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Interpreting Kratom Lab Testing Results


 kratom lab tests

It’s no secret that kratom has been getting a lot of attention lately. A growing number of people in the U.S. are buying kratom to soothe a worried mind, ease day-to-day discomfort, and support their overall wellness. For most kratom beginners, the question of how to determine whether or not a kratom product is high-quality is a genuine concern. That’s where kratom lab testing results come in. So, what does lab testing have to do with buying kratom? 

This article will answer this question and help you interpret the results of tested kratom for yourself, so you can make sure your kratom is safe and healthy. So let’s get started.

What is Kratom Lab Testing?

In kratom circles, kratom lab testing is a subject that comes up quite often. In fact, hardly a day goes by without at least one kratom user asking about kratom quality and kratom research. Many kratom users also ask whether or not buying kratom from their favorite but not-so reputable vendor would be worth the risk if their kratom products aren’t lab tested. If kratom quality is crucial to you, then kratom lab tests should be something you should consider.

So, what is kratom product lab testing? This is the analysis of kratom powder, capsules, and extracts to check for the presence of heavy metals and pathogens as well as checking the concentration of specific alkaloids to determine kratom strain purity and potency. 

Why Kratom Companies Test Their Kratom

People always want to know why kratom lab testing is done. This is because kratom vendors and suppliers want to ensure:

  • Kratom products are safe for customers to use and don’t contain any harmful contaminants, chemicals, or impurities that may cause adverse reactions to users. 
  • Kratom has the correct alkaloid profile, strength, and consistency. This ensures customers get the best kratom products possible.
  • Kratom quality and consistency across batches so that kratom users can look forward to the same effects or purported benefits each time they use kratom. 

How to Interpret Kratom Lab Results 

To help you interpret kratom lab testing results with ease, we’re going to share the acceptable threshold of the three main testing elements in kratom products: heavy metals, pathogens, and alkaloids.

Heavy Metals

When checking for heavy metals presence, ensure the numbers meet these requirements:

  • Lead (Pb) — below 1.2 PPM (parts per million)
  • Cadmium (Cd) — below 0.85 PPM
  • Arsenic (As) — below 2 PPM
  • Mercury (Hg) — below 0.41 PPM


When checking for presence, ensure these minimum limits:

  • Coliforms — less than 10,000 CFUs per gram (CFUs is colony forming units)
  • Mold — less than 100,000 CFUs per gram
  • Salmonella — shouldn’t be detected in 25 grams
  • E. coli — shouldn’t be detected in 10 grams
  • Yeast — less than 100,000 CFUs per gram
  • Staphylococcus aureus — shouldn’t be detected in 10 grams


When checking for alkaloid content, you’ll want to focus on the two most potent alkaloids. Requirements often vary from state to state. 

  • Mitragynine – the limit set is 0.25 or less than 2%  
  • 7-Hydroxymitragynine – the limit set is 0.000 – 0.100 or less than 2%

Read and Understand Kratom Lab Testing Results

kratom lab test results

Now that you know the minimum threshold for kratom lab tests, you should also know how to read and understand these results with ease so you can safely buy and use tested kratom

Here’s what you should do:

  • Ensure that lab tests are done by a third-party, accredited laboratory rather than the vendor. This will ensure kratom product authenticity and credibility. 
  • Verify that the strain of kratom in the product is correct, laboratory tested, and has a lot number on the package. Anything that appears to be generic should be avoided since it might indicate untested strains.
  • Check the dates of the kratom lab test results to ensure you’re purchasing recently tested products. If you’re not sure about the dates, contact the vendor to check.
  • Check the alkaloid content, evaluate the test results for pathogens, and see whether any heavy metals are present. Scrutinize the figures to verify that everything is within acceptable parameters.

Learn More About Kratom 

Kratom lab testing is all about checking for kratom quality, purity, and authenticity and ensuring that customers get only safe kratom products. The Kratom Company brings you premium-quality kratom that is lab-tested and verified. Learn more about kratom lab tests from our knowledgeable industry pros.


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Close up of kratom powder

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