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  1. Buy kratom online. Though it’s possible to find high-quality kratom in many brick-and-mortar stores, it can be much harder to distinguish the good from the bad when you’re dealing with convenience store kratom. Online kratom brands typically must appeal to the highest regulatory standards, otherwise they’d be barred from selling their products in nearly a dozen states.
  2. Stick with trusted brands. You want to ensure that the brand is easy to research, has a strong track record, and is transparent about their products. Don’t just look at how the company describes itself; see what real buyers are saying. Look for consumer reviews and reports.
  3. Always read the label. A quality kratom product should contain just one ingredient: 100% natural kratom leaf (sometimes identified as Mitragyna speciosa). Avoid synthetic kratom as well as any product containing foreign adulterants.

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A Summary of New York Kratom Law

If you’re looking to buy kratom in NYC or elsewhere in New York, there are two important takeaways to consider:

  • Kratom is legal in New York. You’re not going to get in trouble for having it. Just be careful when heading out of state, and research the laws wherever you’re traveling
  • In New York, kratom is unregulated. Because there are no safety regulations in place, you have to be extra diligent to avoid poor-quality products. Buy online, and research products carefully.

As long as you’re a smart shopper, New York is a great place to enjoy your favorite kratom strains.

Anthony Dent is one of the founders of The Kratom Company who has had years of personal and professional experience in the industry. As a kratom user himself, he is an advocate for all the potential benefits kratom can offer users both new and experienced. As the industry and legal atmosphere change, Anthony stays up to date on the latest Kratom Consumer Protection Acts to keep readers up to date with reliable information.
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