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Kratom News: June Edition

Kratom News Updates for June, including news from the FDA, anecodtal reports of health benefits associated with kratom, and more.


June, 2020

Even if we only look at the interviews and anecdotal evidence we’ve collected here at The Kratom Company, support and awareness for Kratom continues to swell in our hemisphere. But now, we’re seeing different mediums express similar sentiments, further curating the message of kratoms potential and better cultivating the aptitude of the community. Kratom in the media IS improving.

—Taking Kratom daily may have health benefits – Women’s Health

-One of the first articles i’ve seen in kratom news biasely favoring kratom. A site focused on women’s health has collected data and presents a compelling picture for the potential of kratom as an alternative to traditional prescription drugs. Once again, the opioid epidemic is the primary target in the kratom communities crosshairs.

-With credibility to spare, the prestigious Yale press shares some of the political aspects of the debate surrounding kratom; they note that Kratom is ‘unfairly criticized’ despite is significant potential.

-While equivocating kratom and cannabis has its risks, the primary tenets remain true: both substances have tremendous medicinal value and have been unfairly demonized, only to have their critics backtrack years later under overwhelming pressure. Has society learned from the progress that cannabis legalization presented, and can kratom bypass the cumbersome litigation and deliver people the help they need?

While the COVID pandemic has slowed some of the efforts of kratom community leaders like Mac Haddow in pushing protections for kratom users, there have been some silver linings. Legislative bodies, shoehorned into doing the jobs they were elected to do as America shudders under the weight of pressing racial and health catastrophes, are too busy to condemn kratom with baseless facts: thus, the American Kratom Assocation and the general public continues to become better informed on kratom as kratom news improves, while the FDA’s baseless and damaging claims degrade. Should the worrisome episode of 2016 repeat itself, this prolonged period of contemplation and education has allowed the kratom community to better position itself to defend the rights of kratom users. Help fortify the kratom community, and spread knowledge, encourage transparency, and use responsibly. The future is bright.

Kratom News - June
A large Horned Kratom leaf.

Did you know?

-Some Kratom has ‘horned’ leaves; this uncommon subspecies has begun to undergo a more thorough examination, as it may have more diverse and unique attributes than previously thought. Stay tuned for more information regarding ‘Horned’ kratom leaf – We’ve got you covered.

Questions about Kratom?

A few months ago, we were fortunate enough to have an interview with Mac Haddow, one of the leaders in the kratom community. Replete with years of public service in both federal and state governments, Mr. Haddow leads the AKA’s efforts to establish kratom consumer protection laws on a state-by-state basis. His tireless efforts represent one of the most ambitious strategies to ensure that kratom users are protected, and that they retain access to safe, high quality product.

On the AKA website, you can ask questions to Mr. Haddow regarding the legal status of kratom in your state, or anything else that you may be wondering. Of course, our experts here at The Kratom Company are also available and more than happy to discuss any questions you may have regarding product or general information.

Here’s a link to Mr. Haddow’s post.


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