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No Smoking

Do not smoke kratom. Please.
Kratom Leaf and smoking


-Ten million reasons why you should never smoke kratom

It’s difficult to precisely identify why, but smoking has some intrinsic value to mankind. Right next to the earliest handprints in the dark corners of a cavern wall are smoking utensils. Even the founding of America was contingent on a global affection for smoking; tobacco made some of the early American colonies financially viable, spurring the development of the nascent nation.

Humans like to smoke. So in regards to kratom, we knew the question would arise at some point; can it be smoked?

And a thousand times, I say; no, no, and no.

The science behind smoking

Decarboxylation is a crucial term to understand when examining whether or not a substance can be smoked. To simplify the idea, imagine it as the temperature at which chemicals are destroyed by fire, the chemical catalyst to release the smoke which is to be inhaled. If the chemicals that are to be turned into smoke are destroyed by fire, then it should not be smoked, as there is nothing to be gained from it. Unless you enjoy inhaling smog.

In the simplest terms, kratom’s level of decarboxylation means that fire destroys the alkaloids which produce the desired effects of kratom. Remember, as a relative of coffee, kratom has no precedent for being smoked; while some ancient tribes may have burned it ceremonially, there is no evidence to suggest they ever smoked it. If there’s ever any confusion, just remember; don’t smoke coffee, don’t smoke kratom.

Where there’s smoke, there’s…everything?

Let’s all pour one out (light one up?) for all the brave pioneers of the human race who have attempted to smoke things that were never intended to be put into a pipe. Because of their sacrifices, we now have a wide menu which gives us an idea of what is and isn’t good to be put to flame.

But it’s also led to some unfortunate ideas.

Most substances that can be consumed that aren’t explicitly food often see – let us put generously – adventurous consumers attempt to further that trailblazing (see what I did there?) spirit of testing whether or not a substance can be smoked, eaten, injected, snorted, etc… Some results are noteworthy; the addition of THC as a fat-soluble confection allows many the alternative to consume marijuana medically the ability to do so without smoking.

But now we’ve hit the vaping days. And while vaping uses an ostensibly different mechanism – heat, without fire – for smoking, some have posited that kratom can be vaped (I won’t bother to insult you with linking the post to various forums suggesting that kratom “could be vapable?”).

Make no mistake; heat and decarboxylation are inseparable. Fire or no fire, heat is the mechanism which decarboxylates; therefore, it is the mechanism which must be used to aerolisize a solid to be smoked.

Please, make it stop

The new found argument which has prompted some unfortunate souls to posit the smokability of kratom is that vape machines can be set to a temperature which does not destroy the alkaloids in kratom, as fire from a lighter would. However, this does not make kratom worthwhile to smoke. 

The function of absorption is hugely inefficient; the manner of heating inconsistent; the physiological response inadequate; and the motive unintelligent. There is no benefit to smoking kratom.

Make no mistake; this is no moral standing against smoking. My vice sees me enjoying tobacco, and perhaps other naturals, depending on how many pizzas are imminent. 

But the topic has been explored, examined, and extrapolated; there’s no secret or strategy behind smoking kratom. It is simply a wasteful, damaging, and frankly unappealing manner of consumption. It tastes bad – i imagine – is harsh, and struggles to yield even a minuscule fraction of the benefits derived from a more traditional function of kratom consumption, like drinking it in a tea.

While I would certainly not suggest that my dear reader would fall victim to internet madness and concur smoking to be a viable method of consumption in regards to kratom, I do feel it necessary to confirm not only the science, but the conventional wisdom which thoroughly rejects the notion that smoking kratom is in any way sound. If you must smoke, there are numerous alternatives. I’m sure you can guess what they are.

In the meantime, please do not allow any myths regarding the smoking of kratom to perpetuate, should you come across them. To some, smoking has a negative connotation; our community goal needs to be the de-stigmatization of kratom, that more among us can enjoy its remarkable benefits. 

So please, let this be the only occasion I would ever speak these words;

No smoking.


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Close up of kratom powder

How to Find the Best Kratom Online

Shopping for kratom online can be daunting. Because kratom still isn’t regulated at the federal level, it’s a bit like the Wild West. You don’t

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  1. Andrea W

    For the sake of my hope in humanity, I truly hope people are not still out there smoking kratom.

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