White Horn Kratom Powder - (3oz)

$24.99 $17.49


White Horn Kratom Powder – (3oz)

(79 customer reviews)

$24.99 $17.49

Most commonly used for: Energy, Focus

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The Kratom Company presents our premium White Horn kratom powder. You no longer need to head over to your local smoke shop but can purchase kratom powder right to your door!

White Vein Kratom:

We recommend to use our White Horn kratom powder during the early hours of the day. Many have reported White Horn to help provide an energy boost or an increase in focus / motivation. Perfect to prepare for those tedious tasks throughout the day.

Horn Strain Kratom:

The Horn strain has been said to tremendously help with energy and focus. This is the perfect strain to mix into your morning routine or use as a mid-day energy booster to keep you going during a “never-ending” day of work.


Years of sampling different Indonesian kratom farms has led us to source the highest quality kratom for our loyal customers. Although often inconvenient, we refuse to order kratom from any farm that has not been thoroughly vetted. TKC has taken the time to hand select the best strain of kratom for each vein, Green, White, and Red. This combination will allow our customers to take kratom at any time of the day for a variety of purposes.

The beauty of kratom powder is that the effects are reported quickly as compared to capsules. We believe this to be because your body does not have to dissolve the capsule. Kratom powder is typically recommended for more experienced kratom users. Try mixing your kratom with the potentiators from our blog.

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79 reviews for White Horn Kratom Powder – (3oz)

  1. Jordan Draegersson


  2. Crystal Laney

    Can’t think of or find anything to compare to this stellar white.

  3. Kavan Mavi

    I’m hearing rumors of a hot incoming Black Friday deal?!👀👀

  4. Dakota Mallis

    Not gonna swtich until I get a bad batch. haven’t seen one yet, been about 3 months since I started buying here

  5. Sophia Renaldi

    Never seen a White Horn before and this definitely feels pretty unique. Everyone on here seems to love it, too!

  6. Jana B

    mixing in w red bali keeps my pain away and also helps me stay on my feet all day which is pretty new for me. would definitely recommend the red bali mix w this

  7. guy

    Have never had anything like this before. I will not take any other white now.

  8. Cynthia J

    Stuff is amazing!!😻

  9. Marvin Realle

    This powder has a wonderful taste and certainly lives up to its name. This is the good stuff!

  10. Noelle


  11. Talia

    This is pretty much the best white out there!👏🏻

  12. Linda Nettone

    I take this before hiking and nothing else has ever made me feel free of my arthritis. I’ll stop short of calling it a miracle but kratom has certainly brought back things in my life that I never thought I’d have again. This White Horn brings a very clean energetic feeling as well!

  13. Pablo Vegas

    This has got to be the signature strain. Best kratom I’ve had!

  14. Noah Floyd

    Hands down the best out there. Read the other reviews!

  15. Melanie Gross

    So glad I found this. Much much better than what I can find in the stores.

  16. Amar

    Sells amazing at my store and I take it couple times in the week. Clean and fresh, no crash or jitters

  17. Nadine

    I was told most people trying this say it’s the best strain they’ve ever had. Even though I’m not a fan of white strains I agree. This is special.

  18. Julio

    TKC has been very loyal to me as good customer and very good powder

  19. Dan

    IT’S BACK!!

  20. Maya


  21. Fausto GM


  22. Theo Ross

    This is surely some of the best kratom out there.

  23. Arthur Martin

    I keep this on me all the time – amazing for a clean energy with no crash – not what kratom is typically used for but I love it

  24. Dr D

    Hands down amazing

  25. Shawna T

    I’m downnn w the Whte Horn. Amazing batches and can barely tell the difference!!

  26. Kane Robinson

    This stuff is money. Gets me so motivated it’s unreal

  27. Kasey V

    Been on this strain for a while. Every batch is very consistent. That’s all I ask for in kratom

  28. Elle Asya

    Wonderful powder, amazing feel, no jitters!

  29. Randy Castres

    If you’re used to Krave, Revive, and the other old-time brands this is like a new world of kratom.

  30. Nioh

    I take this one and I also sell it in store. very good

  31. Alex Wietsell

    By far the best I’ve had

  32. Lucas D

    So good😎😎

  33. Victoria Dianesso

    Thanks so much for getting right back to me and having my order on the way so quickly!! – Victoria

  34. Jennifer M

    Love it

  35. Addie Mylar


  36. Sr

    All time

  37. Nioh

    Amazing kratom. Great with no dropoff

  38. Don Bahm

    Never saw myself quitting drinking coffee but this stuff is just a better energy for me😎

  39. Rachel Parchener

    Love it love it love it

  40. Rick

    They told me this is their best selling product and I am not surprised in the least!😎🙏🏼🙌🏻

  41. evelyn

    best kratom!!!

