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The Status of Kratom in Wisconsin

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Kratom has become widely popularized in recent years, but like many goods in the alternative health space, its legality is a gray area that some users may not fully understand. Users have to do their research to better understand whether or not kratom is allowed in their state, or, in some cases, county or city. Take, for example, kratom in Wisconsin. What is the kratom legality in Wisconsin, and how does it impact you? Let’s dive further into this topic to help residents better understand whether or not kratom is accessible to them.

We’ve previously discussed kratom legality in Wisconsin on our blog, but residents may be surprised to learn that kratom is still not legal in their state. For those who are unaware, kratom was inadvertently banned in 2014 as part of an effort to tackle problematic synthetic drugs, which labeled kratom as a toxic herb. As such, having this plant in any form in the state of Wisconsin is illegal. But is this something that’s going to stay in place?

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Will Kratom in Wisconsin Remain Illegal?

Because Wisconsin is one of the few states that have banned kratom entirely, there are proponents of kratom legalization that are working towards getting kratom unbanned. In fact, lawmakers have considered changing the status of kratom legality in Wisconsin as recently as 2022, when a bill was introduced that would officially legalize the plant and separate it from other designer drugs that were targeted by the initial piece of legislation that made kratom illegal. 

But while there are continuous efforts to get the legal status changed, the most recent efforts of lawmakers in Wisconsin were derailed due to objections raised by law enforcement officials and doctors. At the time of writing, there is no news as to whether the status of Wisconsin kratom might change in the future should lawmakers decide to pursue this push for legalization again.

Pay Close Attention to Local and National news

As members of the kratom community, staying on top of the news is critical to ensuring that you’re up-to-date on all the latest kratom developments. If you’re located in a state that bans kratom, like Wisconsin, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Arkansas, this will help you better understand whether or not new bills progress and the legal status changes. Speaking beyond kratom in Wisconsin, staying on top of national news will also help you better understand how entities like the DEA might be moving to change the legal status of kratom as well.

So, where does this leave you? At the moment, the most recent bill to legalize kratom for the state of Wisconsin was abandoned due to both the objections raised by other parties as well as the belief that the bill wouldn’t garner enough support to pass. If you’re looking for ways to get involved, consider speaking to your local politicians and making a case that can help you legalize kratom in your home state!

Anthony Dent is one of the founders of The Kratom Company who has had years of personal and professional experience in the industry. As a kratom user himself, he is an advocate for all the potential benefits kratom can offer users both new and experienced. As the industry and legal atmosphere change, Anthony stays up to date on the latest Kratom Consumer Protection Acts to keep readers up to date with reliable information.
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