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Kratom in Nevada: A Step Forward

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In a huge victory for kratom advocates, the Nevada Board of Pharmacy has canceled the hearing on making kratom illegal in Nevada. The public outcry against this proposal was overwhelming, with tens of thousands of people speaking out in support of kratom. This is a major step forward for kratom, as more and more states are beginning to recognize its potential benefits and protect it from prohibition.

While kratom is legal in Nevada, here’s what you should know about this recent victory.

What Was the Push Behind the Recent Legislation Changes?

Kratom is currently not regulated by the FDA, and there is some concern over its potential for abuse. As a result, the Nevada Board of Pharmacy has been pushing for legislation that would mark the main alkaloids in kratom, Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, as Schedule I substances. Fortunately, their push to ban kratom in Nevada was met with strong public opposition.

If this legislation passed, kratom would become illegal in Nevada. Proponents of kratom argue that it is a safe and effective ethnobotanical herb that has long been used as traditional medicine in Southeast Asia and has potential health and wellbeing benefits. However, some opponents argue that kratom doesn’t have much of a place in a world where western pharmaceuticals are available.

Why the Kratom Consumer Protection Act in Nevada Matters

Nevada is one of few states in the US that have adopted the Kratom Consumer Protection Act (KCPA), which seeks to improve the kratom industry by ensuring buyers get access to safe kratom products in Nevada and beyond. The KCPA offers proper regulations for the industry, which ensures safe and pure kratom is coming to market, protecting users from adulterated or dangerous products.

It was quite surprising for many kratom advocates that the Nevada Board of Pharmacology would take steps to ban kratom, especially with the KCPA in place. By being part of the Kratom Consumer Protection Act, Nevada is doing its best to help protect users and ensure they have access to quality kratom products.

Why You Should Participate in Kratom Advocacy Efforts

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Thousands of kratom users across the country are fighting to keep this natural substance legal. Kratom in Nevada remains legal thanks to ongoing advocacy efforts across the board. If you live in a state where kratom is currently under threat, it’s important to get involved in the advocacy efforts to help protect your rights to use this beneficial plant.

Advocating for kratom can take many forms. You can start by signing petitions and writing to your representatives. You can also join or donate to organizations like the American Kratom Association, which is working to keep kratom legal in the United States and played a key role in pursuing legal measures to question the processes taken by the Nevada Board of Pharmacy in trying to ban kratom.

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Anthony Dent is one of the founders of The Kratom Company who has had years of personal and professional experience in the industry. As a kratom user himself, he is an advocate for all the potential benefits kratom can offer users both new and experienced. As the industry and legal atmosphere change, Anthony stays up to date on the latest Kratom Consumer Protection Acts to keep readers up to date with reliable information.
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