Green Indo Kratom Powder - (3oz)


Green Indo Kratom Powder – (3oz)

(43 customer reviews)


Most Commonly Used For: Energy, Focus, Mood


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The Kratom Company presents our premium Green Indo kratom powder. You no longer need to head over to your local smoke shop but can purchase kratom powder right to your door!

Green Vein Kratom powder:

Our Green Indo provides users with the perfect balance. Green strains have been said to provide energy, enhance mood, and provide relief. Users have also reported an increase in motivation and focus levels as well. Falling somewhere between the White and Red vein, Green Indo is a great choice for a first time user.

Indo Strain Kratom:

The Indo strain is one of the most popular strains of Kratom. Indonesian farmers have perfected the art of growing this leaf over decades of practice. Indo Kratom is simply a great option for any user.


Years of sampling different Indonesian kratom farms has led us to source the highest quality kratom for our loyal customers. Although often inconvenient, we refuse to order kratom from any farm that has not been thoroughly vetted. TKC has taken the time to hand select the best strain of kratom for each vein, Green, White, and Red. This combination will allow our customers to take kratom at any time of the day for a variety of purposes.

The beauty of kratom powder is that the effects are reported quickly as compared to capsules. We believe this to be because your body does not have to dissolve the capsule. Kratom powder is typically recommended for more experienced kratom users. Try mixing your kratom with the potentiators from our blog.

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Dimensions3.75 × 1 × 6.25 in

43 reviews for Green Indo Kratom Powder – (3oz)

  1. Tabbatha D

    If you love Indo strains this is good and strong with a lot of energy undertones

  2. Gary Canfield

    Gives me relief I need at work while keeping me going – meds just don’t help with the second part

  3. ronnie

    i have only been ordering white horn from this company but damn! you guys gotta try this green great stuff

  4. Bryan Matson

    Found this on insta and no fake advertising, the confidence is backed up by the quality TKC>>>

  5. Jack Ficksen

    This GI is up there with the best. Definitely give it a shot

  6. Melissa A

    Every strain I try from this company is simply fantastic.. even my sister who introduced me to kratom is blown away!!

  7. Christina T


  8. Stan

    Pretty amazing strain right here

  9. Gil


  10. Mark

    Color – 5
    Taste/Biterness – 5
    Feeling – 5
    Service – 5

  11. Ethan J

    Man I love this green indo. Maeng-da is up there too. LIttle on the expensive side but hey

  12. Steve Johnson

    Very impressive. Packaging and product alike.

  13. Henry Rawland

    I switch off between the white and green, both have me hesitating to try another brand. This brand got me onto kratom and I hear that it beats the hell out of store brands

  14. Bella Rodriguez

    Looking forward to the Black Friday Sale๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ™ƒ

  15. William White

    If these green batches keep coming out so insanely good you’re going to need to offer bigger bags!

  16. Brain Streiwski

    Insta post 100% accurate. Nothing better to get me through a long work day

  17. Dalton Murphy

    Both greens on this website are my favorite greens out there

  18. Ethan Walker

    I know what its like to buy from a new online vendor, but order from these guys and tell me there’s better stuff out there…

  19. d


  20. Michael

    Made a bulk order for my store. These guys are just awesome. By far the best kratom vendor I’ve dealt with in and outside the shop

  21. Dan Gillette

    Personally reached out to me when I made a mistake on payment.. really appreciate it guys

  22. Pete

    Yah trick. Definitely stronger then a lot thank you

  23. Frederick Wilder

    Favorite green Indo on the market today. Great work

  24. Gabriella Kenner

    Best green I’ve ever tried hands down. Greens can be very different from strain to strain – this is both calming and energetic – definitely not much of a sedative – just what I was looking for!

  25. Hal Van Auken

    I don’t usually write reviews, but this strain deserves one!

  26. Daniel Harrington

    Fast shipping, good kratom – might want to offer a card option for payment

  27. Mason Renner


  28. Summer M

    Thanks for taking the time to help me find my strain! Every one of my friends who have tried it loves it and will be ordering from TKC!

  29. kyle wilde

    persoanlly one of the better experiences I’ve had buying and taking online kratom

  30. Monica Christopher

    I have to chat with a robot on any other site but these guys have a support email address that they personally respond to even quicker! Imagine that

  31. Keaton P

    Most people don’t know the difference between quality kratom and the cheap stuff. All the reviews I see on other websites talk about shipping speed and response rate and I see a lot of that on here too.

    Let’s take a moment to talk about the actual product. These people are coming back for more than just the superb service and fast shipping.

    This is the best feeling kratom on the market, period. I’ve tried more than my fair share of brands, and these guys are at the top of my list.

  32. Abby S

    Just want to say I’ve tried a lot of Kratom, but your quality & customer service is top notch! Will definitely be buying from you guys again. Can’t thank you enough ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. Garrett Rowe

    Loving this green. You can tell by the powder colors these guys have some legit stuff!

  34. Bryan Janowski

    Great shipping! Got me my product in no-time, even in the middle of the COVID pandemic.

  35. Sherry R

    Thanks for responding so quickly!

  36. Mike K

    This is my third purchase this month. The kratom is top quality and their service is great.

  37. Dominic Saville

    First timer. The payment process is a lot different for someone new to kratom but these guys actually called me first to get me through it. They saw that I was having trouble and reached out before I had a chance to go to them! Thanks a ton guys

  38. Z

    ordered twice. it’s definitely consistent

  39. Nigel

    New to kratom. I like all the brands I’ve tried so far but these guys are by far the most communicative and the fastest shippers of anyone I’ve ordered from. I love that

  40. Billy Shepard

    the green vein, it’s awesome, it has a quick punch too it, it gave me a lot of energy! And it’s also helping with my pain I experience daily, my focus is improved, just an overall great sense of wellbeing! I love how it’s the perfect mix between a white vein and red vein! Definitely going to try this one again!

  41. Tom

    Decided to try something new while Wild Bill’s is closed down for quarantine.

    I don’t think I’ll be back to Bill’s until they start carrying this brand! Perfect balance of latent calming effects and strong clean energy.

  42. Alex

    I’ve been using kratom daily for years, and this green indo gets me going every morning. TKC shipped it fast, and the results have been better than expected. The labeling/info on the bag is also surprisingly quite accurate, and makes choosing a strain an easier decision. I would definitely order this again.

  43. Adam

    One of the top green strains I have tried. Great experience overall, you can’t go wrong with TKC.

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