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What is Kratom Resin?

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Kratom resin is a concentrated form of kratom extract that has been boiled down to remove any water content and plant matter, eventually leaving a dense, thick, and slightly sticky solid substance. This highly-concentrated form of kratom alkaloids is the perfect choice for those looking to take their kratom use up a notch by getting more bang for their buck, so to speak. 

In this post, we’ll cover everything you need to know about kratom resin vs powder. If you’re looking for something that packs a punch, then read on. 

Kratom Resin Explained

Kratom resin is a processed and more concentrated kratom form containing the best alkaloids and other bioactive compounds. Since these compounds have more potency, it’s known to be more powerful than kratom powder. Unlike kratom powder that’s made by grinding the leaves of the kratom tree, the resin is a thick substance that’s made by boiling down crushed or powdered kratom leaves and then evaporating the liquid until a sticky residue is left behind. 

The quality of the final product will depend on several factors, such as the type of leaves used, how long the kratom is boiled, and how much liquid was removed. You can use it the same way you would regular kratom powder. Kratom resin is not as popular as kratom powder because it’s more difficult to make and can be expensive depending on the quality of the leaves used. It’s also a lot stronger, so exercise caution if you’re new to using resin.

How is Kratom Resin Made?

Kratom resin is made by extracting the alkaloids from kratom leaves and then compressing them into a dense resin. You can even make kratom resin yourself at home with a few ingredients, such as your favorite high-quality kratom powder and an acid such as vinegar or lemon juice. 

When you compare kratom resin vs powder, you will discover that the preparation is not the same. Resin needs some careful preparation, while kratom powder is easily available as a ready-to-use product. You can also find kratom-based resin online, but not many vendors sell it. 

Important Safety Concerns

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When searching online about this super-concentrated form of kratom extract, you’re likely to find mixed reactions about it. Some people swear by its potency and effects, while others find it overwhelming. Like all forms of kratom, kratom resin should be used with caution – especially if you’re not used to its effects. 

Get Reliable Kratom Products and Information

While kratom resin is quickly becoming a popular choice for those looking for a more intense experience, it’s important to decide if it’s right for you. At The Kratom Company, we bring you third-party lab-tested and standardized premium kratom extracts to ensure quality and consistency. When you shop at our online store, you can be sure of getting consistent products from batch to batch. There is no need to seek out stronger alternatives, such as resin, when you shop with us. Our premium-quality products will fulfill all your kratom needs. 

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