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Kratom vs. CBD

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There is a significant overlap between CBD and kratom users, likely because of their all-natural origins. Many of these consumers have discovered that it’s safe to use CBD and kratom together, although you may experience some intense effects from the combination. If you’re wondering what it’s like to use both kratom and cannabis, follow along on our journey to get some anecdotal evidence of the experience.

How It Started

Kratom and cannabis will obviously affect everyone differently, and using a variety of strains will also create unique results. While we did conduct interviews and perform our own research, there is no guarantee that our results are universal.

We reviewed data that started with those using kratom before CBD. After using kratom, people get the trademark boost of energy and focus. But, it appears that as soon as the user takes CBD, the sedative effects become dominant. This is strange because generally, after consuming an edible, you may have to wait up to 45 minutes to feel any effects. It appears that when kratom and CBD are used in conjunction, the onset of drowsiness is much quicker and more potent.

Our first thought is that the seemingly synergistic effect of the combination has massive potential as a sleep aid – more than the sum of their parts.

How It’s Going

We love the effects of CBD and kratom when used at the same time, but if this is something you plan to do for yourself, we recommend trying it on a day you have no responsibilities. You don’t want to fall through on your commitments because of some unexpected effects.

Thoughts on CBD

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The interaction between CBD and kratom is very strange because CBD is known to reduce the psychoactive effects of THC. Part of the reason that CBD is so universally accepted when compared to THC and kratom is due to the lack of “high” associated with this medicinal herb. It is very odd that in the case of kratom, CBD actually encourages and enhances the effects. It’s a result we think deserves more observation and scientific study.

Why Do People Use CBD?

Many people find CBD useful in various areas of their lives, including:

  • As a sleep aid
  • To improve their appetite
  • As an anti-inflammatory and pain reliever
  • To reduce anxiety
  • For its neuroprotective qualities
  • To aid in cancer treatment
  • To reduce nausea and gastrointestinal symptoms
  • To mitigate the effects of epilepsy

Studies have shown potential for a wide range of additional benefits, but these are not yet proven.

Final Thoughts

While kratom is definitely not as versatile as CBD, the relationship when the two are used together is worth studying. We look forward to any scientific advancements that can help people live healthier, happier lives without the need for aggressive or invasive pharmaceuticals.

Interested in the various natural herbs available to ease various ailments? Keep up with our blog at The Kratom Company for more news and announcements!


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Close up of kratom powder

How to Find the Best Kratom Online

Shopping for kratom online can be daunting. Because kratom still isn’t regulated at the federal level, it’s a bit like the Wild West. You don’t

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