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Speciofoline: Another Alkaloid in Kratom

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Speciofoline is an alkaloid that comes from the dried, powdered leaves of the Mitragyna Speciosa (kratom) tree. It has been found to have similar effects as the most widely studied and potent alkaloids in kratom such as mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, but with a different chemical structure. With over 40 alkaloids found in kratom, it’s easy to see why there’s growing interest in how each of these alkaloids works and how they can be used to improve overall health and wellness.

In this blog post, we will discuss the discovery of speciofoline in kratom and its alkaloid percentage and some of the research on alkaloids in kratom so far. 

History of Speciofoline

The history of this kratom alkaloid dates back to 1963 when SmithKline Beecham Corporation (now pharma giants GlaxoSmithKline) obtained a patent for speciofoline. The alkaloid was subsequently patented in 1967. Arnold Heyworth Beckett, a well-known British pharmacist, and sports doping expert is the main creditor. (Beckett is best recognized for his studies on the regulation of performance-enhancing drugs in Olympic sports.) 

The patent further referenced that the new alkaloid in kratom was an antitussive and analgetic agent that was orally effective based on animal studies. It was purported to soothe day-to-day pain and discomfort and have cough-suppressing properties. Speciofoline was never produced as a drug owing to circumstances that remain unclear, and the patent expired in 1984.

Recent Studies of Speciofoline

Researchers recently studied speciofoline, a kratom alkaloid found in less than 1% of all kratom alkaloids, to better understand how it works. The team discovered that speciofoline doesn’t interact with mu-opioid receptors (MOR) like MG and 7-OH. They also learned that the alkaloid levels varied by 90-fold among various kratom samples. As a result, the scientists changed the samples into “high-speciofoline” and “low-speciofoline” categories to reflect the differences. 

The researchers think that such variations in alkaloids in kratom may help us get closer to figuring out why various strains of kratom have different effects. As more research is done, it’s clear that kratom alkaloid percentages can vary, which could help scientists understand alkaloid profiles and how alkaloids may influence the plant’s pharmacological properties.

The Effects of Kratom’s Speciofoline Alkaloid

Unlike the majority of alkaloids that are found within kratom leaves, this alkaloid can be isolated from both leaf and stem material.

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Speciofoline also soothes discomfort with very mild mood enhancement properties when used alone. This alkaloid in kratom also provides euphoric effects similar to those of stronger alkaloids found within kratom. It also has the potential to produce effects that are sedating or stimulating, depending upon use. Further studies need to be done to characterize speciofoline and understand its alkaloid profile and its effects. 

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