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Interested in trying kratom? Green Indo is a balanced strain which will allow you to explore the effects of the kratom leaf firsthand. Try the premium Green Indo kratom capsules offered here at The Kratom Company!

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Green Kratom Capsules

Green strains are noted for having effects that strike a harmonious balance between white strain kratom and red strain kratom. Since Green Indo isn’t as intense as its red or white counterparts, our green kratom capsules make an excellent choice for first-time users and for anyone seeking mild to moderate support.

What can you expect when you use a green strain? Our customers say Green Indo kratom can soothe their body, boost their mood, and reduce feelings of discomfort. Many users also note that Green Indo helps them focus on their daily tasks.

If you’re seeking a more energizing white strain or a more relaxing red vein strain, we carry other premium kratom capsules for sale. Explore our full selection to find the best strain for you. We even offer kratom variety packs, so you can compare several different varieties and find different strains for different moods.

Green Indo Strain Kratom

If you’re looking to try kratom, our Green Indo kratom offers what you need to get started. It’s all-natural, pure, and potent.

At TKC, we take great care to source only the very best kratom available, hand-selected from farms in Indonesia. This ensures that when you decide to try our Indo kratom, you’re getting a high-quality product!

Buy kratom online now or take advantage of our superior customer services and contact us today!

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What is the difference between green and red kratom?

Green kratom is said to be more energizing and less “sedative” than red kratom. As far as appearance, green kratom leaves are simply a lighter color. Red kratom tends to be the darkest of the kratom leaves.

Is Green Indo similar to Green Maeng Da?

The closest comparisons to Green Indo would be a Green Borneo or Green Malay strain. Green Maeng Da strains vary considerably between each supplier, but most Green Kratom strains are said to be similar in terms of effect. At the end of the day, the effects depend on the location and quality of the harvest.

What are kratom capsules made out of?

The Kratom Company uses gelatin capsules. We use gelatin because they are more shelf-stable than other alternatives. For example, vegetable glycerin capsules can be more prone to degradation if they are not stored in the appropriate conditions.

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