The Kratom Co. now accepts credit cards!
The Kratom Co. now accepts credit cards!


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Bitcoin & Kratom

A bit of coin for a bit of kratom?
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Kratom & Cryptocurrency

Why are Bitcoin and kratom increasingly linked, and what does it all mean? The Kratom Company is here with answers to all your questions. Read on here to learn more about the link between kratom and cryptocurrency.

The Value of Money

Currency only has as much value as the user group will agree upon. This stands true for gold, coins, money, stamps, and anything else you’ve seen exchanged as tender. Gold isn’t inherently valuable, but humans decided they liked it, so they have used it as currency. Paper money is easier to manage, work with, and store, and usurped gold. Now, with the internet, we have Bitcoin, an entirely new form of money.

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Bitcoin is a form of cryptocurrency. A cryptocurrency is money whose value is determined by a community and not a central authority. Cryptocurrency is not inherently bad or dangerous, but it can be unstable. Cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin and Etherium, are entirely invented and have no tangible value. You can’t withdraw a physical Bitcoin from the bank like you can with paper money. Some cryptocurrencies, like Dogecoin, arose from a joke and are so fickle that their value changes depending on the whims of celebrity tweets!

While it is unstable, cryptocurrency has also risen in popularity. Its value is often derived from its anonymity, and it’s ideal for discreet purchases online where credit and debit cards cannot. Ironically, the instability of the tender makes it a popular trading commodity, much like a stock.

Even though naysayers scoff, cryptocurrency is joining the mainstream as acceptable tender. More and more businesses are allowing customers to purchase items with cryptocurrency, and many users appreciate it’s untraceable.

How Are Kratom & Bitcoin Linked?

Kratom can be challenging to purchase using credit cards and debit cards, so many hope that cryptocurrency is the answer. Even now, banks are uncertain how to handle kratom — especially because of its uncertain legal status. There is also the constant threat of federal bans, though the consistent flow of optimistic scientific studies contradicts the ideology behind banning kratom.

Still, this all ends with many credit card service providers being unwilling to serve the kratom community. So the community has had to find alternatives.

Money orders are definitely an option, but they can be inconvenient. On the other hand, cryptocurrency has emerged as the best alternative for purchasing kratom online. Cryptocurrency offers the convenience that people expect when online shopping, and you can purchase Bitcoin with a debit or credit card. You don’t have to stop by the bank or meet your delivery man at the door.

Using Bitcoin for Kratom?

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Is using Bitcoin for kratom the right choice for you? If you’re loyal to a vendor that doesn’t accept cards or if you want to protect your privacy, the answer is yes!

Cryptocurrency comes in odd denominations and its value changes all the time. One Bitcoin may be worth over a thousand dollars, so purchasing a portion of a Bitcoin is your best option. Try buying just what you need to cover your transaction so that you aren’t subject to the constantly changing values of the market.

Bitcoin for kratom is also a wise choice for anyone who is trying to protect their privacy. While your shipping address will be listed, the combination of a P.O. Box and cryptocurrency can guard your identity.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of cryptocurrency banks online that offer reputable services. It seems strange, but cryptocurrency is just as viable as cash in today’s world, and often comes with many of the same protections.

If you think you might shop for kratom with Bitcoin in the future, check payment options with your preferred vendor. They may be ecstatic that you’re interested in using cryptocurrency for your purchase because it frees them from having to find a payment gateway that will work with them.

Bitcoin is a perfectly safe and viable method for online shopping, and it’s entirely suitable for the average kratom consumer to purchase their product. Try it today and experience private, discreet, and convenient online shopping.

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Close up of kratom powder

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