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How to Consume Kratom and How NOT to Consume Kratom

How to take Kratom: the best methods to use various Kratom products.
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-Methods of Ingestion for Kratom

As the popularity of kratom grows, it reaches ever widening demographics. People with different preferences and needs apply their own methods of ingestion, and now, a wide range of options is available to the average kratom user. 

…Or they should be. “Parachuting” kratom, or taking the powder as is, can be a somewhat unpleasant experience due to the all-natural facet of kratom, which essentially means you are eating a leaf. As nature didn’t do mankind the favor of pre-flavoring the kratom leaf, we’ve had to come up with our own alternatives. Here are some popular methods of ingesting kratom that can save you from the need to parachute.

Do not attempt to smoke or snort kratom. The decarboxylation level for kratom means that its alkaloids will be burnt up and no benefit will be derived. Furthermore, inhalation of burnt plant material is generally not good for your health.


Empty Gelatin Capsules
Gel capsules are great for Kratom products.

Gelatin or vegetable glycerin capsules are the easiest method of ingesting kratom. With an added benefit of being able to track and assign dosage, kratom capsules are absolutely the best way to take in your evening allotment of Red Bali (Or whatever it is that strikes your fancy.)

Capsules can be purchased online in various sizes, or at local markets. While the WalMarts of the world generally don’t have capsules, places like ‘The Better Health Store’ will. Pick your size and you’re good to go.

A regrettable downside is that while capsules aren’t expensive, they also aren’t dirt cheap. One strange workaround I’ve found is that products with capsuled products – like pre-capsuled cinnamon or charcoal – are often cheaper than empty capsules. You can find these products in the ‘Supplements’ section of many markets. Simply empty out whatever was already in the capsule and put in your kratom.

Kratom Tea

kratom tea
This is a case of it tasting how it looks. Add flavoring to your Kratom tea.

Kratom Tea has long been a favored method of ingestion, and has ancient roots, being used for ceremonial purposes thousands of years ago. It also has the added benefit of removing much of the negative flavor associated with kratom and can be done with no additional cost, unlike capsules. It’s as simple as you want it to be; get near boiling water and drop your kratom in. Strain it over your drinking cup and you are good to go. If the flavor bothers you, honey or tea bags can be added to make it a genuinely enjoyable drink. 

Kratom tea can also be more agreeable with the stomach. A small number of kratom users have reported feeling mild digestive issues when eating large amounts of raw powder. The powder and plant-specific, non-water soluble compounds are removed from the process of consumption when strained and boiled, and thus those with sensitive stomachs find that kratom tea is particularly clement on the system. And for many – like myself – who have finicky appetites in the morning, kratom tea is an excellent means of ingestion, as I needn’t talk myself into choking down tear-stained chunks of toast.

Chewing Leaves

This is a rather uncommon method in the western world, but is the traditional means of kratom ingestion and thus merits mention. Kratom became popular not only as a ritualized, mood-enhancing religious additive, but for field workers in the ancient Pacific island chain. They would chew on the leaves through the day to survive the hot sun and long hours of their uncaring feudal overlords. 

kratom leaves
Some White Thai Kratom.

But as nearly all kratom is now sold in its powdered form, leaf-chewing has fallen out of style. For a variety of reasons, I would suggest against this method of ingestion. If you do feel so inclined, make sure you wash the leaves, and try not to eat them stems. But all things considered, you should be getting kratom from a vendor who sells powdered kratom.

Mixing + Toss and Wash

This method comes last for a reason. It’s probably the least desirable as many kratom users have reported that the bitter taste of the plant constitutes a less than pleasant culinary experience. But should time or convenience necessitate that the kratom powder is taken as is, here are some suggestions:

-Mix kratom with yogurt or applesauce

-Use chocolate milk to wash down the flavor

-If no chocolate milk is available, use anything you can that isn’t water. Even a squirt of lemon juice will help. 

-If combined with a liquid (Ideally water) and left to dry, it can be made into a paste that some users feel is easier to consume.

-Don’t take too much powder at once, for the same reason why social media’s infamous ‘Cinnamon challenge’ could lead to an unpleasant experience. While it won’t produce the same effects as cinnamon, an excess of powdered substance in the mouth can just cause strange things to happen. If you aren’t imitating a hamster, you’ll be fine.

I know experienced kratom users who, to this day, still toss and wash, despite having capsules and more flavorful options available. This is all to say that you needn’t feel bad for choosing whatever method you prefer, and you needn’t even have a reason for why you do it that way. Enjoy kratom as you see fit.

Happy kratoming.


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Close up of kratom powder

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Shopping for kratom online can be daunting. Because kratom still isn’t regulated at the federal level, it’s a bit like the Wild West. You don’t

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