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At The Kratom Company, we want to help you find all the news, updates, and general information you need about kratom. Our kratom blog covers everything going on in the kratom world. We review up-and-coming studies, breaking news, new legislation, and unique strain benefits all in one place. As you explore our posts, you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for through our search bar as well as the Most Popular Posts shortcut. 

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Nevada Welcome Board
Anthony Dent, Founding Member

Nevada Kratom Ban?

New developments in Nevada: Kratom is being threatened, even though the Kratom Consumer Protection Act has been passed. What does this mean?

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kratom tea in a cup
Anthony Dent, Founding Member

Kratom Tea

Understanding The Allure Of Kratom Tea, And How To Make It Venturing into the vast world of botanical brews, one

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Two cups of green liquid and green powder in a bowl.
Anthony Dent, Founding Member

Kratom and Research

Taking a look at the current research being conducted on kratom, and what it means for the future of kratoms legality and medicinal potential.

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Our kratom blog has tons of general information that can help you navigate usage, strains, history, and more. Our posts may range from discussions about the chemical and physical effects of kratom to advice on how to store your kratom powder. With top tips and guides from the experts, you’ll be able to learn how to use kratom to meet your needs with our informational posts.

Because the kratom industry is currently hotly contested, we also strive to answer all your questions about legality and legislation. Whether you’re a new kratom user or an experienced fan, you’ll always need to update yourself on ongoing changes to kratom law. Get all the relevant news in the news section of our kratom blog, too!

Educating Yourself

Our kratom blog is about more than just general tips. We want to help the kratom community in a real and tangible way. We make recommendations on the best strains for your needs and help you educate yourself about how kratom relates to our world in an unbiased way. From its economic effects on bitcoin and the stock market to its relationship with the marijuana industry, nothing is off-limits for exploration.

Finding Everyday Wellness

Kratom is about discovering everyday wellness through a natural product that really makes a difference. At The Kratom Company, we know that kratom may be the solution you’ve been looking for to enhance your wellness. Learn everything you can about this plant in order to explore in an effective, safe way.

Who We Are

Our company got its start with very humble beginnings. We were just a group of kratom enthusiasts looking for a way to offer the highest quality kratom around. We didn’t like the lack of consistency and transparency among other kratom brands, so we started our own. To us, quality is key, and knowing what you’re doing is even more important. So, in addition to premium kratom products, we put our knowledge to good use by sharing it with you on our kratom blog!

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