Red Bali Capsules (75ct)

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Most Commonly Used For: Relaxation, Relief

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The Kratom Company presents our premium Red Bali kratom Capsules. You no longer need to head over to your local smoke shop but can purchase kratom powder right to your door!

Red Bali Kratom Capsules:

Most commonly used for its relaxation and healing properties. Our premium Red Bali powder is an excellent choice during those late hours to take a load off and rest your mind.

Bali Strain Kratom:

The Bali strain is said to be the most sedative strain that we carry. This makes it and ideal strain for night time relief, but it is great mid-day as well!

Years of sampling different Indonesian kratom farms has led us to source the highest quality kratom for our loyal customers. Although often inconvenient, we refuse to order kratom from any farm that has not been thoroughly vetted. TKC has taken the time to hand select the best strain of kratom for each vein, Green, White, and Red. This combination will allow our customers to take kratom at any time of the day for a variety of purposes.

Kratom capsules are simple and easy to take. Rather than having to use a scale to weigh out powder, you will know exactly how much is in each capsules to keep doses consistent. Kratom capsules are typically recommended if the user finds the powder to take bitter. Try mixing your kratom with the potentiators from our blog.

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75 Capsules, 150 Capsules

15 reviews for Red Bali Capsules (75ct)

  1. Derrick

    This red Bali is absolutely phenomenal

  2. Taylor R

    This helped me stop drinking alcohol. Seriously a god send

  3. Jared Hadzi

    The premos!

  4. Chris Hans

    I found this near wrigley, where are you guys from?

  5. Jeremy Douglas

    Capsule form makes taking my kratom so convenient!

  6. Jenny the Og

    These capsules are amazing!!

  7. Salley Sanders

    This bottle is soo cute

  8. Eric Fisher

    My sister loves this stuff!! Very happy with our order

  9. Rachel D

    I love red Kratom. Are there any cheaper options?

  10. Alexandra Walling

    Off the charts quality and service. Thank you Dylan!

  11. Jeremiah

    Capsules for measuring 👍🏼

  12. Rachel Dupeez


  13. Abraham lincoln

    Quality stuff

  14. Jerry

    Pretty good. Pretty pretty good- jerry Seinfeld

  15. Janet S

    I love the capsules. Makes it so much easier to measure servings out

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