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Kratom, Capsules, and Dosing

Capsules are the best and easiest way to take kratom, and understanding dosing is the reason why.


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-Raising awareness for a better way to consume kratom, and better understanding dosing

I gulped, looked around some. All of the sudden it was important to straighten out my napkins. Check my phone for messages. Greet to an erstwhile pet. Then look back at the mixture, and gulp again.

This is the struggle I had consuming kratom in its raw, powdered form, with no flavoring.

No, no. It’s not that bad. But I had a hard time getting past the taste; bitter, earthy, and coarse.. Really, I’m the only one who would sit there and fret, whine. See, at first, it hadn’t been hard. But then I began to play mind games with myself. And it only got harder.

It didn’t have to be.

Kratom Capsules

Consuming kratom by putting raw powder in your mouth is called parachuting. After my struggles, I think I know why; because it should only be a last resort. 

There are a myriad ways to take kratom that are painless, and I still had the option of not being a baby. But for any others like me, who simply may not have gotten far enough in the thought process to consider alternatives – my traumatic experience detailed above was early in my kratom career – I wish to pass along some hard earned wisdom that could simplify the experience. 

One simple thing makes a world of difference, and I had no idea these things even existed. So call this a philanthropic awareness drive. 

Empty capsules. Boom. 

The Internet sells empty capsules, and they can also be found at places like “The Better Health Store”; alternative marketplace stores that cater to a demographic more likely to conjure up their own product mixtures using all natural remedies. Empty capsules come in a few options: Vegetable Glycerin, and Gelatin. The only difference is that the glycerin is vegan friendly. They are both tasteless, dissolve at the same rate, etc… So don’t spend any time wringing your hands over the choice.

You’ll generally see three sizing options for capsules: 0, 00, 000. My first thought was, “Am I auditioning for a James Bond movie?” But it turns out this numerating system is a sizing methodology. Now, for those of you who may have been hunting before, you may recognize a similarity with the sizing in how rounds for a shotgun are sized. The way these zeroes are pronounced, technically, is ‘aught’, and not ‘single zero’ or ‘double zero’. So, as with the biggest capsules, which are labelled ‘000’, you would say “Triple aught” (As in, I “ought” to be giving my cat more wet food). I mention this to save you the indignity of going up to the store clerk and asking, “Do you have any triple zero capsules?” This is what we call a confidence detracting situation.

The sizing options, for raw powdered kratom, generally are as follows:

  • 0 — .4 – .6 grams
  • 00 — .6 – .8 grams
  • 000 — .8 – 1.2 grams

Capsule dosage and more

We’ve established that having capsuled kratom is far superior, primarily because if you have a sensitive palette like I do, you can bypass the bitter, earthy flavor of taking raw kratom. Most users report the flavor as the only apparent downside of their kratom dosing. Also, if you’ve ever seen the cinnamon challenges – where/why do people think of this stuff? – you probably intuitively understand that eating a powder can be difficult. Furthermore, mixing in kratom with a food like yogurt or pudding can create variables in your dosing and onset. Consuming kratom with more than a small snack can sometimes cause inconsistencies with onset time and dosage required. As I moved past parachuting, I tried mixing my kratom with yogurt.

But I would end up eating like 7 containers of yogurt, feel bloated, and it would create a scenario where I was uncertain of how much kratom to take, and when I would start to feel the effects.

Herein lies the greatest advantage of capsuling your kratom. You can generally assume that each capsule will average to have a set dosage: 0 or single aught will have .5 grams, 00 or double aught will have .75 grams, and 000 or triple aught will have a whole gram. (If you have a scale, you can double check the amount that goes in, just in case the brand of capsules you use has slightly different dimensions, though I’d imagine they’re all very similar.) While it may not seem important at first, dosing accurately actually becomes quite relevant.

Those who dose kratom medicinally will find that dosing accurately is an important step to ensure that the medicinal benefits expected are attained. For example: kratom seems to have a more energetic impact when taken in a small dose. In larger doses, however, kratom acts as a sedative. In order to best use kratom to aid in sleep, as I do, I had to not only understand what a ‘larger’ dose was, but how to consistently acquire and consume it. 

And enter the kratom capsules. I quickly found the perfect dose be it for my Red Bali or Green Indo. This allows you to conserve kratom and ensures you achieve the expected benefits, as you won’t end up taking too much and blunting the effect of subsequent use when your dosing is precise. While kratom does seem to build tolerance very slowly in many users, it’s still best to not only take breaks, but to measure dosage as accurately as possible to ensure a productive and consistent dosing schedule. It just seems to work best for many users.

While kratom can be consumed in a variety of ways – kratom tea is an excellent option I would also recommend – capsuling kratom has many distinct advantages. It bypasses concerns for those with a less resolute palette, like me, and it allows for precise dosing. Precise dosing is crucial in ensuring that kratom remains effective in its intended application. It also allows future experimentation with different strains easier, as you can establish a baseline for expected effects, and ‘work your way up’ with new strains to better understand how they impact you.

So why parachute, when you can fly?


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