  42. Jon

    I told their shipping guy that I had an emergency (going on vaca next morining) and he drove to my house to hand deliver. Unreal.

  43. Anna Lucia

    This is the best there is. I was a little skeptical about the reviews but when I found out how true they were I then had to write one kyself!

  44. Phin

    They are a newer company. This is their best selling product and I don’t think there’s another Michigan company that carries this strain. It is my favorite white by far.

  45. Danny Viral

    Can’t believe there’s only 32 reviews on this. Best white in the game. Must be a newer company

  46. Donte

    This white got me cruuuuuisin😎🔥🔥

  47. Donna

    I don’t even need to take this strain all day – one dose gives me what I need for a full day of work and relief. Thank you TKC.

  48. Pedro Villamarro

    Met the sales guy from this company in a store. He was so happy to help me understand kratom and gave me quite a few free samples! I feel so comfortable with this brand knowing that they’re doing it right. They actually use their own kratom and they hold themselves to a standard for fellow users like me!

  49. Sean T

    This would be the best white I’ve ever had in my entire life

  50. Trisha

    Very nice

  51. Benjamin S

    Couldn’t love it more. Hope to see TKC grow this product

  52. Ronnie

    Absolute 🔥🔥🔥

  53. Jamal

    Fast ship, product very effective and potent

  54. JamieH

    I love this company

  55. Vince C

    This white is hands down the greatest kratom product I have ever tried. Beats extracts, concentrates, and tinctures. Thank you for offering such a great product!

  56. Jennifer McCaffrey

    I agree with the review below. Even if you don’t usually take white strains try this one! It has many of the benefits of other strains as well as being a good source of energy for me.

  57. Hanna Letenen

    Never heard of this strain but it is one of the best I’ve had!

  58. Dan Duncan

    Spot on with the description. Good stuff guys.

  59. Sean Wallden

    Okay prices, fantastic kratom

  60. Alex F

    One of the better whites I’ve had. If it’s consistent as everyone says, this will be my new go to!

  61. Steven J

    Been a while since I started ordering from The Kratom Company – always consistent which is all I ask for.

  62. Whitney

    You guys are the BEST! Thanks again TKC!!

  63. Brandon Jennings

    No bs claims here. This company is truly consistent, responsive, and quality-conscious.

  64. Casey Wendelman

    Someone below mentioned clean energy. This strain is the definition of clean energy with NO COMEDOWN and NO JITTERS – thanks guys.

  65. Dylan Powell

    I haven’t seen another brand with a White Horn strain out there, and this blend is truly one of a kind. Thanks for responding to my ig message!

  66. Tammy Barclay

    Most information out there talks about red being the vein for pain management. This white gives me outstanding relief AND the clean energy I look for in other white strains all in one! One of a kind, the reviews say it all

  67. Dantheman

    Lived up to the hype

  68. Tim C

    The Kratom Extract works well for Arthritis. I have severe Arthritis and it really helps to stop the pain!

  69. Meagan Schoener

    These guys are changing the way this is done. I can tell that I’m actually getting the same strain every time, and that is NOT an industry standard. If you order from any other kratom company for long enough, and then order form these guys for a while, you will know what I’m talking about.

  70. Kelly Sims

    In my limited experience with The Kratom Company, the shipping was quick and the Kratom was potent. Great start!

  71. Gloria

    Got a personal email from the owner thanking me for reordering! Customer service is just as amazing as the kratom!

  72. trav lytaske

    best kratom vendor ive used. product is by far the best ive had yet.

  73. Mel

    fast shipping, fantastic white!

  74. Mo

    never seen a “white horn” before, but pretty damn good

  75. Sam

    Quality > quantity every time I buy kratom.

  76. rachel

    please never go out of stock again

  77. Gil

    Hits me just right every time. This went out of stock and everything else I’ve tried since is just not the same. Can’t wait for it to come back

  78. Tim Byers

    This is a very special white. All the energy you’d expect from a white vein coupled with with a unique calming property to evenly distribute the energy and keep me going throughout the day. Impressively different from other whites I’ve tried in the past.

  79. Adam

    Quality is up there with the best. Fast shipping and great team. Fantastic white.

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